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Joshua’s got pert, perky nipples – and loves having them played with.

We’ve been hearing from a lot of our buddies lately that there isn’t enough talk out there about gay guys and nipple play – and I have to agree. A good nipple tweakin’ can be way hot, and to overlook such a hot act is just plain criminal.

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play

If there’s one guy who should be locked up for having such dangerously amazing nips, it’s Joshua from – and who better than Jeremy himself to give those perky pecs the attention they deserve? He starts off with a little gentle licking, lapping his wet tongue over each pointy nipple, until he’s eventually sucking with full force. All that suction only serves to get Joshua even more turned on, and it isn’t long before he’s grabbing Jeremy by the neck and shoving his mouth over his cock.

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play

 That doesn’t stop Jeremy from maintaining a firm grip on his nipples as he dives face first into Joshua’s smooth, great tasting cock. The best part is that all that tugging and yanking barely seems to faze Joshua. Hmmm, something tells me he’s done this before!

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play and blowjob

Rough and Ready to Rumble with a scruffy fucker at

Rough trade lookin’ guys – with that dangerous good looks and thuggish demeanor – are always such a turn-on. Something about that way you’ll never know if they’re about to snap, or spooge all over makes them not only endlessly exciting, but that much more unattainable.

dick show rough looking guy tatoos finger nail polish pink
’s latest update is a guy who’s just that; and despite his slender frame, this kid looks rougher than rough, and he’s got a killer bull-style nose ring to prove it. Yeah, he’s a bad ass all right – until this tattooed kid strips off his jeans to reveal a smooth, uncut cock and thick, curly bush of hair. Looking at him then, it’s all too clear that this scruffy fucker has been exposed, and it’s that moment of vulnerability that’s truly hot about watching him jerk his meat.

dick show hughe cock guy painted nails

Where they find guys like this, who knows – but one thing’s certain: he’s more than willing to let another guy slurp on his pole long and hard as he holds their head and shoves their lips deep against his crotch. Yeah, it definitely brings a whole new meaning to likin’ it rough.

dick show big penis finger nail polish gay tattoos

Aussie stud Derrick and his dick are down for anything – and up for a lot more!

“I’m a very take it as it comes kind of person.” It’s the first words out of Derrick’s mouth as he steps foot on his set for his first jack-off video, and quite frankly it couldn’t be more foreshadowing of the slutty business that’s about to go down for this Australian newbie.
Sure, it’s only his own dick he’ll be taking as it comes for now, but we have a feeling that this open-minded stud from down under will have a lot more to show us in the future.

young australian boy twinky derrick

There’s just got to be something in waters down there in the world of Oz, because the men they produce never fail to get our engines roaring and ready to go. The guys on are always so rugged and natural looking, and that’s just how we like ‘em.

They’re just so laid back and casual with everything – like jacking off on film is no big deal. Just another day in the life of Derrick. What’s that? You want him to get hard and rub one out for you again? He’ll totally do it.

golDen boy’s goLden shower: JereMiah on boys-pIssing.COM

Jeremiah’s Wet Nightmare is …

dood, thazzz some nasteeeeee shit. wettin‘ urself. i saw this article online “Starving Themselves to Death: Compound an eating disorder and you have drunkorexia.” were they talkin ‘ bout jeremiah? who cares. hes such a hottie id let him piss all over me! the photo sets rad. he self-sucks!

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