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Dru Fucks Travis








“What do you want me to do with this?” Travis asks Dru when he pulls Dru’s big dick out of his shorts. They’ve been playing soccer and now they’re taking a break. “Anything you want!”, Dru replies. “I know what I’m going to do with it!” Anyone familiar with Dru at Corbin Fisher knows exactly what Dru likes: Dru loves to fuck! In this photo shoot, the both of them can barely wait to get started with the face sucking, before Travis grabs hold of Dru’s cock and leads him into an ass-fucking that he knows he’s going to enjoy.

It is clear that Travis loves having a massive penis in his rectum. After teasing Dru with his winking sphincter, he cries out, “Fuck me!” Dru goes wild as his cock is engulfed in Travis’ tight hole. He slowly pumps into Travis and then picks up speed as that cute ass starts to loosen up. Overwhelmed by this wild fucking that his ass is receiving, Travis can no longer hold back. He starts to blast a massive load through the air and all over himself, screaming as he does it and tearing at the sheets and Dru soon follows with his own wet load.

Outdoor Fuck with Jarda Schneider and Thomas Bayer





Nothing says ‘nature’ like a good old-fashioned gay naked romp through the great outdoors. But if you’re built like Euro boys Jarda Schneider and Thomas Bayer, nothing says “nature-lover” like a good extended glance at these two hunks getting it on in their natural setting. Their smooth, almost hairless bodies accentuate their toned abs and tight torsos. It make it easier for them to appreciate what each has to offer as they ravage each other on a blanket. You can easily see that this isn’t a picnic as they remove their clothes and start savoring their bodies.

Jarda’s uncut dick gets instantly hard when Thomas starts to run his hands across his chest and lightly plays with his nipples. He must really be hungry for Jarda’s cock because he doesn’t let up. Jarda starts to stroke his fuck muscle in preparation for the ass fucking Thomas is going to get for lunch! But before he does, he samples Thomas’ ass with his tongue before he pushes his raging hard on into Thomas. Outdoor sex doesn’t get any better than this, and with these two hot boys showing you how it’s done, it won’t be long before you, too, will become a nature enthusiast.

[flv: 480 368]

Country Boy Caleb Takes A Dip





These country folk sure don’t have any manners when it comes down to fancy things in town. Caleb Black is a simple country boy and he’s more used to swimming down at the local swimming hole in his hometown than in a regular swimming pool. As he lounges outdoors, the crystal clear water calls for him to jump in, which he does in full hillbilly style – buck naked. He has probably forgotten that town people don’t usually do that, but he doesn’t know any better. The cool water caressing his skin gets his cock stirring and in a flash, he’s stroking his meat.

I’m sure they do things differently where he comes from – but the handling of his stiff country pole is the same across city limits. Even if someone catches him in the act of dirty monkey-spanking, his only saving grace from getting in trouble is the fact that Caleb is a real looker. Instead of turning him in, they’d want to join in on the action. With his country boy charms, a big cock head, smooth balls, and his untamed bush, it’s hard not to stop and stare. Who can blame such a cute boy? He doesn’t know any better.

[flv: 480 368]

Noah River and Taylor Pierce





These two very hot boys by the pool are enjoying the company of each other as they enjoy the sun’s rays. But before long, their testosterone levels shoot up and the towels that barely conceal their expanding bulges come flying off. Mouths swallow cocks whole and in short order, the pool is all but forgotten. Taylor Pierce likes having his buddy’s cock in his mouth, so he gives Noah Rivers the blow job of his life. Taylor returns the favor because he knows that, soon, he’ll have that boy meat deep inside his ass.

Noah and Taylor don’t seem to care that their naked romp is taking place outdoors where people might be looking. Either way, we’re glad they decided to take it outside. By sunlight, their bodies are flawless and they know it. Taylor can’t wait any longer and he finally gets what he’s been wanting – Noah’s boner. When Taylor finally gets dicked, it’s well worth the wait for us too. He practically devours that knob and Noah can’t contain his load as he pulls out and shoots a big one all over Taylor’s tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

Randy Blue: That 70s Gay Porn Movie, Part One





Some want to forget the 70s while others remember the carefree hey days of disco, wild sex, bell-bottoms, poppers, and cruising.  Well, maybe not in that exact order, but you get the picture.  Randy Blue pays homage to that era with their current offering, That 70s Gay Porn Movie, a comedy sex romp.  Set at the Delta Lota Kappa (DIK) fraternity, these sexy wannabe frats don’t have studying on their mind.  Christian Sharp stars as Brock Wopat, a horny college pledge that wants nothing more than to be part of DIK, a chapter started by his grand father.

Getting into DIK (pun definitely intended) proves harder than he thought.  The emphasis is on ‘harder’ when hunky professor Ben Davidson (a polyester-suit-wearing Leo Giamani) feeds an eager Mike West a mouth full of his hard cock up his mouth and a monster cock dildo up his ass.  As pledges go, these boys will do just about anything to become full-fledged frat boys with all the benefits that go with it.  Part One is only the beginning for these cum-hungry students.  Check out Part Two of this hilarious 70s send-up, where sex is in the books and extra credit means extra inches of cock pleasure.

Bad Boys Fuck in a Car






There’s nothing like cruising the countryside in a nice convertible on a warm summer’s day. The wind in your hair, the smell of fresh air, the sound of bird’s chirping, your buddy’s growing erection in his shorts. At least that’s what we consider a proper trip down the countryside.

Axel Johnson and Brendon Meyer had the same idea in mind when they headed out for a little drive, and ended up exploring a lot more than just the wilderness. The two start by a tonguing each other before using those tongues on more sensitive body parts. Can we just say how surprised we were to see just how hung these dudes are? There must be at least about a foot-and-a-half of dick between the two of them.

Brendon ends up shoving his face so far into Axel’s butt cheeks at one point it looks like Axel’s ass is going to swallow him whole. Once Axel’s ass is nice and wet Brendon slips his enormous tool into Axel’s tight hole. We haven’t seen a stuffing like this since last Turkey day.

[flv: 480 368]

Cocky Boys Fucking Poolside




Kyle Majors really knows how to hook his boys up. A couple of weeks ago he got a call from Josh who begged to have Kyle hook him up with RC. Mr. Majors put in a quick call to RC who was more than up (ahem) for it.

The two start off in the pool chatting a bit, but Josh is a ball of hormones and can’t keep himself from commenting on RC’s beautiful body. RC just gives him a look. You know the one, it’s the look that pretty much says my body is yours – do with it what you will. With this open invitation Josh immediately swoops in for the kill and begins to kiss and lick RC all over.

Josh gives RC a good blowjob before he gets one of his own, but the real action starts when this hungry power bottom sits on RC’s dick. Pretty soon they’re fucking in every position imaginable until it all becomes too much for them and they have to drop their loads.

[flv: 480 368]

Jerking Off, Cocksucking, Fucking, and Pissing At


The hot Australian dudes over at Bentley Race know how to have a wild time. These dudes love to fuck like crazy but when they can’t find a partner they show their flexibility by self-servicing themselves. These particular guys give themselves some major tongue action — we bet they give the best blowjobs from all the practice they’ve had with themselves!


One thing these dudes love to do is fuck in the open air, which is probably the reason why they have no tan lines on their bodies. These two guys jump out of the car for an impromptu photo shoot before the photographer bends his friend over the car and gives him a good pounding.


If you’re into pissing and watching guys piss you’ll love watching all the hot studs that like nothing better than whipping out their dicks and taking a long piss before jerking their poles and shooting out a milky load.


There’s nothing better than watching two hot studs who love going down under. There are tons of pictures and videos of hung guys doing what we love to watch hot studs doing best. If you’re in the mood for some hot cock to get you off you should have no problem finding something to satisfy your needs!


Naked straight boys – How far will they go? (Answer: Further and deeper than you think!)

We’ve got some real questions about straight guys and their boundaries. For example – why is it that when you’ve got two naked, tattooed, young studs together, and you throw in a girl, all of a sudden it’s not gay if they suck each other’s dick?


They’ve still got their wet lips wrapped around each other’s dicks; the only difference is that one of them is plowing some chick while he’s sucking cock! Well, don’t ask us, but for some reason adding a girl to the mix is the secret indigent at, and if it gets these studs to open up for each other (and us the viewers), then it’s all gravy to us.


Speaking of gravy, these kids have sure got some spooge to share with each other. Seriously, at first it was like raining or something during this threesome’s outdoor hook-up, but nope – the sun was shining, and the cum was flooding out of these boy’s cocks like it was Katrina all over again!


Jerry from is looking for a ride? Will you give his cock a lift?


Who wants to go for a drive with Jerry? He’s very low in mileage, he’s got eagerness for pressing down hard on his acceleration pedal, and most importantly he purs like a kitten when you rev up his engine.


All automotive puns aside, Jerry’s definitely the kind of twink we’d like to get behind our wheel for a spin. Oh rats, I did it again! I swear, no more about cars! But anyone who’s spend time playing around at knows that good looking twinks sometimes can be few and far between, probably because they’ve managed to capture up all the good ones and put them up on their site.


Just like Jerry. Travel down his long, slender upper torso, down his smooth back, to the two perfectly formed globes of his ass cheeks – which he’s gladly spread for you to take a look under his hood. Oh man, did I do that again? I’m telling you, sometimes I just can’t help myself….


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