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Tyler James Sucks His Dick





You Love Jack is really good at recruiting the hottest, youngest and horniest studs around – especially the kind of guys that have a unique talent. Tyler James has a unique talent that involves the use of his long snake-like dick and his mouth. He can suck his own cock with little to no effort. In this clip, he strips down and jerks off his dick for us before showing us his natural talent. At first glance, his dick looks like your average cock. But when the blood quickly rushes to his cock head, it comes to life!

He’s got a charismatic personality that comes through on camera. He flirts with it, knowing that we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for him to take off his clothes. When he does, he goes wild. He rubs his crotch, fucks his round bubble butt and even inserts a clear butt plug into his ass. But the best part is when he throws his legs over his head on the couch and starts to feast on his own pre-cumming pecker. That thing is long enough so that he can swallow it down with little strain. That’s talent you don’t see everyday!

[flv: 510 365]

Zach Randall’s Hot Solo Session

[flv: 480 368]

If you remember the above clip then you’re going to love the latest offering by Zach Randall is back and hotter than ever – if such a thing is even possible. The ripped not-quite-a-twink/not-quite-a-man (how Britney!) lets out a nice warm load which soaks his designer jeans. This guy really gets off on his own piss and completely soaks himself, the bed, and probably the floor in the process.


One thing we love about Zach is his big uncut cock. He loves to play with it and it shows. You’ll notice that Zach really mixes things up and gets into positions that you rarely see when a guy is spanking his monkey. We’re guessing that this stud had quite a few interesting masturbation sessions growing up. We love this one in particular because all his muscles look even more ripped than normal. Check out those triceps!


Zach unloads a pretty big load all over his washboard stomach. On top of being hot, having a smoking body, and a big fat dick, he’s also a really big shooter! He really does have it all.


If this isn’t enough to get your rocks off, then seeing this cute guy lean over and suck his own dick – eating his own cum in the process – will definitely put you over the edge.

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