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Damien Munroe and Jessy Karson





Anyone who has seen Damien Monroe at Video Boys knows that this cutie is a sweet heart with a penchant for getting rammed up the ass. His baby face gives him an angelic look that says, “Fuck me.” But we’ve all seen him get fucked and we know he’s definitely not an angel. Well, Damien Munroe has been keeping secrets from us. First of all, we didn’t realize that Damien really likes rough sex… Hard pounding, sweaty, rough sex. Second of all, he’s been getting lessons from Video Boy favorite rough kid, Jessy Karson!

Jessy looks the part. His tattoos and laid back attitude makes him the perfect sex master for Damien. At last, Video Boys has been able to capture that rough love between these two hotties on camera. They have reenacted their first night together – 8 whole hours of hard butt pounding, cock sucking and ass licking. Unfortunately, those hours of extreme fucking has been distilled into the fifteen minutes you see here. Don’t fret, though, the footage found here contains all of the best highlights from their fuck session and, of course, this is not the last time these two will be paired up.

[flv: 510 365]

Wolf Hudson Lets Kinky Side Loose At Bound Gods

 wolf-hudson-pisses-on-slave.jpg’s latest addition Bound Gods is leaving no kinky stone unturned as they explore all aspects of hardcore sex. This week Wolf Hudson locks up a slave nomad until he is ready to have a little bit of fun with the caged man. Hudson shows us one of the perks of fetish sex when he whips his dick out and pisses all over the slave before taking him out of the cage and tying him up.


Wolf quickly ties up his nomad and inserts his already hard cock — we take it he gets turned on when he’s tying guys up — into the slave’s expectant mouth. But don’t worry. No slaves were harmed in the making of this video and Hudson goes on to return the favor with a lot of enthusiasm.


The slave is so fucking turned on that he can barely take the blowjob that Hudson gives him. He fights against his restraint and tries to yell through his gag but the only way he is really able to release all of his pent up sexual energy is by busting a nut all over his own cock. Hudson immediately puts a cup underneath and catches all the spunk for later use.


Not caring that his slave has already shot his load, Hudson throws the guy down and fucks him silly until he pulls out and cums all over his slave’s ass. We wonder if he let him go or threw him back in the cage for further use at a later time. Damn, we really need to get a cage.


Cole Ryder and the dangerous allure of The Golden Girls?

Total shot in the dark here, but who’s seen that episode of Golden Girls were Blanche gets a prison pen pal? The one where she starts writing erotic letters to some inmate she figures she’ll never meet, and then out of the blue he shows up at her house and the next thing you know Sophia is tied to a chair with duck tape over her mouth and the ladies are in fear for their lives? Yes, that really was an episode. We swear. Look it up.

cole ryder realistic painted penis

Anyways, the thug from jail looks just like Cole Ryder – the husky, hirsute hottie that’s been a Rascal exclusive for years. So every time we see the episode of Golden Girls replayed on Lifetime, it’s like the biggest turn-on in the word! It’s almost like when we see Cole, we’re so frightened that our dick has no choice but to get hard. Cole’s just so dangerously dazzling!

That being said, we often wondered what it’d be like to have Cole Ryder’s thick, veiny dick shoved deep between our checks. He just exudes masculinity, and the mere thought of being roughed up by this tough guy is more than we can take. Sorry Sophia, but we’d gladly let Cole tie us up!

Plan on ‘Takin’ The Big Ones’? Better Coat Your Throat with Strawberry Goodness!

There’s a lot of things I can do. Burp the alphabet, rub my tummy and pat my head (at the same time!), even do a few of those fancy one-handed push-ups. Oh yeah, when it comes to stupid human tricks, I’ve got them covered.

deepthroat desensetizer spray sex shop no gag

Too bad I don’t have one of the more important ones, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Yes, my name is Scott, and I can’t deep throat. Try as I might, I just can never get a guy –especially the extra-large ones – all the way down my mouth. And trust me, you know I’ve tried a million times.

But then I found The Deep Throat Desensitizer Spray while doing a little dirty online shopping last week. Look, I’ve tried desensitizers before many times. They always leave a funky taste in my mouth, and one time I even got vocal paralysis for a week after an extra ambitious exchange.

But The Deep Throat Oral Desensitizer Spray is different. Not only does it cool and coat your throat with Strawberry goodness – it comes in a convenient travel sized bottle you take with you to the clubs. That way, when you go home with that special well-endowed someone, you’ll be prepared. Never leave home without it – that’s what I say.

Bulging Biceps and Thick Pricks are what makes a man at

Clean cut, upstanding young men – that’s what is all about. Of course, these former military bodies love nothing more than getting the ammunition pounded out of them by their buddy’s riffle, but it’s all in the name of protecting and serving our fine nation, right?

all american heroes gay soldier cock

The cool thing about this site, however, is that the heroes come in all different shapes and sizes. Firefighters, policemen – hell, I think they eve have border patrol agents, if that’s what gives you a raise. Bottom line, whatever your fantasy, they’ve got the perfect hero to save you from the rest of the boring, mundane porn that clutters the internet nowadays.

all american heroes gay porn cock sucking

You won’t be seeing any skanky, shady weirdos getting naked on jerking their dicks on; just guys with big thick legs, bulging biceps, and big, thick pricks ready to be serviced by anyone will to step up to the task!

all american heroes fucking ass deep penetration gay porn

Rod Barry’s Night of Rough Sex

When Rod Barry is in the house, there’s never a dull moment. Just ask Alton Cox, who had the misfortune or should I say fortune… of being a little late with his rent payment. If your roommate is a good friend, he might spot you until you can pay him back. But Rod Barry demands immediate payment or you’re likely to be out on your ass, unless you have an ass like Alton Cox. Not even Rod Barry can resist an opportunity to give tough love or is it lust when it cums to tapping Alton Cox’s assets. First Rod gags Alton repeatedly, ramming his huge cock down Alton ‘s throat. His huge cock stretches Alton’s mouth apart, trying to shove his balls inside the wet, willing mouth. Alton begins to gag, Rod’s cock is too much for him to handle.

mike hancock

Then Rod Barry makes Alton do something he’s never done before … eat another guys ass! But Rod doesn’t take no for an answer, so Alton munched away at his furry butt hole. He licks Rod’s ass crack up and down and starts sucking on Rod’s pulsating pucker hole. But Rod must have been doing something right, because Alton was begging to feel Rod’s wrath deep in his manhole. Rod gave him what he asked for and Alton learns the true meaning of rough rider. Rod loves his sex rough, really rough. He turns Alton over onto his side and sticks his huge, fat cock right inside Alton’s unsuspecting manhole. Rod positions him over and over, stomping on Alton’s face as his finale fuck makes his hot man cream shoot out of his cock.

To see more rough sex, click here.

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