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Are these brothers fucking each other or not? The Visconti Triplets get physical!


We’ve got to be honest: We did a total and complete double take when we saw this very first 4-some scene from I mean, we know that this trio of tanned and toned musclemen are from a different country than our, where the rules and customs about hooking up may be a bit different, but we never expected to see them actually fucking each other in the ass!


Which is exactly why you have to look at each and every one of these photos from their latest update very, very closely. You see, the forth member of their orgy is just a Visconti lookalike! And with his bulging pecs, perky nipples, and sexy, short faux hawk, he definitely gives these brothers a run for their money in the bangably hot department.


Still, for those of you into brotherly love, the sideways glances and the way they accidentally touch each other as they’re hooking up with this amazingly eager forth will have you jumping out of your seat and pawing at your computer screen in no time. Now that we look at it again, maybe they really are having sex with each other….we’re just not sure! Anyone know?


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