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Jake Gets A Raise





If hot-looking Jake could stretch his dollar as well as he can stretch out a nice willing ass, he wouldn’t be in this predicament. But with the economy being what it is, a buck doesn’t go a very long way. So, Jake asks Ethan for a raise to pay for his pet cobra. Does Ethan oblige? Let’s just say that Jake gets a lot more “snakes” than he bargained for. In this episode of Twinkscape, the snake in question turns out to be the kind that burrows into twink holes. Whether Jake is able to raise the money he needs for his pet remains to be seen, but watching him earn it well worth the wait.

Horny Ethan makes makes Jake  spread his bubble butt cheeks so that his tongue can explore his damp crevice. He tongues that smooth twink butt thoroughly. This makes Jake horny and he flips Ethan over for a good, hard fuck making Ethan scream out, “Fuck me, Daddy!” Jake continues to pound that boy pussy until he makes Ethan blow his wad. In the end, Jake is so turned on by the hot session that he pulls out and gives Ethan a hot facial.

[flv: 480 368]

Dildo Mania!





It seems that one cock is not enough in a twosome sex scene.  The action starts out small at Twinkscape, but ends with a BIG bang.  David Wolfe is paired up with Krist in this steamy scene that starts out with the pair lip-locked in an embrace followed by some cock sucking action.  But Krist decides to loosen up David’s sweet pink hole with a small dildo that gets him heated up for a nice ass banging.  David is all too willing to oblige by opening up his pucker and accepting Krist’s toy into his body.

Once David’s sweet pink ass is primed for a dildo fucking, beautiful Krist breaks out the XXL dildo.  Can David’s ass take it?  Like an expert!  This eager bottom boy with a nice round bubble ass wants it all and he’s too happy to take that dildo all the way in.  Just look at his face as he’s penetrated with almost 8 inches of pure fucking fun.  Half of the fun is watching as Krist relishes his turn at inserting that monster dildo up David’s bum with a bit of lustful glee.  After this bang up job, David won’t have any trouble taking cock up his ass again.

[flv: 480 368]

Twinkalicious Fucking





Twinks are so much fun, especially when they’re sucking cock. Blake from Twinkscape gets Patrick to agree to some guy-on-guy action for a few extra bucks. Hey, the economy has been tough on everyone. Although each dude pretends to check the others equipment to make sure everything is in order, we know what they’re really doing is sizing each other up.

For someone who didn’t seem quite sure about doing it with another dude Patrick ends up really getting into having his twinkalicious dick sucked. Blake gets so into it that at one point it looks like he’s going to swallow it whole. His own cock is raring to go, and Patrick is more than happy to give it the attention that it has earned. He grips it steady in his hands, closes his eyes, and gets his first taste of delicious manhood!

In order to prepare Patrick for what’s to come Blake licks his hole, which makes him go crazy. Patrick ends up straddling Blake, and lowering himself down until he’s been penetrated all the way. He bounces on it like a pro until Blake finally throws him on his back and hits it nice and hard. The two have some major chemistry going on and the hottest part comes when Patrick says, “You’re going to make me cum,” to which Blake replies, “I better.” Now that’s what we’re talking about!

[flv: 480 368]

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