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Bel Ami: Kyle Hayward





All you have to do is get a good look at Kyle’s face to know that he’s a tease. His amiable smile conceals a devilish side to his personality and that’s the kind of guy we like to see at Bel Ami. Kyle Hayward is a hot Hungarian that gives new meaning to the term “cruise control.” He’s cool, collected and very naughty. But he’s no girly-boy (despite the pink underwear with cartoons plastered across his ass.) He’s all man and in this photo shoot he shows us his many assets – from his firm, tight ass to his sexy tattoos. Kyle definitely isn’t shy about grabbing hold of his stiff cock and giving it a good yank.

Once he’s stripped off his tattered jeans and pulled down his sexy underwear, we get a good look at the real Kyle: defined, lean and sporting a thick woody! With only a sports car and the outdoors as a backdrop, Kyle begins to jerk his cock – much to the delight of the photographer (who takes his sweet time running the camera up and down Kyle’s sexy body, pausing to admire his hardening cock. We can’t wait to see him take one of the Bel Ami models for a ride!

[flv: 510 365]

Randy Blue: Benjamin and Reese





When you hang around so many hot models, you get a chance to get to know each other in more ways than you can think of. Benjamin and Reese of Randy Blue are no exception and even before they were paired up for this super hot scene, their chemistry was boiling over with horny testosterone. Once they stripped down to their tight-fitting underwear, Reese was the first to go down and devour Benjamin’s cock. Primed and ready to go, Benjamin munches on Reeses’ ass and then fucks the shit out of him before they flip-flop and Reese ends up on top.

When the chemistry is right, there’s no telling what these two horny studs will do and if you watch the clip, you’ll see that these guys are ready for some creative fucking – No missionary position here! Benjamin uses Reese like his own personal bitch boy, burying his bone deep into Reese’s bowels. All Reese can do is take the hard pounding like a good dog. But he seems to like it because the way that Benjamin’s rod is massaging  Reeses’ prostate, it makes him low his creamy load all over his stomach while Benjamin continues to pump his manhood down his tight hole.

[flv: 480 368]

2 reasons why skinny boy Kaleb from is totally freaking our shit!

We’ll be honest: There’s something a little off about Kaleb from, and it has totally caught out attention. In fact, there’s two things we think are totally weird about this guy and his hip-hugging whitie tighties, and since he shows up quite a bit from time to time, we thought we’d air our feelings!

guy masturbating with both hands

First off, he has this strange way of masturbating. For lack of a better term, we’ll call it the two-hand clutch. See, just watch him. With one hand, he grabs the shaft and stokes up and down, and with the other he forms that little hook around the base and grips all so tightly. Weird, but effective.

guy masturbating with both hands

Secondly, he’s a total moaner when he’s pleasuring himself. Only, these noises are like nothing we’ve ever heard before. They’re almost like a high-pitched wale, mixed with a few deep grunts. It’s definitely worth a listen!

guy masturbating with both hands convinces College Boy Paul to show off his perfect package

Wow, I totally went to college with a guy just like Paul from Perfectly groomed, short hair, skinny as a railing, and with a wonderfully smooth chest you just wanted to reach out and paw whenever he took off his shirt. In other words, the total college boy package. Come to think of it, his name was Paul too…wait just a minute….


Well, while I’m rifling through my beer-soaked college memories for more about my Paul, you should totally check out this Paul, because he’s got quite a treat hiding in his loose fitting boxer-briefs. And it’s not even Christmas! I know!


That being said, we heard that in addition to his classic good looks, Paul’s a total sweetheart, who’s even a little shy – but not in the bedroom. Apparently that’s where he really looses all inhibition and his inner tiger really starts to purr. Oh Paul, we’d listen to you sit and purr yourself silly anytime!


Joshua’s got pert, perky nipples – and loves having them played with.

We’ve been hearing from a lot of our buddies lately that there isn’t enough talk out there about gay guys and nipple play – and I have to agree. A good nipple tweakin’ can be way hot, and to overlook such a hot act is just plain criminal.

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play

If there’s one guy who should be locked up for having such dangerously amazing nips, it’s Joshua from – and who better than Jeremy himself to give those perky pecs the attention they deserve? He starts off with a little gentle licking, lapping his wet tongue over each pointy nipple, until he’s eventually sucking with full force. All that suction only serves to get Joshua even more turned on, and it isn’t long before he’s grabbing Jeremy by the neck and shoving his mouth over his cock.

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play

 That doesn’t stop Jeremy from maintaining a firm grip on his nipples as he dives face first into Joshua’s smooth, great tasting cock. The best part is that all that tugging and yanking barely seems to faze Joshua. Hmmm, something tells me he’s done this before!

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play and blowjob

Rising Star Damien bursts on the scene – and all over

There’s something about Damien Rios that we can’t get enough of; his smooth dark features have been driving us wild lately, his soft, sweet red lips are amazing to stare at, and that crazy unique tattoo he’s got draped over those broad shoulders of his are so hot that his pictures really should start coming with a warning label. Caution: contents may sporadically burst into flames they are so fucking fierce!

randy blue damien ass’s stolen the crushworthy Damien away from all the movies he’s been making with the big studios (Have you see him in Ridgeline film’s “Beyond Malibu” yet? He’s so hot he makes us want to jump on the 101 freeway and drive straight up the coast to find his ass. Oh wait, he was probably only in Malibu to film the movie, huh? Anyway…) to feature him on their site.

randy blue damien cock

Of course, beyond being so charming and sexy, Damien’s got a perfect size dick, and a pair of ass cheeks we’d love to play the bongos on all night long. In case you can’t tell already, we’re expecting big things from this kid, so consider this little preview a sneak peek of some great stuff to cum.

randy blue damien underwear

Seasons Malibu