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Andy O’Neill’s Sexercise





Andy O’Neill gets a surprising delivery in this clip. If the hot delivery boy got Andy’s cock stirring the actual package delivered will surely finish off the horny task. As he unwraps it, it turns out to be a rubber ball, which he starts to inflate. Complete with an attached dildo, Andy can’t wait to ride it. I guess killing two birds with one stone has been Andy’s idea all along. Who ever thought that combining an exercise regime with your daily jerk off necessities could be so practical? It certainly leaves more time to fantasize about kinky scenario with the deliver boy.

Like a freaky new Pilates workout, Andy climbs the rubber ball and takes it for a test run. He mounts it like a stud and starts to sit down on the dildo. As it inches its way into his rectum, Andy’s face is filled with sexual pleasure. As weird as this sex toy is, it surely does what it’s supposed to do. He fucks it with the passion of a twink in heat before it sends him over the edge. His load shoots forth with full force covering him in twink goo.

[flv: 480 368]

Sweet Freshman Threesome





Does it still count as a threesome if a fuck doll is in on the action?  One sure way to find out is by checking this choice video from Fresh SX.  These three friends are going to town on this doll, fucking every hole while the third sits on its dildo.  But there’s only so much you can do with a plastic boy, so their attention turns to each other. That doll is long forgotten by now.  With real flesh-to-flesh action, these boys can suck a mean one and take it up the ass like champs.  All that fuck doll practice pays off when they start to pleasure themselves on each other.

The way these two go down on their friend’s cock, you’d think the supply of fresh man-juice was going out of style.  They bob on it until it’s nice and hard before they prep their asses for a good hardcore fuck.  And there’s plenty of top action going on.  One of the twinks shoves his dick as far in as he can, opening it up for an even bigger dick.  By the end, they lay down on the couch and shoot their loads all over their tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

Webcam Barebacking Twinks


Double your pleasure with Christian and Juan over at Flirt 4 Free! Not only do these cute twinks love to perform in front of the camera, but they also love to do it together. It’s like a session of endless possibilities where you get to be the director and they get to be the dirty porn models who will do anything for the part. There’s nothing that these guys won’t do for you if asked. In fact, they made a short list of the sexual acts they love performing on the webcam including kissing, rimming, sucking, fucking bareback, cumming in each other’s buttholes, eating said cum out of each other’s buttholes, playing with dildos, ropes, candles, handcuffs, wrestling…. Whew, it almost would have been easier to ask them if there was anything they wouldn’t be willing to do.

What To Do With Your Cum After You’ve Orgasmed

You Love Jack is always serving up cute hot boys for us to gawk at, and their latest model does not disappoint one bit! Meet Tyler Biggs. He’s hung, adventurous, and has a cute tattoo over his right nipple. Did we mention he just broke up with his girlfriend?


It’s clear that whomever Tyler was dating didn’t appreciate all his talents — especially the one between his legs. How else would she have been willing to break-up with such a cute, intelligent guy?


One thing Tyler isn’t afraid to do is explore his body, even if it does mean taking a futuristic looking dildo and shoving it where the sun don’t shine. We’re certain Tyler’s tight hole enjoyed every single inch of his penetration just as much as we enjoyed watching it.


Like most guys who discover their own G-Spot, Tyler was convinced he was going to shoot his load any second and flipped onto his back and got to working on his flagpole. Too bad they didn’t clock just how fast his jizz came shooting out. We figured it must have been at least 135 miles per hour.


There are people who will save a cork from a bottle of wine if it was particularly good, for Tyler this rule also applies to a good orgasm. After he had milked his shaft out of every little drop, he picked up his cum with his fingers and ate his own man-juice, savoring every last drop.

Pierced cock: It’s what’s for dinner (or at least what the boy’s are eating!)

You know that rule about eating all the food that’s on your plate? You know, the one that’s lead to countless cases of childhood obesity, and kept sweatpants in business for years? Well, there’s a similar rule in porn, only this one typically causes countless hours of pleasure, and often results in thick, volcanic eruption of man-spunk – both of which, we consider to be really, really good things.


The boys of know this rule about always eating the meat that’s placed in front of you all too well, as their latest trio demonstrates with their voracious appetite for cock. See how Brent and Xander claw at their buddy’s pierced cock like two ravenous coyotes, battling for a taste of its sweet succulence? That, my friends, is how you suck cock.


Anyhoo, if it isn’t clear from these preview pictures, this is one threesome who knows how to have fun – in a number of difference ways. Dildo thrusting, cock slurping, there’s even tons of that gratuitous spit swapping that Randy Blue’s so good at producing. All in all, these boys and their tools can whip up one hell of a delicious dish!


Clamp down and give you sex life a bolt of excitement!

There’s not a lot of sex toys out there that I’d consider to be terrifying. Well, actually that newly released  11” Ben Andrews dildo is a little chilling, but far from completely frightening.

gay electric clamps

These, however, just scare the hell out of me. Especially the part in the description from the site that says, “They can stimulate great pleasure if used correctly.” Um, and what happens if they’re not used correctly? Hot damn, I hope these things come with more than just an instruction manual. In fact, I’d probably prefer it if they came with a horse hung hunk who actually knew how these tiny little shockers work – you know, just in case. Nothing is worse than, well, being electrocuted. Especially when all you’re trying to do is shock your boys downstairs into having a little fun.

Still, if used with discretion, I’ve heard these Electro Sex Clamps pack quite a powerful punch. And hey, if you’re not quite ready for hooking these bad boys up to your car battery, you can still get a kick out of wearing them alone without any electric surges. When put that way, it’s actually not that scary at all.

Put it in, pump it up, and get ready to wish Grandma the happiest birthday ever?

Now here’s a toy we came across last week and definitely had some fun with; so much fun, in fact, that we had to throw it up here at JuciyGoo and sell it ourselves.

butt plug vibrating inflatable swell guy

So my buddy Tommy took this thing out for a spin this weekend. Being the curious guy he is, Tommy’s always up for anything – especially a challenge, and I had the perfect one in mind. See, all week Tommy had been bitching to me about how he had to spend the all day Saturday at his parent’s house to celebrate his Grandma’s birthday. Not only was it going to be way totally lame, but it was going to ruin his weekend completely – I mean, when was he going to find time to find a guy to get down and dirty with?

I had the perfect replacement. I dared him to take the Swell Guy – an expandable butt plug of nearly 5 inches of pure backdoor pleasure – and keep it up his ass the entire day Saturday. See, the controls (that make it vibrate, ect.), are really discreet, so, as the site says, “you can get dressed and walk around with it”. Well, that’s exactly what he did, and judging from what he told me, he’s was all smiles all day long! Best birthday party ever! Now I can’t wait till my next family get-together!

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