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Jeremy Roddick Meets Shane Frost

Jeremy Roddick usually won’t do a scene with an actual pro from the industry, but when tattooed hottie Shane Frost announced he would be in Montreal on some business his delicious ass proved to be too much for Jeremy. Those who have seen Jeremy naked know that he’s got a big dick, and it seems like Shane couldn’t wait to wrap his mouth around it. The sparks definitely fly between the two and Shane spends most of his time moaning in delight.


After a little 69 action, Jeremy slides his enormous cock into Shane’s eagerly throbbing hole. Shane knows how to take big dicks, but even he is left a little out of breath by Jeremy’s monster tool.


Jeremy fucks him every which way imaginable, but what Shane really wants to do is ride that big piece of meat, which he does enthusiastically. A lot of guys will lose their hard-ons while they get fucked, but Shane manages to stay pretty hard the entire time. He’s got a pretty big dick himself, and it’s totally hot watching it bounce all over the place. We just love the sound of a nice cock slapping a guy’s stomach. In the end, Jeremy cums on Shane’s face who opens wide trying to get as much cum in his mouth as he can.


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