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Zack Randall Pisses Himself





Everyone knows twink porn star Zack Randall. He’s adorable and he’s one horny, little stud that never ceases to surprise his fans. He also has a nasty streak that comes out to play every now and then. In this episode of Boys Pissing, we get to see a side of Zack that is a little on the wild and kinky side. He gets to bone down with himself and show us a different kind of wet play we haven’t seen him do before. Little did we know this little horny devil loved to piss all over himself while he stroked off a good load of boy cum!

This is definitely a hot side of Zack we love to see. He starts off by unloading a hot stream of his own piss. It arches up and onto his stomach, splashing his face and getting him all wet. Never losing that devilish grin on his face, he rubs it in all over his body, gently teasing his audience before he starts to stroke off his cock for the big finale. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Zack was only getting started… Look for his other wet adventures at Boy Pissing!

[flv: 510 365]

Zach Randall & Jayden Taylor Piss Together






Zack Randall is no stranger to pissing on himself, or a hot boy or two when he gets the chance. Fortunately for him, there is no shortage of hot twinks that love to get into golden showers especially if they get the opportunity to be pissed on by such a hot stud.

One of the latest releases features Zach getting to know smooth-skinned cutie Jayden Taylor, and by getting to know him we mean marking his territory with one long stream of piss. Don’t worry though, as soon as he’s done pissing on him, Zach shows his appreciation by sucking Jayden’s dick. Piss hungry Jayden also sucks Zach’s dick, and we get the feeling that he’s trying to suck all the urine out of Zach’s piss hole.

Later, Zach bends Jayden over and gives him the type of sound fucking that is sure to leave his hole sore for days. What’s great about these two dirty boys is that the fun is never done, and they wrap things up by hosing each other down with long streams of hot piss. Check out the video of Zach pissing on himself below. You have to admit that the boy has a huge bladder!

[flv: 480 368]

Zach Randall Wets Himself




We were never really into pissing all that much until we saw the guys from Sure we’ve pissed on a few of our exes in the past, and have even gotten peed on once or twice ourselves, but these boys aim for their mouths and drink up. Those who have been to the site are probably familiar with Zach Randall. Zach is a dark haired hottie who has an insatiable thirst for his own piss.

In one video, Zach pisses right through his jeans all the while rubbing his growing dick. Another clip has him poolside where he whips it out and decides to have a little fun. Not only does he end up pissing into his own mouth, but he’s able to suck his own cock as well. Just one look at him, and you know this stud has shot into his own mouth plenty of times!

One thing that always surprises us is just how much these guys end up peeing. It’s almost as if they haven’t pissed for days holding it all in for the camera. Below we have a video of Zach pissing all over his face while sitting on top of his washing machine. When pissing is your thing, the world is your toilet!

[flv: 480 368]

Shane and Kayden Play Watersports





The guys over at Boys Pissing are never thirsty – just ask Shane Allen and Kayden Daniels who appear in one of the latest updates. These two guys are chilling out poolside when things get a little hot and heavy. As soon as the shorts are off you just know they are going to be doing a lot more than just sucking each other’s dicks.

Shane is no stranger to this site and has done plenty of piss drinking in his time, so he just sits back and relaxes as Kayden takes his long stream of hot fluid all over his face and down his throat. These boys must drink a lot of fluids before they shoot a video because his stream of piss seems to go on forever!

The two swap positions and Kayden lets out a long stream over piss-hungry Shane. He really enjoys bathing in Kayden’s urine and looks like he could do it all day! After Kayden drains his bladder all over Shane’s lithe body, Shane ends up wrapping his mouth around Kayden’s cock, and sucking out any remaining liquid that didn’t make it out of the shaft.

You can watch the two in action over at, but if you want to see Shane in action you can click on the video below where he appears with Jeremiah. Enjoy!

[flv: 480 368]

Hot Gay Dudes Know How To Have Great Sex!

The dudes over at Bentley Race have no qualms about stripping down and rub-a-dub-dubbing until they have released a nice hot load over all themselves. As this site becomes more notorious, so do the dudes that make their way over there in order to show off their own pulsing manhood.


One guy we have a particular hard-on is a skater dude whose name escapes us because we were too distracted by other things in the picture. Not only is this stud uncut, but he’s got the kind of thick dick you would want to suck on all night long.


There’s something for everyone on this site including self-sucking, watersports, twinks, dudes, jocks, skaters, freaks, big cocks, and of course fucking. We love all the fucking scenes especially the ones that happen to take place outside. We’re not sure if these guys have an audience, but if we were walking by we would definitely stop to watch the show.


The best part when you’re about to fuck a guy is always the moment that you are rubbing your cock across his tight hole and he gets that hungry look that lets you know he wants you to shove it in immediately.


Of course, who are we to keep a guy’s wish from coming true right? He just better be able to take it as good as these bottoms do!


Jerking Off, Cocksucking, Fucking, and Pissing At


The hot Australian dudes over at Bentley Race know how to have a wild time. These dudes love to fuck like crazy but when they can’t find a partner they show their flexibility by self-servicing themselves. These particular guys give themselves some major tongue action — we bet they give the best blowjobs from all the practice they’ve had with themselves!


One thing these dudes love to do is fuck in the open air, which is probably the reason why they have no tan lines on their bodies. These two guys jump out of the car for an impromptu photo shoot before the photographer bends his friend over the car and gives him a good pounding.


If you’re into pissing and watching guys piss you’ll love watching all the hot studs that like nothing better than whipping out their dicks and taking a long piss before jerking their poles and shooting out a milky load.


There’s nothing better than watching two hot studs who love going down under. There are tons of pictures and videos of hung guys doing what we love to watch hot studs doing best. If you’re in the mood for some hot cock to get you off you should have no problem finding something to satisfy your needs!


Thirsty Dudes Drink Each Other’s Piss and Cum At


Piss-hungry horn-dog Mason Wyler has been dying to ride Jeremiah Johnson’s 9-inch cock for a while now. Before they can get to the fucking, these dirty boys kick things off in an unusual manner. First and foremost Jeremiah takes a hot streaming load of Mason’s piss into his mouth drinking as much of it as possible.


It must have been the power of suggestion ‘cuz no sooner has Mason finished relieving himself than Jeremiah whips out his cock and aims right into Mason’s mouth, which is open more from shock at how fast Jeremiah moved. Mason catches on quickly and drinks that shit up!


After some hot and heavy blowjob action including a little bit of 69 action, Jeremiah slips on a rubber and slips his cock into Mason’s eager hole. Mason groans with the excitement of having the stud he’s wanted inside of him for such a long time.


Jeremiah’s one of those guys that can’t enjoy shooting a load if he has to take a piss. Fortunately for him, Mason is still thirsty and opens wide for another warm stream.
After relieving himself all over Mason’s tight little body, Jeremiah busts a nut all over Mason’s face. In the end, the two of them are covered in piss and cum, and Jeremiah helps lick his splooge off of Mason’s face before they both cleanup. Let’s hope we’ll be seeing more of these two nasty boys real soon.

golDen boy’s goLden shower: JereMiah on boys-pIssing.COM

Jeremiah’s Wet Nightmare is …

dood, thazzz some nasteeeeee shit. wettin‘ urself. i saw this article online “Starving Themselves to Death: Compound an eating disorder and you have drunkorexia.” were they talkin ‘ bout jeremiah? who cares. hes such a hottie id let him piss all over me! the photo sets rad. he self-sucks!

Boys Pissing Party in the Backyard

Earlier this week Shane invited over his boy toy friends Jeremiah and Zach to lounge by the pool and soak in some rays. After hours of drink beer, Zach had to take a leak really badly. Shane wasn’t about to have him waste any of his precious piss by watering the plants with it. He told Zach to give it to him as he laid down in front of his two best boy pals. Zach whipped out his cock and started spraying Shane’s face with his stream of lightly golden urine. Zach’s piss pounded against Shane lips, begging to enter his mouth. Shane, of course, obliged and open his mouth wide grasping on to every drop that fell from his hot friend’s dick. Before long, Jeremiah and to expel his refreshments and took out his cock to drown Shane with his hot and steamy piss.

boys pissing

Both boys were bombarding Shane with what seamed like an endless stream of beer powered piss. You could see Shane’s nipples getting erect from the cool breeze through his piss soaked shirt. Jeremiah continued to hose dow Shane after Zach stopped. However, all of these exposed penises were making him quite horny. Zach’s cock starting getting hard uncontrollable. He jacked off watching Jeremiah’s piss dancing all over Shane’s body. Shane took out his own cock and started pissing up towards his face. Watching him drink his own pee made Zach extremely excited. Zach pumped out a hot cum load onto the side of Shane’s face and before he could take another breath, Jeremiah shot out a load on the other side. The boys went in for a threeway kiss, mixing the cum and piss as it smeared all over Shane’s face.

To see more hot pissing action, click here.

Largest Gay Orgy Sex Party

Guys Go Crazy!

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday and I’m back! I hope all of ya’ll are ready to celebrate Pride this month. Over here in Los Angeles we’re getting ready to turn it out for Christopher Street West – always a memorable weekend, the studs in West Hollywood Land definitely know how to celebrate peace, love and promiscuity!

Speaking of promiscuity, if you are in the major cities (Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas) you’re fully aware how big sex parties have become lately. If you’re not in the “know” and either have never been to a sex party or just don’t know what they’re all about then I have the perfect site for you.

Three words – Guys Go Crazy!

If you are into hard partying, hard fucking, cum swallowing, ass eating and smooth masculine boys that are seemingly horny 24/7 then Guys Go Crazy is the site you’ve been fantasizing about for years but didn’t know was in existence.

I’d heard about this site from so many gay guys that loved being a voyeur into party gang bangs that I knew the site would be great. What I didn’t know was that the site has so much content, literally 14 pages worth of hot sex. I guesstimate that it would take the average gay male horn dog at least two months to get through all the content on the page.

Perks of the site is the option to watch the movies on downloadable AVI, WMV formats or just sit back and rub one out individual pictures of the party. Did I mention there are 7,000 photos to look at and 100 hours of video? And unlike many “other” sites that want you to download their AVI’s or WMV’s in clips, Guys Go Crazy gives you the ability to download the FULL movie – I know, major score!

With the Guys Go Crazy membership you receive:

  • 120 minutes of new video footage that is updated weekly.
  • The choice of edited video or the raw footage from all three cameras.
  • An average of 150 new photos updated every week.
  • Great Customer Support.
  • VIP access to the wildest gay parties in the world.

I’ll see you at the party guys!

Seasons Malibu