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Crush Alert: Nick from UK and his thick, meaty thighs

To what lengths are you willing to go to have guys worshipping the ground you walk on? If you’re Nick from, then you’ll strip down to your birthday suit while scaling scaffolding just to get the attention of your fellow men – and quite frankly, he’s got our notice. He’s so cute we just want to scoop him up out of that basement dump that he’s posing in and bring him to our bedroom to show him how a real man should be treated.

Nick UK Naked Men

Regardless of his surroundings, however, there’s no denying that Nick would be one hell of a hot fuck. I mean, check out those thick, muscular legs! Who wouldn’t want those meaty thunder thighs wrapped tightly around their waist as they’re pumping his ass full of cock?

British Bloke with Big Cock

All too often muscle men are so busy working their biceps and triceps that they forget the how damn sexy it can be to have a great, strong pair of stems to pull it all together, but not Nick! Now if only we could make him grow some hair on those legs – Quick, somebody take away this guy’s Lady Schick!

Big Mushroom Head Cock

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