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Kody, Ryan & Ethan





Three straight boys strapped for cash show up at Mike Hancock to jerk off side by side. There’s no mention of gay action, so it’s safe to assume that they’re going to strip down, sit on the couch and rub one out. But that’s not what happens here. Two of these guys have already stated that they won’t suck dick, but Mike has a way of getting these boys to get down on their knees and suck dick like it was the thing to do! He has Kody, Ryan and Ethan strip off their clothes and show off some manly flexes.

Then he moves them into the shower for some kinky, wet fun. Let’s just say that words are cheap, because by the end of this clip, all three are pawing each other to get at one another’s cock. One stud even goes so far as to split on one of his friend’s butt cheeks and gives him the ass rimming of his life. Apparently, this seems to do the trick, all three relax and enjoy a full-on gay threesome and it’s captured on video for all the rest of us to enjoy over and over again!

Corbin Fisher’s Elijah & Caleb






Fans of shaggy-haired hot guys are going to love Caleb and Elijah. These two straight dudes recently met over at Corbin Fisher, and socialized – and by socialized we mean fucked.

Although Caleb is straight he has admitted that he enjoys the feeling of getting fucked. Don’t think that it’s easy for him though because he’s got an incredibly tight hole. Yeah, we know, lucky Elijah. The two start things off with some really hot kissing. Although you might think they look alike they are totally not related. It’s just that their hair is so similar when wet that they look like they could be brothers. After some oral, Elijah preps Caleb’s hole with his tongue. The thing to note is that Caleb’s been on vacation for quite a long time and hasn’t had any contact with guys, so you know that shit is super tight.

The two end up working up quite a sweat, which means they have to hit the showers together. Check out the steamy action below!

[flv: 480 368]

Hung and Uncut Italian Stallion




Johnny T. is no stranger to Next Door Male, and we never tire of seeing him whip out his big schlong and give it a good jerk. His latest update finds Johnny in Northern California on a very foggy morning. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Robert Pattinson just announced he’s signed up for the fourth and final film in the Twilight Saga, but we can’t help but think this JO scene looks like something straight out of the first movie. But we digress.

Johnny looks over the pool towards the mountains when something begins a stirring deep in his shorts. From there it doesn’t take long for him to pull out his long uncut slab of meat, and get it hard by giving it a couple of strokes. It’s definitely a little chilly outside because the Italian stud has to go indoors and hop in the shower to warm up where he continues to play with himself.

The action finally comes to a head as Johnny plops down on the sofa and  prepares to unload his bullets.

[flv: 480 368]

Zach Randall Wets Himself




We were never really into pissing all that much until we saw the guys from Sure we’ve pissed on a few of our exes in the past, and have even gotten peed on once or twice ourselves, but these boys aim for their mouths and drink up. Those who have been to the site are probably familiar with Zach Randall. Zach is a dark haired hottie who has an insatiable thirst for his own piss.

In one video, Zach pisses right through his jeans all the while rubbing his growing dick. Another clip has him poolside where he whips it out and decides to have a little fun. Not only does he end up pissing into his own mouth, but he’s able to suck his own cock as well. Just one look at him, and you know this stud has shot into his own mouth plenty of times!

One thing that always surprises us is just how much these guys end up peeing. It’s almost as if they haven’t pissed for days holding it all in for the camera. Below we have a video of Zach pissing all over his face while sitting on top of his washing machine. When pissing is your thing, the world is your toilet!

[flv: 480 368]

Well-Endowed Twink Cleans Up


We’re just going to come out and say it. Joe’s got a huge dick. Like, enormous. Like the kind where if you were to hook-up with him and he pulled it out you would have to take a couple of deep breathes and figure out exactly what it is you would do with it. No, we’re totally not exaggerating. Have we seen bigger? Sure, but who hasn’t at the zoo? Watching Joe shower, we get the feeling that he is the type of guy who is really quiet, but knows how to throw down in the bedroom. By the way he soaps up his entire body we’re guessing he’s also a very meticulous guy. You know, the type of guy that doesn’t just get the job done, but does it extremely well. We’re not quite sure where Joe’s from, or we’d be on the next flight there, but we have a feeling that whoever ends up with this hottie is going to be one happy fucking camper. If you want to see more of Joe and his buddies check them out at

[flv: 480 368]

Hot Gay Dudes Know How To Have Great Sex!

The dudes over at Bentley Race have no qualms about stripping down and rub-a-dub-dubbing until they have released a nice hot load over all themselves. As this site becomes more notorious, so do the dudes that make their way over there in order to show off their own pulsing manhood.


One guy we have a particular hard-on is a skater dude whose name escapes us because we were too distracted by other things in the picture. Not only is this stud uncut, but he’s got the kind of thick dick you would want to suck on all night long.


There’s something for everyone on this site including self-sucking, watersports, twinks, dudes, jocks, skaters, freaks, big cocks, and of course fucking. We love all the fucking scenes especially the ones that happen to take place outside. We’re not sure if these guys have an audience, but if we were walking by we would definitely stop to watch the show.


The best part when you’re about to fuck a guy is always the moment that you are rubbing your cock across his tight hole and he gets that hungry look that lets you know he wants you to shove it in immediately.


Of course, who are we to keep a guy’s wish from coming true right? He just better be able to take it as good as these bottoms do!


Fratpad — Where All Straight Dudes Go To Relax

What happens when someone throws a bunch of straight guys together under one roof? The answers might surprise you! The guys over at Fratpad are young goofballs that spend most of their time shirtless and aren’t afraid to get a little experimental with each other.


What makes this site so hot is that these guys are clearly straight and have very obvious limits with how far they will go with each other. But even their boundaries don’t keep them from wanting to know about their fellow roommates. You can bet when they are naked together they’re sneaking peeks at each other’s junk.


Like most guys — whether they be gay or straight — these dudes love to jack off to some good porn, and they end up in many group circle jerks because of it. It might be a little fishy for one guy to be in the room watching the other dudes jerk their meat, but it’s really quite common at Fratpad. The dude watching will even jump in and grab another guy’s nipples just to fuck with him.


One thing we noticed about all the guys is how incredibly ripped they all are. They have a gym in the house, and drink protein shakes, but it’s still pretty impressive.


It’s seems like one of the ways that they cut down on expenses is by doing group activities together which includes bath time. If I had roommates that looked like these dudes do I would be hitting the shower at least five times a day!


Thirsty Dudes Drink Each Other’s Piss and Cum At


Piss-hungry horn-dog Mason Wyler has been dying to ride Jeremiah Johnson’s 9-inch cock for a while now. Before they can get to the fucking, these dirty boys kick things off in an unusual manner. First and foremost Jeremiah takes a hot streaming load of Mason’s piss into his mouth drinking as much of it as possible.


It must have been the power of suggestion ‘cuz no sooner has Mason finished relieving himself than Jeremiah whips out his cock and aims right into Mason’s mouth, which is open more from shock at how fast Jeremiah moved. Mason catches on quickly and drinks that shit up!


After some hot and heavy blowjob action including a little bit of 69 action, Jeremiah slips on a rubber and slips his cock into Mason’s eager hole. Mason groans with the excitement of having the stud he’s wanted inside of him for such a long time.


Jeremiah’s one of those guys that can’t enjoy shooting a load if he has to take a piss. Fortunately for him, Mason is still thirsty and opens wide for another warm stream.
After relieving himself all over Mason’s tight little body, Jeremiah busts a nut all over Mason’s face. In the end, the two of them are covered in piss and cum, and Jeremiah helps lick his splooge off of Mason’s face before they both cleanup. Let’s hope we’ll be seeing more of these two nasty boys real soon.

Twinky Ricky has no sexual boundaries – he’s ready to be your bitchboy!

Boundaries: If you ask us here at, there’s noting sexier than a guy with no boundaries whatsoever. If you’re the kind of guy that will let us do anything to you – and we do mean anything – then congratulations buddy. We’re about to take your ass to the chapel and we’re going to get gay married, baby.


We know we totally sound like old fashioned romantics. But it simply can’t be helped. When a guy is open to try new things, it just make our pants stiffen and our balls tingle! And I think we may have just found the perfect guy to fill out unrestricted, boundary-less wet dreams.


His name is Ricky, and he’s one of the top models on, and after studying his profile very closely, we’re convinced he’s totally the guy for us, mostly because this smooth-skinned twink is down for anything and everything. Ropes and bondage? He’s tied up and ready to be your plaything. You’re into pouring hot, oozy candle wax all over his crotch? He’s already got the candle lit and ready to go.


Yes, it appears there may in fact be no end to the kink that Ricky from is willing to try; of course, we’ve got a few games up our sleeve that we’re sure even wild child Ricky has never thought of doing before. Anyone ever tried the Upside-down Flying Tokyo Helicopter Slam? Didn’t think so….


Christian Bale: The best guy to ever strip off his batsuit and let it all hang out?

With the new Batman movie — Dark Knight — coming faster than a hunk with a 5-day hard-on, there’s been tons of talk around town regarding who, of the many Batman, has been the best. Now, we’re going to hold off on tossing our hat into that ring, but we have to say that when it comes to guys in dark capes flying around in the night, nobody gets more sexy than Christian Bale – not to mention more nude.


Who knew there was such a hunky birthday suit hiding in that oversized batsuit? Oh yeah, this elusive actor is not one to keep his clothes on in the name of dignity – and seeing his bare butt on the big screen will always be way hot, even when he’s not being Bruce Wayne.

christian-bale-no-shirt.jpg has got all tons of revealing shots of Christian in various states of undress– and let’s just say it takes a big man to fill out a codpiece the size of this super hung super hero.


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