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Tagging Josh





These straight boys always bone us up. They claim to be straight but the moment you put a cock in front of them, they’re down on their knees and sucking it. We love it! Especially when a straight boy gets tag teamed by his buddies, just like in this video. Josh is excited because for his very fist tag, he’s “going big.” And with Connor and Cain in the house, that’s saying something. Pushing Josh down while kissing him, the shirts quickly fly off and it’s three muscular guys rubbing and kissing each other.

After some aggressive making out, the tag team begins in earnest. Josh climbs up on Connor’s dick for a reverse cowgirl fuck, with Cain’s dick in his mouth. As Connor thrusts up into Josh, Cain sucks Josh’s cock. Cain pounds Josh until he splashes a huge load on his stomach and up to his chest, which Connor licks up. Cain pounds away until he’s ready to feed Josh his big load, which he creams across Josh’s face. For a first-time tag team, Josh acted like a real pro. We’re betting that he’ll be back to try it again.

Dawson & Ethan’s Tag Team





They say that two heads are better than one. In this hot clip, Corbin Fisher proves that the axiom is true – literally. But Dawson and Ethan weren’t talking about brain power. Trey’s never been double penetrated before, but in this clip, he’s game for it! Dawson and Ethan get Trey ready for the attempt by kissing him all over his body from both sides. Trey’s boner pops out of his shorts immediately as Dawson kisses his dick and then sucks it. Ethan licks each of Trey’s nipples in turn, then pulls his own cock out, as well. Trey sucks Ethan’s cock and then Dawson stands over them, letting Ethan suck him.

There’s so much to see in this clip. For one, Trey’s never eaten a guy’s ass before, but he takes to it like a duck to water. A total natural bottom, Trey proves to be the perfect fuck buddy for the horny Dawson and Ethan. Trey stops for a moment when the pleasure becomes too intense. He catches his breath, moans, and then buries his face in Dawson’s Dawson’s muscled ass. Then at last it’s time for Trey’s ass to get stretched open!!

Kody, Ryan & Ethan





Three straight boys strapped for cash show up at Mike Hancock to jerk off side by side. There’s no mention of gay action, so it’s safe to assume that they’re going to strip down, sit on the couch and rub one out. But that’s not what happens here. Two of these guys have already stated that they won’t suck dick, but Mike has a way of getting these boys to get down on their knees and suck dick like it was the thing to do! He has Kody, Ryan and Ethan strip off their clothes and show off some manly flexes.

Then he moves them into the shower for some kinky, wet fun. Let’s just say that words are cheap, because by the end of this clip, all three are pawing each other to get at one another’s cock. One stud even goes so far as to split on one of his friend’s butt cheeks and gives him the ass rimming of his life. Apparently, this seems to do the trick, all three relax and enjoy a full-on gay threesome and it’s captured on video for all the rest of us to enjoy over and over again!

DP Threesome





These three horny boys can’t wait to get started. They haven’t even taken off all their clothes and already they are lapping up balls, sucking dick and getting ready for a hot three-way! Did we mention they are at a party? Well, it started out that way, but by the time the night is nearly over, it’s just the three of them and they are exploring wet holes and swallowing hard cocks. Thomas Jefferson, Jerry Brand and Miky Krejn – the party boys – are in for a fucking they’ll never forget.

Starting out with a little teasing here and a little poking there, they start to get hard and ready for some bareback action. One lucky bottom boy gets to sample his two buddies’ hard cocks inside of him but not before they lap up his body like hungry pups. They share some rimming, taste hot ass and then ram their solid rods into the bottom stud until he can’t take it anymore. These horny tops intend to fill up their butt-boy to full capacity from both ends. We don’t know if this is his first time with two dicks up his ass at the same time, but it sure is hot to watch!

[flv: 510 365]

Hot Buddy Sex





If you’re into hot jocks then you already know that Club Jeremy Hall is stocked full of the horniest jocks who like to get naked. Sometimes they like to get naked with a buddy and stroke off. And sometimes they play around. But this is the first time we’ve seen a threesome on this site! It’s truly a sight to see: three masculine studs trading off sexual favors in front of the camera! Watch these studs suck, fuck and lick their way through this way hot threeway. If you’re not totally turned on by all the testosterone they are producing, you need to have you cock head checked.

Connor, Rod and Jeremy start out chilling in the living room enjoying some beer. It was supposed to be a relaxing day, but boys will be boys and these boys wanted to play with each other. Things got out of hand quickly as the clothes came off and the sucking began. Before long, all three were eagerly engaged in a threeway train with one guy rimming the other, another sucking cock and all three getting ready to shoot their hot, masculine cum all over the place!

[flv: 510 365]

Bare Adventure Sex Shoot





Breaking into the business requires a lot of can-do attitude and a lot of willingness to do what it takes to get the part. Things can turn desperate when the cash flow is low to non-existent. But if you’re a cute, blond student hard up for cash, you can always trade in your good looks and slim body for some cold, hard cash in an instant. It only requires showing off a little skin… Oh, and sucking dick and spreading our legs and letting a thick cock shaft up your bum!

This student answers an advert offering easy money; all he has to do is agree to be filmed having sex with another cute slim guy just like himself. Before he knows what hits him, the cameraman and his cohort – the sexy, young co-star force him out of his clothes. The student wants this badly so he grits his teeth and goes for it. Soon, he’s throat-deep into the camera guy’s engorged tube while he barebacks the young stud. He shows off his versatility by getting his smooth ass fucked raw by the cameraman and getting a juicy load of cum all over his face.

[flv: 480 368]

Lucas & Sean Fuck Caleb








Caleb once told Corbin Fisher that he loves the way it feels to get his ass fucked. Careful what you say out loud because it’s bound to bite you in the ass – literally. Which brings us to today’s clip. Here, the Powers That Be at CF are in the mood for a tag team and they have chosen Lucas and Sean to make Caleb’s ass feel good. Lucas, being the experienced top, will guide Sam through his first three-way – not that he’ll need any help. His cock is ready to go. The guys waste no time in getting to the plowing.

While Caleb is sucking one cock and stroking the other, Lucas and Sean are locked in a passionate kiss. Sean is the first to stick his stiff wood into Caleb, but not before slicking it up with a hot rim job. Lucas takes the opportunity to use Caleb’s mouth to continue his cocksucking – making for a very hot spit roast. We can tell that Caleb really meant what he said earlier because these two boys sends him over the edge. He’s the first to shoot a load all over his abs and chest and Lucas and Sean follow suit.

Sweet Freshman Threesome





Does it still count as a threesome if a fuck doll is in on the action?  One sure way to find out is by checking this choice video from Fresh SX.  These three friends are going to town on this doll, fucking every hole while the third sits on its dildo.  But there’s only so much you can do with a plastic boy, so their attention turns to each other. That doll is long forgotten by now.  With real flesh-to-flesh action, these boys can suck a mean one and take it up the ass like champs.  All that fuck doll practice pays off when they start to pleasure themselves on each other.

The way these two go down on their friend’s cock, you’d think the supply of fresh man-juice was going out of style.  They bob on it until it’s nice and hard before they prep their asses for a good hardcore fuck.  And there’s plenty of top action going on.  One of the twinks shoves his dick as far in as he can, opening it up for an even bigger dick.  By the end, they lay down on the couch and shoot their loads all over their tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

Gay Poolside Threesomes Rock




There must be something about swimming that gets guys horny. It never fails that after two guys go swimming they inevitably slip off their trunks and engage in another calorie burning activity.

Bastian and Troy are the two poolside hotties wearing barely-there swimsuits when they realize that they need to get naked and suck each other off. Aston catches the two guys and he’s clearly more than happy to join in on the fun. At first Troy gets all the attention when the other two devote all their time to sucking his huge stiff dick. But somewhere along the way they get distracted and end up making out with each other.

It almost appears as if Troy is going to end up bottoming by the way he gets on his knees and returns the favor to both guys who hover over him, but it ends up being Aston who gets plugged up by dick from both ends. We’re not sure if he’s been stuffed like this in the past, but this bottom clearly knows how to deal with all that cock. He looks like he was born to get both holes rammed at the same time, and it isn’t long before these guys have busted all over the place.

[flv: 480 368]

Hot Twins Fuck Dude






Where the hell can we find us a pair of hot gay brothers that we can get sandwiched in between? Seriously, there’s been a huge explosion of brothers getting it on together or fucking other dudes in front of each other. We’re not sure what the hell is going on, but we want to get in on the action.

The latest pair to rock our world are the Studding twins. These brothers look very similar in all the right places, and even have their nipples pierced in the same manner. Justin Ryder is the fortunate cutie who gets to double his pleasure in bed with the twins.

These brothers don’t waste any time, and neither does Justin who has their dicks out so fast you’ll think he was on a timer or something. He really has his work cut out for him but he doesn’t mind working overtime trying to keep Matt and David satisfied. We couldn’t tell you who does what, and we really don’t care. All we know is that Justin gets his bushy hole fucked, and one of the twins has such an amazing cumshot it looks like he is launching a nuclear weapon out of his cock.

[flv: 480 368]

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