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Hot Next Door Buddies’ Threesome





What happens when three guys go out partying looking for some dick to score, but end up with nothing at the end of the night? You get three very horny, young dudes with morning wood. What happens when one of them wakes up before the other two and sets up a camera to record the horny aftermath? You get this awesome threesome from Next Door Buddies. Blu Kennedy is the instigator of this impromptu three-way and it’s a good thing it’s been captured on video! The footage of these three hung dudes is hot!

Besides all three being hot, they’re very diverse in the looks department – which makes for an interesting mash up of hot bodies going at it at full horny speed. There’s the fiery redhead with a mouth that can swallow cocks whole. There’s also the tall, masculine stud and the smoking hot rebel with the sexy tattoos. All three conspire for a threeway gangbang on the morning after a night of horny cruising. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan them. But when you’ve got buddies like this, they’re there to watch your back, fuck your ass, and suck your dick!

[flv: 480 368]

Lucas and Sean Fuck Caleb








A threesome can be a touchy thing to execute. It’s an odd-numbered party that can leave one left out and wanting in on the action. Thankfully, Lucas, Sean and Caleb of Corbin Fisher know exactly the right amount of attention that should be paid to each of their fuck partners. Lucky Caleb can’t wait to get started. He begins by taking each cock in his mouth and slicking it up. He wants to make sure it’s lubed up before it goes right into his twitching hole. Sean doesn’t have to be told twice. He plugs Caleb’s hole with his stiff woody while Lucas gets sucked off.

Given that Caleb loves the way cock feels in his ass, it was a no-brainer to cast him in this delicious threesome. The other two don’t waste time exploring all his holes and inserting their pre-cumming tools into them. But when the real butt pounding begins, Caleb swallows those cocks like a pro and he manages to satisfy both of his friends equally because they both shoot off their creamy, white jizz within seconds of each other all over Caleb’s tight abs. Now that’s how a threesome is accomplished!

Lucas & Sean Fuck Caleb








Caleb once told Corbin Fisher that he loves the way it feels to get his ass fucked. Careful what you say out loud because it’s bound to bite you in the ass – literally. Which brings us to today’s clip. Here, the Powers That Be at CF are in the mood for a tag team and they have chosen Lucas and Sean to make Caleb’s ass feel good. Lucas, being the experienced top, will guide Sam through his first three-way – not that he’ll need any help. His cock is ready to go. The guys waste no time in getting to the plowing.

While Caleb is sucking one cock and stroking the other, Lucas and Sean are locked in a passionate kiss. Sean is the first to stick his stiff wood into Caleb, but not before slicking it up with a hot rim job. Lucas takes the opportunity to use Caleb’s mouth to continue his cocksucking – making for a very hot spit roast. We can tell that Caleb really meant what he said earlier because these two boys sends him over the edge. He’s the first to shoot a load all over his abs and chest and Lucas and Sean follow suit.

Christian, Malachi, and Nicco





Sometimes you just feel like being a greedy cock whore and sometimes you don’t. Christian, Malachi and Nicco, from Randy Blue surely know that feeling and none more than Nicco Sky. He’s a tiny dude with a lot of spunk – and you can see him extract some of that spunk in this scene. When you’re as tight and compact as Nicco, it’s hard not to want a piece of his round bubble but. Good thing he’s willing to take it, too. You don’t need to ask Christian and Malachi twice. They literally devour Nicco in a frenzy of cock attacks.

There’s no hole Nicco won’t offer up. He gets one hot work out when Christian and Malachi start plugging away at his mouth and ass with those perfectly shaped poles. Nicco doesn’t just let the guys go at him, either. He actively joins in – sometimes impaling himself onto their wet cocks and other times testing the limits of his throat with one of those stiff dicks. This is one of the hottest threesomes you’ll find at Randy Blue, not only because all three guys are smoking hot, but because they genuinely enjoy using their poles and holes.

[flv: 480 368]

Pierced cock: It’s what’s for dinner (or at least what the boy’s are eating!)

You know that rule about eating all the food that’s on your plate? You know, the one that’s lead to countless cases of childhood obesity, and kept sweatpants in business for years? Well, there’s a similar rule in porn, only this one typically causes countless hours of pleasure, and often results in thick, volcanic eruption of man-spunk – both of which, we consider to be really, really good things.


The boys of know this rule about always eating the meat that’s placed in front of you all too well, as their latest trio demonstrates with their voracious appetite for cock. See how Brent and Xander claw at their buddy’s pierced cock like two ravenous coyotes, battling for a taste of its sweet succulence? That, my friends, is how you suck cock.


Anyhoo, if it isn’t clear from these preview pictures, this is one threesome who knows how to have fun – in a number of difference ways. Dildo thrusting, cock slurping, there’s even tons of that gratuitous spit swapping that Randy Blue’s so good at producing. All in all, these boys and their tools can whip up one hell of a delicious dish!


Are these brothers fucking each other or not? The Visconti Triplets get physical!


We’ve got to be honest: We did a total and complete double take when we saw this very first 4-some scene from I mean, we know that this trio of tanned and toned musclemen are from a different country than our, where the rules and customs about hooking up may be a bit different, but we never expected to see them actually fucking each other in the ass!


Which is exactly why you have to look at each and every one of these photos from their latest update very, very closely. You see, the forth member of their orgy is just a Visconti lookalike! And with his bulging pecs, perky nipples, and sexy, short faux hawk, he definitely gives these brothers a run for their money in the bangably hot department.


Still, for those of you into brotherly love, the sideways glances and the way they accidentally touch each other as they’re hooking up with this amazingly eager forth will have you jumping out of your seat and pawing at your computer screen in no time. Now that we look at it again, maybe they really are having sex with each other….we’re just not sure! Anyone know?


Real straight guys + Real fucking = Real good porn

If you ask me, I’d much rather watch a guy be actually aroused, than fake it – even if it is by a girl instead of another guy. And if the straight boys of need to throw a girl in the mix every now and then to get a rock hard stiffy, then I’m all for it.

Straight Boys in Threesome

Seriously folks, there’s just something so arousing about watching a straight guy in his natural habitat. And it’s a hell of a lot better than watching some straight guy with a Viagra hard-on grit his teeth through a scene with another guy. It’s like, why watch someone lip synch, without the hunky, talented, backup dancers, when you can see the live show?

One Girl Two Guys Fuck

Anyways, take a peek and you’ll see exactly why we can’t stop spending time at this site! We’re seriously hooked! I know, I know it’s sick –but when you watch as much gay porn as we do (And don’t act like you don’t either!) – you know when you see good, authentically hot fucking, and that’s exactly what is all about.

Straight Dudes Jack Off Together

Tag Teaming Alex and his uncut manhood – Now in High Def!

What’s a buck worth these days? Thanks to our buddies at, it’s actually more valuable than you think, considering a trial membership to their site is only $1! I know, right? Recession? What recession!

high def twinks gay porn threesome

Of course, there’s bound to be some naysayers out there, so to all you who doubt the quality of what you can get for a dollar, I say one thing – with a name like HighDefTwinks, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s clear, crisp shots of hot and heavy young guy action.

high def twinks porn gangbang

Take their latest update, where they put a hot, dark-haired young twink named Alex, and lock him in a hotel room with two of his horny buddies. The threesome immediately travels to the bed, where they strip each other’s underwear off, and star tag-teaming Alex’s cock, taking turns licking and stroking every inch of his uncut manhood. Alex obviously likes it; this kid can’t get enough of kissing his buddies, and we can’t blame him with a pair of soft, red lips like his. Something tells me Alex may have to save his dollar to buy a tube of chapstick when this hotel hook-up is over and through… gay porn HD videos

Berlin Studs Blow Gushing German Goo on Twink

My friend Ted can’t get enough jizz. He thinks it’s better than Kellogg’s (except Kellogg’s doesn’t drip all over your nose). DougieDOOGOO rates today’s photo set 100% nutritious, packed with essential vitamins & minerals, gallons of goo … dang, hella better than chewable Flintstones! Here’s a taste.

german twink sucks uncut cocks

You’ll love watching this German twink get down on his knees, and suck off big Berlin Mahn studs’ thick uncut cocks. I dig how you can see his mouth on Daddy Mahn’s meat AND the foreskin pulling up over his buddy’s cock head. the krauts call it “soggy cookie,” a game when two or more guys stand in a circle around a cookie masturbating and the last one to cum on the cookie has to eat it.” Sport!

german twink drinks cum! Berlin Mahn’s cock spurts a fountain of cum into German punk boy’s open mouth. It’s wicked hot how the white load hits the punks tongue and blue stud ring. Rave on child!

german twink cum facial

Yummy cum facial … don’t you wish you were a german twink?

Sex Crazed Threeway at Randy Blue

Doing the Randy Blue three-ways must be one of my favorite things. It’s so much fun trying to figure out who is going to look the hottest in what combinations. Sometimes it’s a real trick, trying to match up a good bottom with a good top and maybe someone who’s all about sucking cock. Other times you try to go against the grain and challenge the guys to try something new, like a first time bottoming. They might try adding a guy who’s only ever done solos into a mix with two experienced guys so they can show him the ropes. And sometimes, you put three guys together who just fit like three perfect puzzle pieces. This is exactly the case with Blake Blake Riley, Derek Diamond and Dakota Rivers. They’ve always gotten along really well when we’ve done public appearances but I think this is the first time the three of them were together at the same time.

randy blue

They were all over each other before we even got the cameras set up, but sometimes you gotta cage the tigers before the show so they can unleash their fury after it starts. And boy, did they ever. You can see the excitement right from the beginning of the video. They waste no time in stripping off their clothes and getting their mouths around each other’s cocks, nipples and any other body parts they can taste, touch and lick. Dakota is so tall and commanding that it would be easy to keep him in the middle. That’s why Derrek took center stage for a while and let Dakota service him while he made out with Blake. A few suggestions like that were thrown in there, but a lot of what you see is their own ideas. When the energy is this high you can usually just let things just happen. Although, I know how much Blake loves to get cum on, so it was suggested to squirt their manjuices all over him.

To see a hot video clips of these boys, click here.

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