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Dru Fucks Travis








“What do you want me to do with this?” Travis asks Dru when he pulls Dru’s big dick out of his shorts. They’ve been playing soccer and now they’re taking a break. “Anything you want!”, Dru replies. “I know what I’m going to do with it!” Anyone familiar with Dru at Corbin Fisher knows exactly what Dru likes: Dru loves to fuck! In this photo shoot, the both of them can barely wait to get started with the face sucking, before Travis grabs hold of Dru’s cock and leads him into an ass-fucking that he knows he’s going to enjoy.

It is clear that Travis loves having a massive penis in his rectum. After teasing Dru with his winking sphincter, he cries out, “Fuck me!” Dru goes wild as his cock is engulfed in Travis’ tight hole. He slowly pumps into Travis and then picks up speed as that cute ass starts to loosen up. Overwhelmed by this wild fucking that his ass is receiving, Travis can no longer hold back. He starts to blast a massive load through the air and all over himself, screaming as he does it and tearing at the sheets and Dru soon follows with his own wet load.

Sneak Peek: Mark and Samuel Slurp and Suck in Lucas Kazan’s new movie!

There’s always one scene in every porn movie that has you blowin’ your wad better and faster than anything else in the entire flick. That one guy who has you trippin’ over your sagging pants and diving for the rewind button over and over again.

lucaskazan dick sucking mark with samuel

In Lucas Kazan’s recent blockbuster, The Men I Wanted, that scene was definitely by and far the one between Mark and Samuel. Seriously – just look at these thick pricks. You don’t find meat like this in the States. No, these two don’t speak a lick of English, but what they lack in verbal prowess, they make up for in sheer enthusiasm and passion for slurping up each other’s cocks.

lucas kazan European uncut men gay porn

Sure, you should probably go out and rent this movie immediately, because it’s a good one. But just to get an idea what trouble you’re about to get yourself into, hop over to and check out the rest of this steamy set. Muscled-up Mark may look a bit intimidating, but he’s more than willing to take it like a champ from Samuel. I mean, really – who wouldn’t? muscular European models ass fucking gay porn movies

Lucky Taylor’s 8-man throat tickling orgy at

Talk about overwhelming! I took one look at the latest update from, and just the mere thought of taking that much dick in my mouth at one time wore me out. I mean, there’s a freakin’ line to fuck this kid’s face like it was Christmas 2002 and this guy’s handing out free Tickle Me Elmo’s! Wow, where the hell did that reference come from? I apologize, friends. Never again will I mention Elmo on here. Maybe.

studio 2000 gay orgy in a locker room with eight muscular guys with huge cocks

One thing is getting tickled, however, and that’s the back of Lucky Taylor’s throat. This scene is from Studio 2000’s newest release Jake’s Hard Ride, and is truly unlike anything we here at GooGabber have ever seen before. These hard, tan horn-dogs are merciless, as they shove their gigantic pricks in and out of Lucky’s mouth.

Taylor sucks dick hot ass big balls gay locker room jocks

And what’s truly admirable about the whole locker room orgy is the grin that remains on Lucky’s face throughout the hard and fast session. Who knew it was possible to smile with that much hard cock in your mouth? I guess when you’ve got 8 stiff pieces of man meat coming at you at the same time, it’s nearly impossible to contain your excitement. Something tells me Lucky won’t need luck…

gay locker room orgy gay porn video sucking group sex

Boys Gone Bad – wild guys getting totally naughty!

Do you think it’s hot when a guy breaks the rules? Public nudity? Dick sucking in the middle of an open field? Wearing white after Labor Day?

boys gone wild outdoor gay porn

If any or all of these things gives you a big, fat stiffy, then you’ve got to check out Except, of course, that whole thing about wearing white after Labor Day. If that’s you’re thing, you’re probably better off visiting The Style Network, or tuning into The View, or some gay chick shit like that.

boys gone wild public gay sex orgies

Alright, still with me? Good! So, like I was saying, breaking the rules is always hot, and the tanned and wild studs from GoysGoneBad.cum are getting way totally naughty. Maybe even a little too naughty. Seriously, the shit these boys are doing could make those nipple-flashing, tequilla-downing girls from GirlsGoneWild blush!

boys gone wild public gay nudity

As you can see from their latest update, these guys will strip down to their birthday suits no matter where there are, or what the occasion. Dicks dangling everywhere, and bare butts exposed for all to see – that’s the way these boys roll. Better roll on over to the site to see some more, eh?

Teen Surf Slut Bares Hot Ass!

If you like Aussie twinks and athletes, has been packing their site with them since 1999. You’ll find over 300 original models, 90,000 original images, 1000 video clips and new models, 24/7. “Free” can be good but it’s like they say: you get what you pay for. What I like about is all the original content you won’t find anywhere else. From rodeos in the outback, to the beaches, to sporting venues, you’re bound to find the right cock for you.

I hit up for some new pics & they sent me their surf stud. You can see from his near naked tan body and board shorts, he’s the “Real Thing”.

naked surf stud nipple ring

Check out his nipple ring. I bet this surf stud would be into some stud on stud action.

surf stud gets naked

Then the sexy surf stud reaches down and opens his board shorts…

slut surf stud bares ass crack

Sexy surfer stud stands up, teasing you with his white butt and a little bit of his ass crack.

Outdoor Public Sex from Football Buddies

It seemed like a normal day when Xander Scott and Brent Diggs went outside for a game of touch football. Just a couple of friends throwing around some ball with no shirts on. It was warm when they started and all the running around got them very sweaty. Then something happened. The musty scent from their dripping bodies started to overtake them. The game of “touch” football got more touchy as they both began looking for a chance to grab each other more than the football. One good tackle and it was all over… well, the game anyway. Xander tackled Brent, decided he won the game and decided to claim his prize, right then and there. Suddenly, the wind picked up and Xander planted a big one on Brent’s full lips. Something must have been in the wind that day because after getting a good look at his hot ass, Xander surprised everyone by going down on Brent’s thick throbbing cock.

randy blue

He’s never gone down on another guy before but the chemistry between them was so strong that Xander later said he couldn’t help himself. And of course, Brent was hardly going to say no. Then things got really hot with Xander being a little more aggressive than you’re used to seeing him. He decided he wanted Brent and he was going to have him. Watching these two kiss is so hot you almost don’t need anything else, but they’d never leave you hanging like that. They go from mutual jackoff to a 69 that’s sure to get your rocks off. And after Brent shoots his load all over Xander’s chest, Xander shoots and shoots and shoots. Sweaty, sticky and spent, the two of them hop in the pool to cool themselves off. They’ve been hanging around a lot since we shot this video and I think they’re become great buddies.

To see their video, click here.

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