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Sean Cody’s Newest Star





Today’s lesson is brought to you by the number ten. As in inches. As in hung as hell. A-N-D-R-E is a good old Southern Boy who has a ridiculous amount of meat between his legs. Okay, we know we’re always going on about big dicks, but this is the real thing. Andre measure five inches flaccid and a whopping ten inches when he’s got an erection.

What the hell are they eating down there in the South? How the hell can an appendage get that big? Can you imagine hooking up with the freckled hottie and seeing him unleash that thing? I think I would fucking faint. He’d probably have to slap me across the face with his massive meat in order to wake me the fuck up.

Anyway, Andre is the latest Gent to make his way over to Sean Cody. I know I’ve said this before, but Sean must have a radar for finding guys like Andre. If I were to see him walking down the street I don’t think I would ever even begin to imagine just how much meat he’s carrying around between his legs. The most impressive thing is that Andre doean’t do the whole Internet dick size (adding two inches to what he already has) because he measures that shit for all to see. I think I just found my new obsession.

Joey and Rylan Fuck on Sean Cody and You Won’t Believe Who Bottoms!

Sean Cody has proven that perfection does exist. The two latest studs to grace the cock-swelling site are Joey and Rylan — two ridiculously good-looking dudes who have no reservations about fucking in front of a camera.


Before the action kicks off the two are driving toward Sean Cody’s place when Rylan hesitantly announces that he’ll be the catcher later on. The hung stud is clearly more adept at pitching — from the looks of his huge cock — which turns the conversation towards Joey’s own massive member.


After discussing it, Rylan admits that his hole is wide enough to take Joey’s piece. One thing Sean Cody points out, which Rylan doesn’t really consider, is Joey’s meaty, muscled thighs and rock hard ass. With those types of muscles Joey is capable of some fierce thrusting action that is sure to take Rylan by surprise.


The great thing about watching these two go at it is the force Joey uses to furiously guide his cock in and out of Rylan’s hole. Joey grabs the sides of Rylan’s hips with his strong hands and guides Rylan’s ass up and down his long shaft as he pillages it with all his energy.


One way to measure how much fun a guy is having is to see if he’s able to maintain wood while getting pounded. Rylan not only proves he can take a big dick, as well as any experienced bottom, but remains rock solid throughout. When his fat, veiny cock finally releases a warm milky load you feel like he’s really enjoyed every moment leading up to his happy ending — we know we did.

The cock close up: Large, hard, and in your face (Exactly how you like it, yeah?)

Here’s a topic we haven’t talked about in a while: The beautiful, big, cock close up. There’s nothing quite as breathtaking, is there? Especially when the photography is superb, and the dick is perfect – a combination which coalesces more often than not over at

big juicy cock

Their latest update – Forrest – is a prime example of a great dick in it’s more natural of states; just check out the hair on those balls! It’s like his balls have never even been touched by a pair of scissors; fans of guys who are totally scruffy below the belt are sure to love all of this stud.

big juicy cock

As for the waist up, Forrest has a face that’s just as beautiful close up as his cock is. Gorgeous brown eyes, soft, tan skin, and a smile that makes your heart warm and your crotch hot. Talk about a slice of perfection

big juicy cock


Colby Keller’s back – The fur may be new, but that thick, beautiful cock is still the same

Oh, Colby Keller. How many years have we been crushing on you now, you big stud you? It sure seems like forever – long before you let that fuzzy facial hair of yours grow into a full, scruffy beard, and started hitting up the gym in order to develop that bulky, beefy frame you’re now flaunting.

Needless to say, we’re definitely enjoying all that great muscle you’re working with now – which you’ve proudly put on display on, in your latest flip-flop sex scene. Sure, it’s a far cry from the early days when you first hit the XXX scene – yes, we can remember it like it was yesterday. The moment we watched you stripped off your underwear to reveal that gorgeous smattering of red pubic hair, and that super rigid hard-on sprang up, we were totally hooked.

And we’re still totally addicted to you– especially when you let loose and go to town on your buddy Kevin’s ass. Of course, it’s a lot different now that you look like some type of hot, wayward lumberjack, rather than the twinky deliciousness you once were, but one thing’s for sure: the beauty of a thick cock like yours is timeless!

Ass-virgin Berke grits and bears his buddy’s cock in his butt for the first time at

Meet Berke, the latest hirsute stud from Well, actually, he’s only really hairy below the waist. Beyond that, he’s smooth and shaven in true Sean Cody fashion, but compared to some of their other buffed out hairless studs, Berke’s a bit of a beast.

But back to our introduction. You see, you probably haven’t met Berke before – at least in this context. That’s because Berke’s a full-on virgin. Yep, ain’t nothing big, small, or of any size has been in that tight hole of his before. But all that is about to change….

Of course, it wasn’t without resistance (in more ways than one). Apparently Berke had sworn he’d never bottom before, and if you have any doubt of his intentions to keep his ass unstuffed for life, just take a look at the wincing expression on his face as his buddy Fuller nails his butt – slow at first, but quickly picking up speed as he pumps vigoursly with his hips.

I guess it’s all part of showing Berke the ropes, and if it’s any consolation dear Berke, it’s going to feel a whole hell of a lot better next time you let Fuller pound the bejeezus out of your behind. And I’m sure we’ll be right there watching. Who knows, maybe this time we may even get you to smile!

Nude College Studs of Sean Cody

Meet the latest boys from Sean Cody. These athletic boys have amazingly hot bodies and unbelievable cocks. Some are straight, some are gay, but most all are willing to stick something up inside their asshole. All of these college studs love to get naked and jack off in front of an audience.

Sean Cody’s Carlton
-He is from the south, where he’s in his last year of college working toward
his finance degree.
-Carlton says that he is gay, definitely gay.
-He will be a top or a bottom depending on the guy
-He has blond hair – everywhere – arms, chest, eyebrows, even his pubes.

sean cody college men

Sean Cody’s Bo
-He is a 20-year-old college student.
-He is straight.
-He had never stuck anything up his ass before and when asked to do so on Sean Cody, he was quick to say yes.
-He’s got a nice hairy ass crack and his hole seemed to enjoy the attention.

sean cody college men

Sean Cody’s Brant
-He is 26 and has a boyfriend.
-Brant is pale and muscular, with dark chest hair and a cute face.
-He is a total exhibitionist!
-He has been doing gymnastics since he was eight.

sean cody college men

Sean Cody’s Harris
-He is a 19-year-old college sophomore studying criminal justice and wants to be a police officer.
-He’s on the college football team with a full athletic scholarship.
-He’s got a nice big vein running down the top of his cock.
-He has very big nuts!

sean cody college men

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Sean Cody’s Threeway Fuck Fest

Billy, Terry and Ford tagged along with Sean Cody to his desert house retreat over the weekend. As the weekend winded down, they were sitting around bullshitting, eating, and drinking beer. It was late afternoon. The sky was dark and foreboding, and the smell of rain was in the air.The boys were giving Billy a hard time. He’s openly advertised that he’s a bottom. Terry told Billy that he had a very nice dick and that he should fuck somebody with it. Terry smiled as they all knew what he meant. When you have two gay guys and an open (?) one sitting around drinking beer things are bound to happen. Terry wanted to get fucked. That was all there was to it. And Billy, shy as he is, wanted to take him up on his dare.

sean cody

The guys went outside for a dip in the pool and within a few minutes, it was a torrential downpour, but the guys were laughing and playing around in the water. Then they started making out. After a while, they ran inside to begin a fun impromptu fuck session, one that shows Billy really can top! Ford leans Terry and Billy over a bench a slides a dildo into each of their ass. The boys make out as their rubber cock gods slide in and out of the tight holes. Then Ford takes Terry and begins fucking him, not to leave out Billy, Terry takes the dildo and shoves it up Billy ass. Then Ford and Billy switch so that Billy fucks Terry and Ford sucks on Terry rock hard cock. The boys releases their juices and huddles into one sticky sexy mess.

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Sean Cody’s Gage Fucked for the First Time

Gage is a hot straight boy who has worked for Sean Cody before. Every time he sees Gage he asks when he will be willing to give up his virgin hole and let a guy fuck his ass. Gage came up with excuse after excuse. Then unexpectedly, Gage caught Sean online and invited him into a video chat and showed him his new found talent of a butt plug in his ass. Straight boy Gage must have been practicing for quite a while since he was fucking himself like a pro. The stage was set and Gage was ready to get fucked by another man for the first time. The only requirement that Gage needed was someone without a huge monster sized dick. A few weeks later, Sean hooked Gage up with Danny. Danny is also straight and even though his cock is not monster huge, it is pretty damn big. The two started kissing, kind of awkwardly. But soon, both were relaxed and the clothes came off.

sean cody

Gage laid on his back holding his legs up in the air. Even though he had a great big smile, he was unsure and a little uneasy. Gage took a deep breath and before he knew it, Danny starting pushing his dick through his virgin asshole. After a few pumps, Gage relaxed quite a bit and allowed Danny to make him his bitch. Every thrust of Danny’s cock seemed to invoke a side of Gage he never knew he had. Before long, Gage took control and was riding Danny’s cock like all his girlfriends had done to him in the past. Gage’s balls and cock bounced off of Danny stomach as his butt bounced up and down the stiff rod filling his manhole. Danny turned Gage onto his stomach, pounded his ass a few more times and squirted his load all over Gage’s back. Gage was willing to except every drop Danny had to offer. Gage still likes girls, but is more open to other options.

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