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Tagging Josh





These straight boys always bone us up. They claim to be straight but the moment you put a cock in front of them, they’re down on their knees and sucking it. We love it! Especially when a straight boy gets tag teamed by his buddies, just like in this video. Josh is excited because for his very fist tag, he’s “going big.” And with Connor and Cain in the house, that’s saying something. Pushing Josh down while kissing him, the shirts quickly fly off and it’s three muscular guys rubbing and kissing each other.

After some aggressive making out, the tag team begins in earnest. Josh climbs up on Connor’s dick for a reverse cowgirl fuck, with Cain’s dick in his mouth. As Connor thrusts up into Josh, Cain sucks Josh’s cock. Cain pounds Josh until he splashes a huge load on his stomach and up to his chest, which Connor licks up. Cain pounds away until he’s ready to feed Josh his big load, which he creams across Josh’s face. For a first-time tag team, Josh acted like a real pro. We’re betting that he’ll be back to try it again.

Haze Him: Milk Gone Bad





We know there are a lot of uses for milk, but this is the first time we’ve seen it used in a sexual manner… At least with straight frat boys. At Haze Him, rush is in full swing and the eager pledges are ready to do anything to get into a fraternity. The frat boys are also ready to put them through some sexy games to prove that they can take it all… Even taking a big fat dick in their virgin asses. Nothing stops these boned up boys from humiliating their friends. Not even a banquet!

Nobody likes drinking bad milk, so when these pledges bring the head of the Florida Fraternity some funky milk during dinner all hell breaks loose. If you ever wondered what a human serpent looked like you’re about to find out. Much of it involves hairy balls touching faces in sheer humiliation, but that’s not all there is. Along with the seemingly harmless pranks, there is some dick sucking and hardcore fucking to do. Nobody makes fun of these fraternity brothers. They get their revenge, though. Prepare yourself for some naked humiliation at the hands of these sadistic boys!

[flv: 501 365]

Tristan Bull & Samuel





Tristan Bull’s back at Next Door Buddies. Every time he makes an appearance on the site, we see a new side of him… And it just keeps getting better and better. This sexy, masculine hunk has all the right moves in front of the camera. This time around he’s ready to experience new things. Just what kind of new things are we talking about? Well, Tristan is going to go where his straight cock has never gone before: Into a man’s ass! And the lucky guy who gets the joy of being penetrated by the hunky Tristan is to be the handsome Samuel.

In this clip, Tristan is doing his guy thing: playing video games in just a towel because he just got out of the shower. Samuel sees this as an opportunity to check out that huge cock and maybe get him to stick it up his tight, little pucker. It doesn’t take a lot of effort on his part, Tristan is already horned up and Samuel’s bubble butt does look enticing. But his oral skills on Tristan’s cock seal the deal and in moments, he’s riding on that stiff cock for all that it’s worth.

[flv: 510 365]

Kody, Ryan & Ethan





Three straight boys strapped for cash show up at Mike Hancock to jerk off side by side. There’s no mention of gay action, so it’s safe to assume that they’re going to strip down, sit on the couch and rub one out. But that’s not what happens here. Two of these guys have already stated that they won’t suck dick, but Mike has a way of getting these boys to get down on their knees and suck dick like it was the thing to do! He has Kody, Ryan and Ethan strip off their clothes and show off some manly flexes.

Then he moves them into the shower for some kinky, wet fun. Let’s just say that words are cheap, because by the end of this clip, all three are pawing each other to get at one another’s cock. One stud even goes so far as to split on one of his friend’s butt cheeks and gives him the ass rimming of his life. Apparently, this seems to do the trick, all three relax and enjoy a full-on gay threesome and it’s captured on video for all the rest of us to enjoy over and over again!

Corbin Fisher’s Mario







Mario is an old fashioned kind of guy. He didn’t get laid for the first time until he was 18 years old. Poor thing. It’s not like he’s lacking in the looks department. Mario is one hot dude with a laid back attitude and a body that’ll stop traffic, despite the fact that he claims he’s gotten out of shape and is working on getting his physique back. If he’s in excellent shape now, can you imagine when he’s “gotten back into shape?” Until he does, let’s just enjoy a little of his out of shape body as he poses for his naked shoot.

From the looks of his chiseled body, the only thing that’s fat on him is his cock. That thing is huge! The cock head is the perfect shape for wet lips and his butt is tighter than a virgin’s ass. Speaking of ass… Mario’s favorite sexual activity is anal. He says he loves to fuck a girl’s ass. Yea, guys, this 20-year-old boy is straight. But that’s never stopped these guys from probing another dude. Just keep that bro attitude – I’ll do for you if you do for me… So long as you get to go first, right, Mario?

Straight Boys Fuck a Blow-Up Doll





Jack Hammah and Woody of Straight Boys Fucking are gearing up for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. They’re putting the finishing touches on their entry – a life-size figure of a sexy woman with fully functional body parts. As you can see from this video clip, they’re giving her a final once-over to make sure everything is working properly lest any problems should, let’s say… Arise at the most inopportune moment. From the looks of it, they’ve got the situation under control with their cocks out and ready to fill all her holes. Let’s just hope their protruding fuck-wands don’t cause irreparable damage.

These two horny straight studs take turns fucking the doll from all directions ensuring that no hole goes unexplored. Given that they’re both straight, the blow-up doll is the perfect excuse to get naked and fuck in front of one another. While they’re at it, it’s also the perfect time to exchange tips on the best way to satisfy a woman – even if this one is non-responsive and full of air. What matters here is that they’re both naked and almost on top of one another. That’s about as close as two straight boys can be without fucking each other.

[flv: 480 368]

Diego Sanders Strokes Off





Some faces are made for kissing. This week’s Cocky Boys model Diego Sanders has the kind of face that makes you want to devour his kissable lips and make out with him until the end of the world. But since we don’t have all that time, we’re left with this hot video shoot of Diego showing us his other equally kissable body parts. Hailing from Miami and utterly straight, he’s willing to jerk his meat and blow his load for a little bit of cash. That’s fine by us, as long as we can continue to fantasize!

He starts off by watching straight porn on the laptop computer in bed while he teasingly rubs his growing bulge through his sexy, tight jeans. The moans and groans coming from the laptop definitely stir something in him and he quickly removes his pants to better access his raging boner. He starts to stroke fervently and even plays with his asshole for a few minutes before popping off a good load of straight cum and then heading off to the showers to clean up. Maybe if he’s horny enough, he’ll return for more one-on-one. I’m sure he’ll take it a little further next time!

[flv: 480 368]

Str8 Hunk Fucks English Lad





The hottest thing about porn is pairing up a delicious-looking straight boy with an eager and excited gay boy.  English Lads knows this too and that’s why we’re getting treated to Rick, a homosexually challenged dude with a tanned, tight body. He’s a prime stud and he knows it. Justin can’t control his excitement at the prospect of offering his tight, smooth ass to this hunk of a man. To start things off, Justin undresses Rick, but he only gets as far as taking his shirt off before he goes down, unzips his pants and starts sucking that straight uncut dick.

When Rick starts fucking Justin, the real fun begins. Justin climbs on top and bounces up and down, enjoying the feel of Rick’s stiff rod working his chute. You can tell that these boys enjoy doing each other because, before too long, they’re ready to bust a nut. Rick pulls out and starts beating his dick, while Justin works his hard, sensitive nips to get him extra horny. That trick seems to do the job, because Rick’s breathing speeds up and he can’t hold off any longer.  He expels a giant burst of cum all over Justin’s tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

Channing Tatum Exposed




There have been a lot of rumors about Channing Tatum and whether or not he’s been in gay porn. We’ve scoured the Net, but haven’t come up with anything yet, but believe us when we say that as soon as we find anything you’ll be the first to know. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any nudie pics of this native Canadian stud. In fact, Channing started his career off modeling, and there are various pictures of him baring everything over at Male Celebrities. He must have been a soccer player or something because baby’s got back!

If you’ve never heard of Channing, get ready to be bombarded with images of him. Channing will be starring in the new G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra film coming out August 7. In it he will play Duke – the main hero. Channing as you can see is drop-dead gorgeous, and has such a hot body that even my computer screen is drooling. Can’t wait to see more of this hottie in the future!

Straight Dude Fucks a Twink





Keith is a bit nervous that he’s not going to be able to perform well. The 19 year old has never been with another guy, and decided to try it out for the cash, but he also wants to be good. It’s clear from his resume that this guy was a popular straight guy in school, so it’s a little shocking to see him boning another guy. We suspect that maybe he had feelings towards his fellow jocks in the locker room, but never had a chance to act out on his impulses.

Keith gets paired with Travis – a 24 year old twink who loves getting fucked! The pair-up must have been exactly what Keith wanted because his dick is hard in no time, and takes to worshipping cock like an olive in a dirty martini. The most surprising moment is when the newbie actually rims Travis’ ass! There’s not a lot of guys who would venture to try some ass their first time out of the gate, but we’re guessing Keith is a bit of a perfectionist.

Travis ends up getting his hole nice and stretched out by Keith’s fat dick, and finishes by dropping his load all over Keith’s chest while he’s getting plowed. We’re guessing that his tight hole must have gotten even tighter because Keith ends up cumming shortly thereafter. Phew, not bad for a first timer. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time that we see Keith!

[flv:×360.flv 480 368]

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