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Southern Guys Discover Joys of Gay Sex


We always hear complaints from our friends who grew up in the South that there’s nothing to do. They tell us the most exciting they did on Friday nights would be to go to a field, sit at the back of their pick-up truck, and drink beer with their buddies. However, the guys over at Southern Strokes have come up with one fun activity that’ll keep them entertained during the long, boring weekends.
We’re told that Buck had just finished a solo with his toy and was still wet from cleaning up in the shower when Preston called. Apparently, he was looking for some action to kill some free time, so a proposition was made to Buck to come back and do a session with Preston. Without hesitating the cute guy agreed, saying it sounded like it would be fun
The two guys definitely hit it off and Buck had no problems letting Preston take charge. To be honest, Preston reminded us of a bossy daddy commanding Buck to suck his dick, which he waved in Buck’s eager face.
Later, Preston uses Buck’s glass dildo to loosen up Buck’s tight ass. Apparently, he hasn’t seen much action, and when he does he needs to make sure he loosens himself up – otherwise he’s unbearably tight. We’re just going to take a wild guess and say that Preston probably had an amazing time loosening Buck up.

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