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Joey and Rylan Fuck on Sean Cody and You Won’t Believe Who Bottoms!

Sean Cody has proven that perfection does exist. The two latest studs to grace the cock-swelling site are Joey and Rylan — two ridiculously good-looking dudes who have no reservations about fucking in front of a camera.


Before the action kicks off the two are driving toward Sean Cody’s place when Rylan hesitantly announces that he’ll be the catcher later on. The hung stud is clearly more adept at pitching — from the looks of his huge cock — which turns the conversation towards Joey’s own massive member.


After discussing it, Rylan admits that his hole is wide enough to take Joey’s piece. One thing Sean Cody points out, which Rylan doesn’t really consider, is Joey’s meaty, muscled thighs and rock hard ass. With those types of muscles Joey is capable of some fierce thrusting action that is sure to take Rylan by surprise.


The great thing about watching these two go at it is the force Joey uses to furiously guide his cock in and out of Rylan’s hole. Joey grabs the sides of Rylan’s hips with his strong hands and guides Rylan’s ass up and down his long shaft as he pillages it with all his energy.


One way to measure how much fun a guy is having is to see if he’s able to maintain wood while getting pounded. Rylan not only proves he can take a big dick, as well as any experienced bottom, but remains rock solid throughout. When his fat, veiny cock finally releases a warm milky load you feel like he’s really enjoyed every moment leading up to his happy ending — we know we did.

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