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Cute 20-Year-Old Surfer Maka Gets Off at Island Studs!

Cute 20-Year-Old Surfer Maka Gets Off at Island Studs!

Cute 20-Year-Old Surfer Maka Gets Off at Island Studs!

Cute 20-Year-Old Surfer Maka Gets Off at Island Studs!

Need a break from our political dystopia, the natural disasters, and global warming? Then Have a gander at this cute and horny young stud surrounded by a tropical paradise in this hot new solo scene from Island Studs starring Maka! This cute 20-year-old surfer with an 8” cock loves surfing, weightlifting, and jerking off – and in this scene he does all three. This is actually Maka’s fourth scene and he’s back by popular demand. As the scene begins he pumps some iron while nude in the garden, does some back flips, and then starts to get a little nasty as he juggles some passion fruit, sucks a piece dry, gets erect, and spreads his ass cheeks wide for the camera. Maka has no shame! The fun continues as Maka plays, strokes his fat uncut cock, shoots a load, and then hoses off.

Kreature, The Big-Dicked Circus Twink at Island Studs!

Kreature, The Big-Dicked Circus Twink at Island Studs!

Kreature, The Big-Dicked Circus Twink at Island Studs!

Kreature, The Big-Dicked Circus Twink at Island Studs!

Do you smell popcorn? Is that the sound of elephants and tigers I hear? Could it be that the circus is in town?! The XXX Circus has arrived at Island Studs, and on board is a tiny marvel known as Kreature – a ripped twink circus performer whose thrilling act includes stripping, pissing, showing off his hole, jerking off, and cumming! Does the floor feel sticky? It’s probably for the best that it’s dark, because trust me… That’s not cotton candy and mustard making the floor sticky.

Kreature is a 23-year-old, 5’6″ tall, 130 lbs. fire dancer. He’s an outgoing, stylish young guy with ripped abs who reportedly works out in his garden butt naked, spins his poi pods naked, stands on his hands, and does some amazing things with toys. He may be a circus pro, but this is actually the first load he has ever shot on camera. Watch as the cute young circus boy loses his porn virginity in this new scene from Island Studs. Life’s a circus, so step right up and get yourself a ticket for the naughtiest show on earth! SEE the action! HEAR the moaning! FEEL the excitement as the Kreature shoots his load!

Rod and Trent





Rod Daily is a real hunk! He’s got the perfect body – slender and tight without too much muscle definition. It’s the perfect body to worship! The hot tattoos on his body help to bring out his natural physique and you just want to see more of him. In this Next Door Buddies episode, his body gets the attention it deserves in the form of another sizzling hunk, Trent Locke. These guys are hot, hung and ready to get down and dirty in bed! They start out the action outdoors but quickly bring it inside so that we can get a close up view of their sexual habits.

Rod’s bubble ass is prominently on display in this clip and Trent isn’t oblivious to it. After much cock sucking and general body worshipping, Trent is ready to bend Rod over and start pounding that firm ass! Rod is all too eager to oblige and opens up his ass cheeks for better access. His body bulges with every thrust while Trent is in fuck heaven as he drills him to a satisfying conclusion that ends with copious amounts of stud cum that is a must see for anyone who loves to watch horny studs fuck!

[flv: 510 365]

Jessy Karson and Sebastien





Size queens beware! Careful what you brag about because you might just end up taking more than you can handle. Sebastien, the self-proclaimed size queen definitely gets more than he bargained for when he is paired up with Jessy Karson, a well-documented monster-sized tattooed punk! It turns out that when he was paired u with Sebastien, it wasn’t a first time sex encounter. Turns out they had a chance encounter in the park that ended up in Sebastien’s bedroom. So when we shot the scene, it was impossible for the cameraman to keep up with all the directions that different body parts were going.

One thing that best describes this scene is: Loud! These boys get really loud as they fuck and pound for the cameras. Mostly, it’s Sebastien that does most of the moaning, but Jessy makes his own sounds of pleasure as he enters Sebastien’s sweet, tight hole. Jessy preps his ass by going down and munching on his ass giving him a nice, wet rim job before entering his hole with that big dick. The camera is able to capture all of Sebastien’s facial expressions as he tries to take in all of Jessy’s inches!

[flv: 510 365]

Damien Munroe and Jessy Karson





Anyone who has seen Damien Monroe at Video Boys knows that this cutie is a sweet heart with a penchant for getting rammed up the ass. His baby face gives him an angelic look that says, “Fuck me.” But we’ve all seen him get fucked and we know he’s definitely not an angel. Well, Damien Munroe has been keeping secrets from us. First of all, we didn’t realize that Damien really likes rough sex… Hard pounding, sweaty, rough sex. Second of all, he’s been getting lessons from Video Boy favorite rough kid, Jessy Karson!

Jessy looks the part. His tattoos and laid back attitude makes him the perfect sex master for Damien. At last, Video Boys has been able to capture that rough love between these two hotties on camera. They have reenacted their first night together – 8 whole hours of hard butt pounding, cock sucking and ass licking. Unfortunately, those hours of extreme fucking has been distilled into the fifteen minutes you see here. Don’t fret, though, the footage found here contains all of the best highlights from their fuck session and, of course, this is not the last time these two will be paired up.

[flv: 510 365]

Hot Next Door Buddies’ Threesome





What happens when three guys go out partying looking for some dick to score, but end up with nothing at the end of the night? You get three very horny, young dudes with morning wood. What happens when one of them wakes up before the other two and sets up a camera to record the horny aftermath? You get this awesome threesome from Next Door Buddies. Blu Kennedy is the instigator of this impromptu three-way and it’s a good thing it’s been captured on video! The footage of these three hung dudes is hot!

Besides all three being hot, they’re very diverse in the looks department – which makes for an interesting mash up of hot bodies going at it at full horny speed. There’s the fiery redhead with a mouth that can swallow cocks whole. There’s also the tall, masculine stud and the smoking hot rebel with the sexy tattoos. All three conspire for a threeway gangbang on the morning after a night of horny cruising. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan them. But when you’ve got buddies like this, they’re there to watch your back, fuck your ass, and suck your dick!

[flv: 480 368]

Damian and Tori-A Steamy Hook Up





Watching two guys fuck can be a very hot experience. When it’s between an expert top fucker and an extremely talented bottom boy, it’s down right scorching hot. These two talented horny studs flirted all night at the bar, but when it was time to go home, these guys weren’t ready to go to sleep. Instead they get started with some steamy foreplay as Tori explores Damian’s tattooed hard body. Watch as Damian’s cock is fully engulfed in Tori’s beautiful wet mouth. Then get ready to watch the hottest rimming you’ll ever encounter on the Internet. Damian knows his way around a nice pink boy hole before getting ready to pound the hell out of it.

Tori shows just how good a bottom he is when he puts a condom in his mouth and expertly rolls it on to Damian’s cock before he gets up and impales himself on his rock hard cock. The fucking takes on several positions as Damian flips Tori over and pounds his ass doggy style, in missionary position, and on his back. It’s not too long before their sexual chemistry heats up and Damian pulls out and shoots his cum all over Tori, who soon follows with a gusher of his own.

[flv: 480 368]

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