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Mason Wyler Fucks Philippe Delvaux


Mason is a self-admitted sex addict who just can’t get enough dick in his life. We’re also surprised to see him topping a lot more since we’ve considered him to be a big ol’ greasy bottom, but we’re glad that he’s getting his top on.

For his latest post, Mason invited Philippe Delvaux to join in on the fun. Mason wasted no time making out with Philippe before it was on to other more pressing things. The two exchanged blowjobs and even got a little bit of 69’ing action, but Philippe’s ass was throbbing with the need to be filled.

Mason has a good sized dick, and was so fucking horny he was ready to pound some ass. He was concerned for Philippe who at 19 years of age hasn’t had that much dick up in him, so Mason decided to stretch him out just a little with a nice dildo. Mason does eventually get to impale Philippe who seems to be having the time of his life.

Next Door Buddies Fuck

We love to see young guys fucking, especially when they are as cute as Shane Erickson and Philippe Delvaux. At 6’4” Shane towers over Philippe who clocks in at a mere 5’10”. What we love about the tall 23 year old is just how much he enjoys fucking guys younger guys like Philippe who is in the last of his teen years.
The two young guys are all about experimentation and get into some erotic fruit play that Philippe spreads all over Shane’s toned body. We guess the sight of a fruit smeared Shane was just too much for the very turned on Philippe because he immediately decides to shoves Shane’s dick down his mouth. By the look on Shane’s face, we’re betting that the 19 year old knows what he’s doing.

As a thank you for all the hot mouth-on-dick action, Shane bends Philippe over and teases the soon-to-be bottom by running his unprotected cock over Philippe’s aching hole. Shane rolls on a condom and slides himself deep inside of Philippe who couldn’t be happier. The young bottom gets a good pounding in multiple position before neither of them can take it anymore and have to nut!

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