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Are you a fancy faggot? The Jeweled Butt Plug is for you!

Never put anything cheap in your butt. If you ask me, that’s a pretty good rule of thumb in life. Whether it’s objects or people, places or things, putting something inexpensive into your ass is never a good idea.

jewel butt plug fancy ass sex toy

For those of you out there who subscribe to our way of thinking, we present to you the newest and coolest thing on the market – the Jeweled Butt Plug. Only for the fanciest of faggots, this stainless steel piece of ass glamour comes in two different sizes (Large and Xtra-Large), and with your choice of jewelry (Emerald, Diamond, or Ruby)! And from the reviews we’ve been browsing online, it’s actually getting a lot of positive feedback as a product – it stays in place and feels great too!

Sure, at $120 each, it may not be for everyone on your gift list, but we can guarantee anyone who receives such a flashy accessory will be indebted to you for a long time to come. Oh, and if you’re thinking about getting one for us, here’s a hint – I think Emerald would totally match our eyes!

Celebrity Crush Of The Day: Pete Wentz and his Fall Out Boy

Rocker guys: Rebellious, rough, and almost always shirtless, it’s hard to deny their appeal. Lean guys with bad attitudes and good guitar-playing skills have been driving us wild for years, but lately there’s only been one punk rock prince who’s been strumming my strings, and that’s Pete Wentz.

Peter Wentz male celebrity

 Unfortunately, in real life (not my fantasies), he’s more busy strumming Ashlee Simpson’s strings, as became all too clear with his recent engagement announcement to the one-time SNL lip-syncing starlet. So why, I ask, do the good ones always get taken? I really thought we gays had a chance for this one to turn out gay – or at least bi, especially with his many confessions of same-sex make-out sessions and love of eyeliner.

Peter Wentz male celebrity nude stomach

But that doesn’t mean we still can’t gawk. If you somehow missed the infamous Pete Wentz Sex Scandal, you can see it all its scandalous homemade camera phone footage  glory at It’s definitely what made me fall in love with this Fall Out Boy bassist, and even better, there’s tons of other (shirtless) pics of Pete to keep you plenty occupied.

Alvaro will steal your heart and release your soul

Alvaro is a sexy young athlete who has boundless energy for long sessions on his live webcam. He can go on for hours and release multiple times with ease. There is something about being on cam and being the focus of male attention that gets him as hard as a rock.

Once you experience an erotic session with Alvaro, you will become addicted. His body is perfectly natural and made for providing pleasure. His playful personality and sexy bedroom eyes are the window to his hedonistic soul.

Udell erupts like a volcano

Udell is stunning. He has a flawless body and is ripped and built like a gift from the heavens above. His body is lean and muscled and his veins ripple under his tight olive skin.

Udell is aware of his sexual attraction to others, yet he is also very much into pleasing his lover as much as being pleased himself. He knows how to work his tool and get into all the tight spots and relieve every inch of stress your body holds inside. He will use all of himself to seduce you, excite you and release your every need and desire. Get him while he is hot– he is live, now on his free webcam.

Keir is here for you

When you think of your ultimate male fantasy, what comes to mind? Is it a handsome face and a sexy body? Or is it purely animalistic lust? If you like all the above with a hot stud who is packing a huge piece, then Keir is the option you desire.

He is new to the webcam chat scene, but that has not stopped him for going full steam ahead and letting go of any and all inhibitions. He is extremely virile and is ready for a private show at a moments notice. His camera will show you things extremely up close and personal– its as good as being their yourself. And, you can hang out with him on your own time, and be completely anonymous- only you will know.

Barbo never says no

Barbo gets a rush from being watched on his webcam. He loves to show off and really gets into being watched while he strips down and pleasures himself. Knowing that you are there with him makes his pulse race and his temperature rise in all the right places.

His secret desire is to have one or more men watching him and directing him to do as they wish. He never says no to any request and he enjoys being on his cam as much as possible. If you are looking for a sexy young man who is eager to please- Barbo is your man.

Aidan Lance goes both ways

Aidan is hot and sexy skater boy who likes to cruise both guys and girls. His body is an erotic masterpiece, that he can use to put under his spell. He has many fantasies to share with you and maybe a few others on his live webcam.

One of his fantasies is to be with a man and a woman at the same time. He can take turns giving it deep to both of them, and begging him to never stop. There is something extremely appealing about a man who likes men and women.You will love him.

Aalexx loves to explore boundaries

Young sweet boy Aalexx is on a mission. He is looking to explore his sexual boundaries, and he is using his live webcam as a forum to meet and make new friends. He is interested in hearing what your fantasies are and maybe he can help you work one out.

His sexy body is a twink lover’s dream, and he loves to be touched everywhere. Stroke him gently or be a little rough- he loves to be manhandled and he can give as good as he gets. Say hello to him online and take him private for a sexy one on one session.

Omari keeps them coming back again and again

Omari has struck a chord online and he is fast becoming one of our most popular performers. He has the boyish good looks mixed with an intense sexuality that is driving people crazy!

With his sexy haircut and tight and naturally muscled body, Omari will get your blood pumping and your heart racing. His body is smooth and his attitude is all fun. You cannot go wrong with Omari. Check him out as soon as you can on his live webcam. The boy is one hot number!

Laim is gorgeous and sexy

Wow! I cannot say enough about Laim. He is tall and hot, blonde and nicely buffed, and really incredible in bed. His sexual magnetism will grab you deep inside and not let go. He has perfect skin that tightly covers his sexy young body.

You will agree with me after you chat with him online. He has a beautiful chest and a sexy goody-trail that runs to his huge endowment. Its the path that you want to take and you can have him to yourself now. He is online and waiting for you. You better hurry-he has many admirers ready to take him now.

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