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Bogar and Danny





Danny and Bogar have been a together for over three years now and they still look like they have that spice in their relationship. These Latin studs heat up their sex life and they know hot to put out the fire. They have returned to Video Boys to show us a few more tricks they’ve picked up over the past year. Last time they were here, Bogar took control and topped his boyfriend Danny. But this time around, Bogar is going to show us what a good sport he is by doing the bottoming while his hot Latin boyfriend pumps his fat pinga into his tight, cute butt.

Instantly, you can tell they still have that lust for one another. Danny takes control of his boyfriend, starting with a make-out session that turns muy caliente and then turns even hotter when he starts to probe his stiff cock into his boyfriend’s tender hole. Once it’s firmly inside, he begins to thrust his hips, slamming his meat as deep as he can go. Bogar undulates with the rhythm of the fucking and then blows his load all over his tight, caramel abs and Danny follows with his own hot load.

[flv: 510 365]

Jessy Karson and Sebastien





Size queens beware! Careful what you brag about because you might just end up taking more than you can handle. Sebastien, the self-proclaimed size queen definitely gets more than he bargained for when he is paired up with Jessy Karson, a well-documented monster-sized tattooed punk! It turns out that when he was paired u with Sebastien, it wasn’t a first time sex encounter. Turns out they had a chance encounter in the park that ended up in Sebastien’s bedroom. So when we shot the scene, it was impossible for the cameraman to keep up with all the directions that different body parts were going.

One thing that best describes this scene is: Loud! These boys get really loud as they fuck and pound for the cameras. Mostly, it’s Sebastien that does most of the moaning, but Jessy makes his own sounds of pleasure as he enters Sebastien’s sweet, tight hole. Jessy preps his ass by going down and munching on his ass giving him a nice, wet rim job before entering his hole with that big dick. The camera is able to capture all of Sebastien’s facial expressions as he tries to take in all of Jessy’s inches!

[flv: 510 365]

Damien Munroe and Jessy Karson





Anyone who has seen Damien Monroe at Video Boys knows that this cutie is a sweet heart with a penchant for getting rammed up the ass. His baby face gives him an angelic look that says, “Fuck me.” But we’ve all seen him get fucked and we know he’s definitely not an angel. Well, Damien Munroe has been keeping secrets from us. First of all, we didn’t realize that Damien really likes rough sex… Hard pounding, sweaty, rough sex. Second of all, he’s been getting lessons from Video Boy favorite rough kid, Jessy Karson!

Jessy looks the part. His tattoos and laid back attitude makes him the perfect sex master for Damien. At last, Video Boys has been able to capture that rough love between these two hotties on camera. They have reenacted their first night together – 8 whole hours of hard butt pounding, cock sucking and ass licking. Unfortunately, those hours of extreme fucking has been distilled into the fifteen minutes you see here. Don’t fret, though, the footage found here contains all of the best highlights from their fuck session and, of course, this is not the last time these two will be paired up.

[flv: 510 365]

Bobby Long and Xavier Powell





Cute doesn’t begin to describe the two twinks featured at Video Boys this week. Bobby likes to flip-flop between boys and girls when he’s on the prowl and after a very short stint messing around with the opposite sex, he’s come back for another hot boy-on-boy set with his friend, Xavier. Together, these two stir more than just interest when they get together and start tugging at each other’s clothes. It’s enough to set off a discharge in anyone’s erogenous zone. Not that this is a bad thing, considering that Bobby has an irresistible ass and a beautiful cock that complements his boyish looks. But don’t let that apparent innocence fool you.

When he’s got a cock as big as Xavier’s somewhere near his cute face, he’s not shy about swallowing that thing down better than any seasoned cocksucker. Bobby expertly works Xavier’s body to a heated climax that it makes us wonder what it is he could ever possibly offer any woman. He licks up and down the length of Xavier’s shaft and then climbs on top of him to access his long rod. He inserts it inside his boy hole and the fucking begins. Bobby really enjoys this and even helps Xavier gain better access to his fuck chute before they shoot their loads everywhere.

[flv: 480 368]

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