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Sex on the Beach




Romance on the beach is the theme of the day at Raw Films. The two studs featured in this clip are eager to get started even if they risk being seen by prying eyes – not that they have any right to privacy. With Outdoor sex, you run the risk of being caught, but these two are oblivious to their surroundings. For us, though, it’s a great backdrop to the intense sexual pleasure that they give each other on the rocky shores of this European beach. Au naturel is the running theme and that includes the bareback session that these two enjoy!

They start off with some heavy kissing on top of the rocks with the waves crashing in behind them. Then they move down to a hot, oral session in which one of these guys swallows the other’s massive shaft. With only the rocks partially concealing them from the rest of the world, they can cry out in pleasure at the sensations of getting an expert blow job. Finally, the hardcore fucking begins. It’s almost like an intense showdown between the two as the top pounds him hard and the bottom boy pushes back to get that cock inside of him as deep as he can get it.

[flv: 510 365]

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