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Country Boy Caleb Takes A Dip





These country folk sure don’t have any manners when it comes down to fancy things in town. Caleb Black is a simple country boy and he’s more used to swimming down at the local swimming hole in his hometown than in a regular swimming pool. As he lounges outdoors, the crystal clear water calls for him to jump in, which he does in full hillbilly style – buck naked. He has probably forgotten that town people don’t usually do that, but he doesn’t know any better. The cool water caressing his skin gets his cock stirring and in a flash, he’s stroking his meat.

I’m sure they do things differently where he comes from – but the handling of his stiff country pole is the same across city limits. Even if someone catches him in the act of dirty monkey-spanking, his only saving grace from getting in trouble is the fact that Caleb is a real looker. Instead of turning him in, they’d want to join in on the action. With his country boy charms, a big cock head, smooth balls, and his untamed bush, it’s hard not to stop and stare. Who can blame such a cute boy? He doesn’t know any better.

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