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Dave and Francois





You’d think that sex would be the last thing on your mind if you were being evicted from your home. But for Dave, it’s an opportunity to get it on with his potential new landlord – a hottie, about his age, with a big package neatly zipped inside his pants. Francois shows him around the facilities but Dave can’t take his eyes off Francois’ crotch. The situation soon turns to a gay fantasy come true as Francois finally realizes he’s being cruised. He eagerly embraces the idea and the two of them go at it like rabbits in heat!

Both guys share a passionate kiss while they rub each other’s slim body. Their stiff cocks poke out at each other begging to be played with. After taking off their shirts, they pull down their trousers to expose their throbbing, wet dicks. They start to go down on each other, deep throating those massive raw cocks as deep into their mouths as they can and once they’ve both had enough dick to suck, they turn their oral sex into anal sex. Dave gladly surrenders his ass to Francois’ glistening tip opening up his hole for that ass invasion that will eventually guarantee him a place to stay.

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