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Straight Twink Boy Jerks Uncut Cock, Busts a Nut on

Amateur British men in action, over on have been featuring models since 2005 who are always hot-to-the-touch. These are truly fresh faced blokes — most of ’em are white (as in, tan free) — so if you’re into that milky white skin look,‘s the site for you! With lots of couple action,’s serving up skinny boyz with big uncut cocks fucking other skinny boys plus the good, solo stuff that let’s you step into the picture and imagine yourself working out your nut with a cutie. And check this out: you’re not just busting a nut, you’re feeding an orphan! donates 5% to charity.

First up on the home page, there’s Bradley (a blond cutie you’d see out at a club). He totally caught my eye. But then I zeroed in on David. He’s the boy in’s newest solo feature. One look at the foreskin hanging over David’s cock and I popped a boner. I’m posting some pics from the video but you should really get online and check out David’s video: it’s nineteen minutes long and worth every solo jerking second.

straight twink uncut cock

Right off, I can totally tell David’s a straight dood: he stands there the way straight guys do. Totally confidant, he stands there with a “What the fuck are you looking at?” face, holding his uncut weiner. Don’tcha love how those lines cut down from his waist into his groin? You can just tell he enjoys a good wank (English for jerking off).

straight twink jerks off uncut cock

Woof! For me, there’s nothing — I mean nothing — like foreskin. I mean, I should move to Mexico or anywhere the boys still got their hoods. David’s really casual how he slides the foreskin up over his boy cock, so high you can only see the head peeking out (and his piss slit!) England, ahoy!

David bust nut shoots jizz

‘Kay, I’m in math class and I shouldn’t be looking at porn (anyway!) but this other dood’s looking at me weird so I reached down into my pants and adjusted my cock. Dang! David shoots his wad and … fuck me, if I don’t bust a nut, too. How am I gonna get from my desk to the bathroom without anyone knowing? I bet they can smell my cum scent. HELP!!!!!

Berlin Studs Blow Gushing German Goo on Twink

My friend Ted can’t get enough jizz. He thinks it’s better than Kellogg’s (except Kellogg’s doesn’t drip all over your nose). DougieDOOGOO rates today’s photo set 100% nutritious, packed with essential vitamins & minerals, gallons of goo … dang, hella better than chewable Flintstones! Here’s a taste.

german twink sucks uncut cocks

You’ll love watching this German twink get down on his knees, and suck off big Berlin Mahn studs’ thick uncut cocks. I dig how you can see his mouth on Daddy Mahn’s meat AND the foreskin pulling up over his buddy’s cock head. the krauts call it “soggy cookie,” a game when two or more guys stand in a circle around a cookie masturbating and the last one to cum on the cookie has to eat it.” Sport!

german twink drinks cum! Berlin Mahn’s cock spurts a fountain of cum into German punk boy’s open mouth. It’s wicked hot how the white load hits the punks tongue and blue stud ring. Rave on child!

german twink cum facial

Yummy cum facial … don’t you wish you were a german twink?

Cool Cock on


hey hey hey, all ya Doods & Doodettes, i’m up here in this tacky hotel room — bored and alone (some of y’all might remember i was maybe gonna havetah leaVe home — well last night i did, picked up my shit n booked) — got online & checked out

cameraboy candyman gets collared

cameraboy angel shadow goodboy gone bad

whaz coo bout is how it show U 2 can b a model. i been thinkin bout camwhorin’ since last nIght when i left home. gotta pay the rent, right? i think i got a good chance. my 4 faves: brandon (1A1 blue eyed cutie), candyman & angel shadow (candy likes his collar … & angel’s 1 a those goodboz gone bad) & bluelagoon (sweeeet!!!! i bet these two r so in luv!!!!! )

cameraboys bluelagoon boyz r so in luv!

hang! sides a whole buncha lovely tranny ladies (flowers on titties are big right now, as really bright colored panties on well waxed pussies) there’s a ton of big dicked studs, frat boys, hot latin cock, and horny twink types. they got something for everyone, for reals. But whazz 2coo is thos studs — or boyz or chicks wit dicks, whatever ur into — u don’t just havetah to look at ’em and go, “i wonder what their dick looks like hard? how do they stroke it?” (& my question, what the fucks under that ski cap?) wonder no more! he (or she) alls urs: free live gay video chat (gays, trannys), couples, muscle heads, twinks, sex video on demand., it’s kinda like a video game: pick your idea of hot chick / stud / twink, deposit the ducats, sign on, & they’re all urs! my fav features is how they list everything up top .. good cuz i’m kinda new to this (yeah, rigggghttt) — no, really, i am! im just looking cause i might have to start cam whoring, er, i mean, “performing” myself. gots to pay that hotel bill. anyway, ill worry ’bout tha shit tomorrow. Some a the kinky kids i like, u might want to check out: brandon (blue eyed cutie), candyman (spikey collar!) angel shadow (nice package) & bluelagoon (sweet ‘n spicey)

Twink Mohawk Punk Boys Fuck

Mike and Alex are little punk twinks from the windy city. They have been together for 2 years and decided to celebrate their anniversary by getting matching mohawks. Once the boys buzzed their doos, they celebrated the old fashion way … by having a good ‘ol fuck. Mike bent down and grabbed Alex’s raging uncut cock. His mouth glided over the tender, young, veiny cock meat. Mike’s spit lubed his lips as he raced up and down the swollen shaft turning Alex’s dick head a rosy shade of pink. Mike got onto his back to receive service from Alex’s willing mouth. He pulled on Mike’s ball sack as he deep throated the stiffened rod, forcing the head of Mike’s cock to the back of his throat. A quarter turn from them both and they were 69ing. Dual mohawks were flying as they sucked each other off. Alex reached around and grabbed Mike’s ass. Rubbing his hand against the ass cheeks, he spread them apart in search for the puckering asshole.


They continued to suck each other dicks as Alex inserted his finger effortlessly into the gaping hole. One finger became two, then three. He could have stuck his whole fist inside, but tonight was reserved for his cock. Mike fell into position, lifted his leg to the side and mounted Alex’s cock like a well trained stallion. Alex pounded him harder than he ever had the past two years, forcing his cock deep inside Mike. His ass was taking a beating from the boy-pole and just when he thought he could not take it, Alex pulled out and came all over Mike’s hairless balls. Cum dripped to both side of Mike’s fully loaded scrotum and ran tiny rivers down to the expanded asshole. Alex tweaked Mike’s nipples, pinching then hard then rubbing them softly. Mike shot his load all over his chest as Alex bent over to kiss him. He rubbed the cum on his chest with the load from his lover, melding the two boy juices into one.

To see more of Mike and Alex, click here.

Skater Punk James Riley @ You Love

James’s skinny but toned with a nice 6 pack and “just defined enough” pecs that make him look fit and hot without looking like he spends 40 hours a week in the gym. He’s scruffy in a good way. Little growth of beard, hair a little too mess with a little too much gel. And it’s all held together by the same awkward perserverence we saw outside. He’s quickly hard and stroking his 7 inch cut cock as he stares at himself in the LCD monitor of the camera. Checking how he looks while he gets himself off like someone would check their hair in a window as they walked down the street. Little glances, making sure… double checking…

you love jack

He moves the camera around for a couple of amazing closeup shots from underneath his cock and he strokes it harder. Then he grabs his board and straddles it. He’s not… No… Really? Yup. Buddy here dumps his load all over the deck of his skateboard. Dirty!Then he rubs his cock in it smearing it around the grip tape. I mean seriously… The grip tape on skateboards is like sandpaper and this guy is grinding his dick through the cum and against that rough surface… Crazy!

As the last drop of cum drips from his cock he grabs the cam and shoots a couple of nice close-ups of his mess before slumping back on the pillows and falling asleep. Ya, he freaking fell asleep at the end of his tape. Men!

See more of James here.

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