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Tommy D Dicks A Very Dirty Mason Wyler





Mason Wyler is popular because he’s got the looks of your average boy next door, but his biggest fans know that he loves to be treated like a dirty slut and usually you can find him doing just that on his site. This time, though, he’s on his way to meet up with Tommy D.  Tommy loves to fuck and Mason’s mouth has been watering for Tommy’s cock since he missed his flight weeks ago. Now that they are finally together, they are ready to unleash all that sexual energy on each other because you can tell that they want to fuck.  Those tighty whities Mason is wearng will be gone soon, anyway.  They only get in the way of Tommy’s raging hard cock in his ass.

Immediately, Mason goes down on Tommy’s rod and starts to ram it down his throat. Tommy, then, reciprocates the favor by swallowing Mason’s dripping wet cock and then flipping him over on his back and shoving his cock deep inside Mason’s ass. Before too long, Tommy D is ready to shoot his massive load – and he does: all over Mason’s rippling abs. This is one hot reunion between two sexy studs that we’re glad we were able to watch!

[flv: 480 368]

Tommy D. Shows Off Cocksucking Skills

We’re not quite sure whether Tommy D. is straight, gay or bisexual. Not that it matters, but we’d be a little jealous if he were straight and getting so much hot dick. We’re guessing his door swings both ways because he looks happy sucking and fucking pussy, but he’s also at ease in the arms of a hot guy.


One of the guy’s he has hooked up with has one of the most perfect bodies we’ve seen in a while. The stud just settles himself down and let’s Tommy worship his body. He even sticks his ass out, ever-so-slightly, and Tommy’s dick brushes his tight hole.


Tommy proves that he’s a good cocksucker when he works the guy’s fat dick. He takes it in his mouth like a pro, and looks really into what he’s doing. The guy sits back and watches the show, which is a turn on because a straight guy will usually close his eyes and pretend it’s a girl.


We even get some 69 action where you get to see Tommy’s hole. The cool thing about Tommy’s site is that it’s a part of a set meaning that for the price of one membership you get seven sites. Now that’s a great deal!


Tommy D’s Bisexual Fourway

Meet Tommy D, Tyler, Ruby and Mia having a bit of fun after dinner at Tyler’s place. The four start off playing in the kitchen where they strip down and go at it on the counter top. The guys both eat out their partners, the smell of snatch is making them harder by the second. The girls are hot, but come on, it is all about the boys. This 4 way turns into a bi way when Tommy grabs Tyler’s hard cock. Tyler smiles uncomfortably and grabs Tommy back, this is Tyler’s first time touching another man’s cock. We love it when boys are no longer virgins with other boys. Before long, Tyler lets Tommy get into a 69 position with him and Tommy starts going down on Tyler. For a straight guy, Tyler maintains his hard on very well for having another guys lips all over it. The girls are there … doing something … I forget.

next door boys tommy d

All four move into the bedroom, where they romp around. A little more sucking, a little more licking and they are ready to fuck. The boys put the girls in a whole lot of different positions. Facing each other, away from each other and practically on top on one another. Then, while Tommy is fucking Ruby, Tyler, self proclaimed straight guy, grabs Tommy’s ass and starts working it with his fingers. Looks to me like Tyler may be wanting some of Tommy’s ass. We will have to see what this develops into. Tommy squirts Ruby in the face with a high pressured cumshot, and Tyler dumps his load onto his girl Mia’s face.

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