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Joshua Ballman on Jake Cruise is a Huge Grower!

The latest stud over at is Joshua Ballman — a young and hung surfer/skater looking stud who could do us any day of the week. Before he stripped down, Joshua said a few words in his JO video. The cute dirty-blond stud seemed really confident without being obnoxious, and we realized why once he had dropped his pants.


Joshua is absolutely huge! Like, you’re going to need several other hands to help you whack off that monster. Huge! His cock veins were pulsing the entire time he played with himself. It’s not really any surprise, since it must take gallons of circulating blood to keep that sucker erect.


Sometimes you can look at a picture and just admire it while other times you actually imagine yourself in it. When we saw the picture below we pictured ourselves on our knees holding his tool firmly at the base and slowly trying to stuff as much of it as humanly possible down our throats. We can picture Joshua throwing his shaggy head back and slowly thrusting his hips back and forth — feeding us his ginormous member.


After that was done maybe he’d want to worship our cocks for a bit, or maybe he would want to continue where we left off. He sits on the couch and grabs it at the base giving it a couple of shakes, raises an eyebrow and waits to see what we will do next. What would you do?


Naked straight boys – How far will they go? (Answer: Further and deeper than you think!)

We’ve got some real questions about straight guys and their boundaries. For example – why is it that when you’ve got two naked, tattooed, young studs together, and you throw in a girl, all of a sudden it’s not gay if they suck each other’s dick?


They’ve still got their wet lips wrapped around each other’s dicks; the only difference is that one of them is plowing some chick while he’s sucking cock! Well, don’t ask us, but for some reason adding a girl to the mix is the secret indigent at, and if it gets these studs to open up for each other (and us the viewers), then it’s all gravy to us.


Speaking of gravy, these kids have sure got some spooge to share with each other. Seriously, at first it was like raining or something during this threesome’s outdoor hook-up, but nope – the sun was shining, and the cum was flooding out of these boy’s cocks like it was Katrina all over again!


Berlin Studs Blow Gushing German Goo on Twink

My friend Ted can’t get enough jizz. He thinks it’s better than Kellogg’s (except Kellogg’s doesn’t drip all over your nose). DougieDOOGOO rates today’s photo set 100% nutritious, packed with essential vitamins & minerals, gallons of goo … dang, hella better than chewable Flintstones! Here’s a taste.

german twink sucks uncut cocks

You’ll love watching this German twink get down on his knees, and suck off big Berlin Mahn studs’ thick uncut cocks. I dig how you can see his mouth on Daddy Mahn’s meat AND the foreskin pulling up over his buddy’s cock head. the krauts call it “soggy cookie,” a game when two or more guys stand in a circle around a cookie masturbating and the last one to cum on the cookie has to eat it.” Sport!

german twink drinks cum! Berlin Mahn’s cock spurts a fountain of cum into German punk boy’s open mouth. It’s wicked hot how the white load hits the punks tongue and blue stud ring. Rave on child!

german twink cum facial

Yummy cum facial … don’t you wish you were a german twink?

Teen Surf Slut Bares Hot Ass!

If you like Aussie twinks and athletes, has been packing their site with them since 1999. You’ll find over 300 original models, 90,000 original images, 1000 video clips and new models, 24/7. “Free” can be good but it’s like they say: you get what you pay for. What I like about is all the original content you won’t find anywhere else. From rodeos in the outback, to the beaches, to sporting venues, you’re bound to find the right cock for you.

I hit up for some new pics & they sent me their surf stud. You can see from his near naked tan body and board shorts, he’s the “Real Thing”.

naked surf stud nipple ring

Check out his nipple ring. I bet this surf stud would be into some stud on stud action.

surf stud gets naked

Then the sexy surf stud reaches down and opens his board shorts…

slut surf stud bares ass crack

Sexy surfer stud stands up, teasing you with his white butt and a little bit of his ass crack.

Cool Cock on


hey hey hey, all ya Doods & Doodettes, i’m up here in this tacky hotel room — bored and alone (some of y’all might remember i was maybe gonna havetah leaVe home — well last night i did, picked up my shit n booked) — got online & checked out

cameraboy candyman gets collared

cameraboy angel shadow goodboy gone bad

whaz coo bout is how it show U 2 can b a model. i been thinkin bout camwhorin’ since last nIght when i left home. gotta pay the rent, right? i think i got a good chance. my 4 faves: brandon (1A1 blue eyed cutie), candyman & angel shadow (candy likes his collar … & angel’s 1 a those goodboz gone bad) & bluelagoon (sweeeet!!!! i bet these two r so in luv!!!!! )

cameraboys bluelagoon boyz r so in luv!

hang! sides a whole buncha lovely tranny ladies (flowers on titties are big right now, as really bright colored panties on well waxed pussies) there’s a ton of big dicked studs, frat boys, hot latin cock, and horny twink types. they got something for everyone, for reals. But whazz 2coo is thos studs — or boyz or chicks wit dicks, whatever ur into — u don’t just havetah to look at ’em and go, “i wonder what their dick looks like hard? how do they stroke it?” (& my question, what the fucks under that ski cap?) wonder no more! he (or she) alls urs: free live gay video chat (gays, trannys), couples, muscle heads, twinks, sex video on demand., it’s kinda like a video game: pick your idea of hot chick / stud / twink, deposit the ducats, sign on, & they’re all urs! my fav features is how they list everything up top .. good cuz i’m kinda new to this (yeah, rigggghttt) — no, really, i am! im just looking cause i might have to start cam whoring, er, i mean, “performing” myself. gots to pay that hotel bill. anyway, ill worry ’bout tha shit tomorrow. Some a the kinky kids i like, u might want to check out: brandon (blue eyed cutie), candyman (spikey collar!) angel shadow (nice package) & bluelagoon (sweet ‘n spicey)

Straight Skater Boy Fred Jacks Off

Fred boarded his way up Laguna Beach to our temporary California studio with his cap on backwards, a beer in one hand and a messenger bag filled with porn over his shoulder and a bulge in his shorts. They do not get much more skater than this 22-year-old, and one look at those dimples on a face that redefines adorable and he will skate his way right into your heart as well. Fred has a laid-back manner on just about everything except getting laid. He lost his cherry to his sister’s babysitter when he was 12 and has not stopped humping since. The mattresses on display in the bedding showroom at any big department store are use to being taken for a test drive, but Fred used them to give his girlfriend a test drive of his cock while the lucky shoppers cheered him on. It flattened the tires on his party bus when someone called the store guards, but Fred assures says he came before security did.

circle jerk boys

Fred flips his lid to remove his shirt and looking at that smooth, tight, naturally-hairless and perfectly-toned torso, we do not notice that he puts his hat back on like it is his uniform for what is going to happen next. Grabbing his favorite magazine from his stash, he opens it to the centerfold before opening his belt and kicking off his shorts and boxers immediately after, he produces a thick, mouth-watering slab of breeder bone that is as stiff as the skateboard next to him. His abs are coiled, lean and featuring a thin treasure trail in the middle as the only hair to be seen from his nips to his thighs. His cock, now glistening in an alchemist’s pre-cum and strokin’ lotion, is a feast for the eyes though, like you, we have other body parts we would like to use on Fred to show him just how much we appreciate every inch he so freely offers. Standing up, his thick arms ripple as he begins to stroke his way home, his balls contacting as he covers the bench in a heavy load of white rain.

To see more of Fred, click here.

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