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Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

Mick Roberts and His Huge Uncut Dick at You Love Jack

This week You Love Jack treats us to an amazing homemade gay video from super-hung twink Mick Roberts. Mick has boy-next-door good looks, but with a wild streak and a hint of naughty slyness. He’s got a huge, uncut dick and he gingerly uses his foreskin to jerk himself off. One of the hottest parts of his clip is when he puts his hairy legs in the air and starts finger-fucking his own hole. The expression on his face changes and it’s like he’s lost in his own little world of pleasure. He knows he’s hot, so he works the camera and teases us until he’s ready to cum. As he reaches for the finish line, his breathing gets faster and he lets loose a series of powerful spurts that arc and then land on his chest and stomach. The guy who thought up You Love Jack must be a pervert genius. We imagine him as a James-Bond-esque villain with thousands of pairs of fancy shoes and a secret hideout manned by twink-bots.

VideoSecrets new Cam to Cam chat feature is hot and addicting

We’ve got a confession to make: We may just be a little bit addicted to the hotness that is See, ever since they updated their technology to include this new Cam to Cam interaction feature, it’s brought their live video chat site to like a whole, entire new level. An amazing level that nobody should ever go to.

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See, this Cam to Cam chat feature is way personal. Using it, not only can you interact using your web cam with the star you’re watching live, but they can interact with you. It’s almost like hiring a hooker – only the two of you never touch, and you don’t have to be in the same room. It’s cyber prostitution, and quite frankly, we can’t get enough of it.

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Of course, everything is legal here, and everything goes. As a VIP member, you get to pick the guy you want to cam with, and the two of you can do whatever you want from there – talk, stroke your dicks together, or just sit and smile. The possibilities are literally endless – and so is the time we’ve spend using the thing! Quick, somebody shut our webcam off before we use all our minutes!

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Cool Cock on


hey hey hey, all ya Doods & Doodettes, i’m up here in this tacky hotel room — bored and alone (some of y’all might remember i was maybe gonna havetah leaVe home — well last night i did, picked up my shit n booked) — got online & checked out

cameraboy candyman gets collared

cameraboy angel shadow goodboy gone bad

whaz coo bout is how it show U 2 can b a model. i been thinkin bout camwhorin’ since last nIght when i left home. gotta pay the rent, right? i think i got a good chance. my 4 faves: brandon (1A1 blue eyed cutie), candyman & angel shadow (candy likes his collar … & angel’s 1 a those goodboz gone bad) & bluelagoon (sweeeet!!!! i bet these two r so in luv!!!!! )

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hang! sides a whole buncha lovely tranny ladies (flowers on titties are big right now, as really bright colored panties on well waxed pussies) there’s a ton of big dicked studs, frat boys, hot latin cock, and horny twink types. they got something for everyone, for reals. But whazz 2coo is thos studs — or boyz or chicks wit dicks, whatever ur into — u don’t just havetah to look at ’em and go, “i wonder what their dick looks like hard? how do they stroke it?” (& my question, what the fucks under that ski cap?) wonder no more! he (or she) alls urs: free live gay video chat (gays, trannys), couples, muscle heads, twinks, sex video on demand., it’s kinda like a video game: pick your idea of hot chick / stud / twink, deposit the ducats, sign on, & they’re all urs! my fav features is how they list everything up top .. good cuz i’m kinda new to this (yeah, rigggghttt) — no, really, i am! im just looking cause i might have to start cam whoring, er, i mean, “performing” myself. gots to pay that hotel bill. anyway, ill worry ’bout tha shit tomorrow. Some a the kinky kids i like, u might want to check out: brandon (blue eyed cutie), candyman (spikey collar!) angel shadow (nice package) & bluelagoon (sweet ‘n spicey)

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