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Zachary Quinto Gets Naked




Celebrities have become notorious for dropping their pants or taking naughty pictures of themselves for that special someone. Usually when they do they are bound to end up online for all of us to gawk at. No other place on the Net has as many naked stars as Male Celebrities. There you’ll find everyone from Brad Pitt and Paul Newman to David Beckham, and our latest crush Zachary Quinto.

We found a great pic of Zach completely naked with a raging hard-on. We’re not sure if it’s legit, but it is worth a perusal. It’s been rumored that the Heroes turned Star Trek actor might be gay. This may arise from he fact that he has never shied away from playing gay, though we hope maybe there are one or two guys who have hooked-up with him who are fanning the flames. Zachary’s chiseled looks and five o’clock shadow definitely makes him one of the hottest actors in Hollywood today, and if the pictures are any indication he would do just fine in porn!

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