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Richard & Cayden @ Randy Blue





Richard Pierce and Cayden Ross are a couple of horny muscle jocks who crave hot sex and cum. In this clip from Randy Blue, we see them go at it with such fervent energy that it makes for great gay porn! It’s animalistic sex at its best. They start out clothed, but in seconds, they’re stripped down and they’re swallowing one another’s cocks. After a quick blowjob, Cayden flips Richard over so he can get at his tight sphincter. He digs his tongue deep in that ass making Richard moan with pleasure. Seeing these hot muscle studs with their bodies wrapped around each other is pure, horny perfection.

With the oral action behind them, they plunge forward with some very hot anal sex. Richard is ready to be penetrated, so Cayden takes his thick, meaty cock and slams it deep into Richard’s hole. Richard begs and begs for the thrusting to continue and Cayden is more than happy to oblige. Tattooed muscles ripple with the undulating action taking place. Finally, Cayden rides him hard and deep and then just before he empties his balls, he pulls his cock out and showers Richard with loads and loads of hot, creamy jizz!

[flv: 455 345]

Dawson and Nicco





We’ve seen Nicco’s horny side in previous Randy Blue clips. He’s one eager sex hound and that’s one of the main reasons he’s so popular with fans and with some of the models who want to take a stab at that tight, horny hole of his. Dawson Riley is one of those models that can’t wait to get his dick inside of Nicco. So when they finally did this shoot, they couldn’t wait to get started – even before the cameras started rolling. It was actually really cute, but it was even hotter once the cameras captured these two in action.

When they started to fuck they went at it like rabbits. Dawson just loves to eat ass and he had a feast on Nicco’s tight bubble butt. The look of pure joy on his face as he digs his tongue deep into Nicco’s hole is priceless. Nicco loves every minute of it but he can’t wait to climb on Dawson’s dick and start riding it like a pony. When he finally cums, he aims it directly at the camera and almost splatters the lens with his powerful squirt! Not to be outdone, Dawson dumped a huge load of his own sticky stuff all over Nicco’s sexy chest.

[flv: 510 365]

Dallas & Nicco





Nicco Sky has a tight, little body. He takes good care of it by working out and keeping it tan for when he wants to show it off. In this shoot, he’s laying out under the warm California sun trying to even out his tan line by going al fresco. Lying there naked, he is absolutely adorable, with that nice, round bubble butt sticking up in the air. It’s no wonder Dallas Evens is rubbing one out as he gets a peek at Nicco’s naked body. Things get interesting when Nicco feels those eyes traveling up and down his body. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity  to get some dick, Nicco joins Dallas inside.

He tells Nicco exactly how he likes it and even guides his head gently onto his cock with his hands. Nicco, however, doesn’t need directions on how to suck cock. He gives it all the attention needed and Dallas closes his eyes to enjoy the sloppy, wet slurping. Dallas moves to a more comfortable position. He gets on top of Nicco and starts to pound on his face while Nicco chomps down on wood while jacking his own dick. They both get close and end this fun session with wet loads all over their bodies.

[flv: 480 368]

Eddie and Malachi





Randy Blue has ulterior motives. When they decided to install a gym at the studio, it was merely a way to keep the boys entertained between shoots. They figured they could use the gym to work out and keep fit. Being that these boys love to keep fit with a good cock in hand, or in mouth, or in ass, the crew knew exactly what they were doing. Eddie and Malachi are the first lucky studs that get to “try out” the gym. Watch them go wild on the equipment and on each other when their exhibitionist streaks prompt them to do what they’d love to do in a real gym but probably wouldn’t be allowed.

Randy Blue regular Malachi Marx had no trouble getting right down to business. He always looks hot – especially when his muscles flex and bulge as he works out on the equipment. Eddie Renzo’s body is just as tasty with a treasure trail that leads to a big dick and hot tattoos that give him a masculine look. When they start working on each other, licking cock, ass and face, the temperature skyrockets out of control. From the looks of things, their equipment is working just fine.

[flv: 480 368]

Randy Blue: Benjamin and Reese





When you hang around so many hot models, you get a chance to get to know each other in more ways than you can think of. Benjamin and Reese of Randy Blue are no exception and even before they were paired up for this super hot scene, their chemistry was boiling over with horny testosterone. Once they stripped down to their tight-fitting underwear, Reese was the first to go down and devour Benjamin’s cock. Primed and ready to go, Benjamin munches on Reeses’ ass and then fucks the shit out of him before they flip-flop and Reese ends up on top.

When the chemistry is right, there’s no telling what these two horny studs will do and if you watch the clip, you’ll see that these guys are ready for some creative fucking – No missionary position here! Benjamin uses Reese like his own personal bitch boy, burying his bone deep into Reese’s bowels. All Reese can do is take the hard pounding like a good dog. But he seems to like it because the way that Benjamin’s rod is massaging  Reeses’ prostate, it makes him low his creamy load all over his stomach while Benjamin continues to pump his manhood down his tight hole.

[flv: 480 368]

Christian, Malachi, and Nicco





Sometimes you just feel like being a greedy cock whore and sometimes you don’t. Christian, Malachi and Nicco, from Randy Blue surely know that feeling and none more than Nicco Sky. He’s a tiny dude with a lot of spunk – and you can see him extract some of that spunk in this scene. When you’re as tight and compact as Nicco, it’s hard not to want a piece of his round bubble but. Good thing he’s willing to take it, too. You don’t need to ask Christian and Malachi twice. They literally devour Nicco in a frenzy of cock attacks.

There’s no hole Nicco won’t offer up. He gets one hot work out when Christian and Malachi start plugging away at his mouth and ass with those perfectly shaped poles. Nicco doesn’t just let the guys go at him, either. He actively joins in – sometimes impaling himself onto their wet cocks and other times testing the limits of his throat with one of those stiff dicks. This is one of the hottest threesomes you’ll find at Randy Blue, not only because all three guys are smoking hot, but because they genuinely enjoy using their poles and holes.

[flv: 480 368]

Randy Blue: That 70s Gay Porn Movie, Part One





Some want to forget the 70s while others remember the carefree hey days of disco, wild sex, bell-bottoms, poppers, and cruising.  Well, maybe not in that exact order, but you get the picture.  Randy Blue pays homage to that era with their current offering, That 70s Gay Porn Movie, a comedy sex romp.  Set at the Delta Lota Kappa (DIK) fraternity, these sexy wannabe frats don’t have studying on their mind.  Christian Sharp stars as Brock Wopat, a horny college pledge that wants nothing more than to be part of DIK, a chapter started by his grand father.

Getting into DIK (pun definitely intended) proves harder than he thought.  The emphasis is on ‘harder’ when hunky professor Ben Davidson (a polyester-suit-wearing Leo Giamani) feeds an eager Mike West a mouth full of his hard cock up his mouth and a monster cock dildo up his ass.  As pledges go, these boys will do just about anything to become full-fledged frat boys with all the benefits that go with it.  Part One is only the beginning for these cum-hungry students.  Check out Part Two of this hilarious 70s send-up, where sex is in the books and extra credit means extra inches of cock pleasure.

Lucky Daniels Gets Lucky





I’m really not quite sure where to even begin with these two. Topher DiMaggio is ridiculously lean and smooth, and Lucky Daniels looks amazing. Of course, Lucky has looked amazing since he first appeared on Randy’s site two years ago, and is as sexually insatiable as ever.

For this video Randy says that he didn’t have to work hard at all. Lucky and Topher got along so well that if anything he had to keep an eye on them because they kept making out before the camera even began to roll. Randy was afraid that the two would end up sneaking off somewhere private and exhaust themselves before the day had even started.

When the cameras began to roll, the two were immediately all over each other. Topher went straight to his knees and pulled Lucky’s huge woody out of his underwear. After some much needed sucking, Topher positioned himself behind Lucky and pounded him the way he had probably been imagining all afternoon. Lucky let out a long stream of moans as Topher changed positions over and over again until he finally had to drop his load all over himself. Topher’s orgasm was so intense that you’ll swear you’ll be able to feel it through the camera!

Leo, Reese and Vincent Hot Threesome






Reese Rideout is quite horny after bartending and being surrounded by hot men all night, so when he gets picked up by Leo Giamani and Vincent DeSalvo he’s more than ready to play. The three men get comfy as they strip down, and all eyes go to Leo and his gorgeous body, but it’s a little bit of cock sucking that the stud wants to do. Leo pulls out Reese’s tool and wraps his beautiful lips around it as Reese groans with pleasure. Watching Reese return the favor makes it really obvious just how fucking thick Leo’s cock is. Reese holds his dick at the base of the shaft with Leo’s low-hangers spilling out under his hands.

The trio finally find a good groove when Vincent presents his ass and mouth to the other two to do with it as they wish. While Reese plugs Vincent’s tight hole, Leo plows his mouth. The bottom accommodates both of them as best he can before the two decide to swap positions. Vincent definitely seems to enjoy Leo’s thick tool spreading out his ass, and the three fuck and suck until the frenzy comes to a soaking end.

Randy Blue’s Blond Stallion





Zachary Cook recently did a solo jack off video for Randy Blue. When we first see him, Zachary comes across as a really sweet guy from South Dakota – so it’s just a little surprising when he whips out his huge, thick dick. This guy is no joke. He might look innocent but he definitely isn’t. Zachary admits he has hooked-up with guys in the past and enjoyed it. We can just imagine a hot, Mid-Western dude swinging on Zachary’s big tool. Of course, we can also imagine Zachary doing the same thing while his hard cock bounces up and down.

Zachary is more than happy to show off his hungry hole before he gets down to business. We enjoyed watching as he multitasked using one hand to polish his knob as the other one reached around and played with his own ass. It must feel pretty fucking good because he closes his eyes and enjoys the feel of his own hands. You just don’t get any better than that! We don’t know where in the world Randy finds so many hot guys, but we thank him for it!

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