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Zack Randall Pisses Himself





Everyone knows twink porn star Zack Randall. He’s adorable and he’s one horny, little stud that never ceases to surprise his fans. He also has a nasty streak that comes out to play every now and then. In this episode of Boys Pissing, we get to see a side of Zack that is a little on the wild and kinky side. He gets to bone down with himself and show us a different kind of wet play we haven’t seen him do before. Little did we know this little horny devil loved to piss all over himself while he stroked off a good load of boy cum!

This is definitely a hot side of Zack we love to see. He starts off by unloading a hot stream of his own piss. It arches up and onto his stomach, splashing his face and getting him all wet. Never losing that devilish grin on his face, he rubs it in all over his body, gently teasing his audience before he starts to stroke off his cock for the big finale. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Zack was only getting started… Look for his other wet adventures at Boy Pissing!

[flv: 510 365]

Zach Randall & Jayden Taylor Piss Together






Zack Randall is no stranger to pissing on himself, or a hot boy or two when he gets the chance. Fortunately for him, there is no shortage of hot twinks that love to get into golden showers especially if they get the opportunity to be pissed on by such a hot stud.

One of the latest releases features Zach getting to know smooth-skinned cutie Jayden Taylor, and by getting to know him we mean marking his territory with one long stream of piss. Don’t worry though, as soon as he’s done pissing on him, Zach shows his appreciation by sucking Jayden’s dick. Piss hungry Jayden also sucks Zach’s dick, and we get the feeling that he’s trying to suck all the urine out of Zach’s piss hole.

Later, Zach bends Jayden over and gives him the type of sound fucking that is sure to leave his hole sore for days. What’s great about these two dirty boys is that the fun is never done, and they wrap things up by hosing each other down with long streams of hot piss. Check out the video of Zach pissing on himself below. You have to admit that the boy has a huge bladder!

[flv: 480 368]

Zach Randall Wets Himself




We were never really into pissing all that much until we saw the guys from Sure we’ve pissed on a few of our exes in the past, and have even gotten peed on once or twice ourselves, but these boys aim for their mouths and drink up. Those who have been to the site are probably familiar with Zach Randall. Zach is a dark haired hottie who has an insatiable thirst for his own piss.

In one video, Zach pisses right through his jeans all the while rubbing his growing dick. Another clip has him poolside where he whips it out and decides to have a little fun. Not only does he end up pissing into his own mouth, but he’s able to suck his own cock as well. Just one look at him, and you know this stud has shot into his own mouth plenty of times!

One thing that always surprises us is just how much these guys end up peeing. It’s almost as if they haven’t pissed for days holding it all in for the camera. Below we have a video of Zach pissing all over his face while sitting on top of his washing machine. When pissing is your thing, the world is your toilet!

[flv: 480 368]

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