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Tristan Bull & Samuel





Tristan Bull’s back at Next Door Buddies. Every time he makes an appearance on the site, we see a new side of him… And it just keeps getting better and better. This sexy, masculine hunk has all the right moves in front of the camera. This time around he’s ready to experience new things. Just what kind of new things are we talking about? Well, Tristan is going to go where his straight cock has never gone before: Into a man’s ass! And the lucky guy who gets the joy of being penetrated by the hunky Tristan is to be the handsome Samuel.

In this clip, Tristan is doing his guy thing: playing video games in just a towel because he just got out of the shower. Samuel sees this as an opportunity to check out that huge cock and maybe get him to stick it up his tight, little pucker. It doesn’t take a lot of effort on his part, Tristan is already horned up and Samuel’s bubble butt does look enticing. But his oral skills on Tristan’s cock seal the deal and in moments, he’s riding on that stiff cock for all that it’s worth.

[flv: 510 365]

Rod and Trent





Rod Daily is a real hunk! He’s got the perfect body – slender and tight without too much muscle definition. It’s the perfect body to worship! The hot tattoos on his body help to bring out his natural physique and you just want to see more of him. In this Next Door Buddies episode, his body gets the attention it deserves in the form of another sizzling hunk, Trent Locke. These guys are hot, hung and ready to get down and dirty in bed! They start out the action outdoors but quickly bring it inside so that we can get a close up view of their sexual habits.

Rod’s bubble ass is prominently on display in this clip and Trent isn’t oblivious to it. After much cock sucking and general body worshipping, Trent is ready to bend Rod over and start pounding that firm ass! Rod is all too eager to oblige and opens up his ass cheeks for better access. His body bulges with every thrust while Trent is in fuck heaven as he drills him to a satisfying conclusion that ends with copious amounts of stud cum that is a must see for anyone who loves to watch horny studs fuck!

[flv: 510 365]

Hot Next Door Buddies’ Threesome





What happens when three guys go out partying looking for some dick to score, but end up with nothing at the end of the night? You get three very horny, young dudes with morning wood. What happens when one of them wakes up before the other two and sets up a camera to record the horny aftermath? You get this awesome threesome from Next Door Buddies. Blu Kennedy is the instigator of this impromptu three-way and it’s a good thing it’s been captured on video! The footage of these three hung dudes is hot!

Besides all three being hot, they’re very diverse in the looks department – which makes for an interesting mash up of hot bodies going at it at full horny speed. There’s the fiery redhead with a mouth that can swallow cocks whole. There’s also the tall, masculine stud and the smoking hot rebel with the sexy tattoos. All three conspire for a threeway gangbang on the morning after a night of horny cruising. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan them. But when you’ve got buddies like this, they’re there to watch your back, fuck your ass, and suck your dick!

[flv: 480 368]

Jake and Rusty





Jake has an itch that needs to be scratched and nothing will take his mind away from it until he’s satisfied that itch. During their workout, Jake notices that Rusty, his workout partner, has a noticeable boner tenting out of his spandex shorts. That protruding piece of man-cock is exactly the right instrument to scratch the itch that’s making Jake’s ass twitch. Watching Jake’s ripped, muscular body flex and bulge gets his testosterone jumping for some action. By now, Jake has a mind to change his workout routine from cranking iron to pumping a big, stiff rod into his horny hole.

Little does Jake know that Rusty has been eyeing Jake’s tight hole all along, and Rusty likes nothing better than a post-workout fuck to cool him down. Jake wants to make sure Rusty’s dick is as throbbing as the rest of his body, so he goes down on his knees and sucks him off before getting that stiff cock stuffed into his ass on the workout bench. If there’s one thing tight bros do, it’s work out together. From the looks of the sex going on in this backyard gym, Jake and Rusty are getting some pumping action going to build up those muscles!

[flv: 480 368]

Andrew and Justin Fuck





Ready or not here comes action! Andrew Blue is about as horny as any young guy his age. As he lounges by the pool, his eyes turn to a hot lifeguard and he feels a stirring in his crotch for some cock. Luckily, he meets up with Justin Jameson – a hot young stud that is totally into Andrew. You have to admit that these two have awesome tight bodies with perfectly shaped abs for fucking. As they lustfully go down on each other’s rock hard cocks, Andrew’s attention turns to Justin’s smooth ass. He goes down on it, rimming every single inch of butt.

Justin enjoys all the attention his ass is getting, but Andrew isn’t going to be satisfied with a mere rim job. His tongue may be slicking Justin’s pucker, but it’s only a means to and end because in a few seconds, his dick is going to be fucking the living daylights out of Justin. We can’t be sure if Andrew is still hot fort that hot lifeguard he saw earlier, but if he is, he’s taking that frustration out on Justin’s tight hole with every hard thrust of his pelvis and Justin takes the pounding like a man should.

[flv: 480 368]

Noah River and Taylor Pierce





These two very hot boys by the pool are enjoying the company of each other as they enjoy the sun’s rays. But before long, their testosterone levels shoot up and the towels that barely conceal their expanding bulges come flying off. Mouths swallow cocks whole and in short order, the pool is all but forgotten. Taylor Pierce likes having his buddy’s cock in his mouth, so he gives Noah Rivers the blow job of his life. Taylor returns the favor because he knows that, soon, he’ll have that boy meat deep inside his ass.

Noah and Taylor don’t seem to care that their naked romp is taking place outdoors where people might be looking. Either way, we’re glad they decided to take it outside. By sunlight, their bodies are flawless and they know it. Taylor can’t wait any longer and he finally gets what he’s been wanting – Noah’s boner. When Taylor finally gets dicked, it’s well worth the wait for us too. He practically devours that knob and Noah can’t contain his load as he pulls out and shoots a big one all over Taylor’s tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

Next Door Buddies: Andrew & Justin





Summertime is a great time to scope out the hotties at the pool.  Some of them love to show off their ripped abs, tight buns, and bulging cocks.  Andrew Blue at Next Door Buddies is just the type to be looking up at a hot lifeguard at the pool.  Heated up and horny, he goes over to Justin who is only too eager to cool him down with some hardcore fucking.  In no time, they have gotten acquainted, checked each other out and moved the action to a much more private location where they can really examine what the other has to offer–in terms of cocks and asses.

Andrew proves to be as horny as Justin, and in no time, he has his tongue deep in Justin’s ass, giving him the rimming of his life.  Words can’t describe the action, but let Justin and Andrew show you with their moans and groans of sheer delight.  The ass eating action is only in preparation for the hard ass pounding that Justin is gonna get from his engorged penis.  If the image of the lifeguard is still embedded in Andrew’s brain, lucky Justin gets to live it out on his back with a cock in his ass.

[flv: 480 368]

Christian Goes “Wilde” for Andrew






Having two models as hot as Andrew Blue and Christian Wilde for best buds is a fantasy come true.  Especially when the clothes fly off and the action begins.  At first, when Christian shows up with a raging hard on bulging from his pants they pretend they don’t see it.  But horny boys will be horny boys and before they know it, Andrew is swallowing Christian’s stiff shaft and showing him how well he’s mastered the act of sucking dick.  You can tell that Andrew goes “Wilde” for the fast acting tongue action and before long, he’s taking Christian’s engorged tool in his backdoor and loving every minute of it.

These two slender-built hotties don’t let up.  They lust for each other and the pleasure they share only makes them work their bodies harder and faster.  Both of their luscious dicks get a good work out in this video.  Andrew is so hot for Christian, he’s even spitting on his dick with each stroke of his mouth.  In the end, Christian ends up giving Andrew exactly what he wants and that’s a hard prick to penetrate his ass.  Nothing will stop him from getting it from his best buddy.

[flv: 480 368]

Christian Wilde Fucks Newbie





We love it when Next Door Buddies unveils a newbie. You can almost see the guy’s anticipation as he strips out of his clothes. Usually one of two things will happen: either the guy won’t be able to get hard at the beginning, or he’ll be rock hard from the moment he wakes up that morning all the way until he busts his nut on camera. Justin Jameson definitely belongs in the latter category and has no problem getting aroused for his hot scene with Christian Wilde.

The guys start things off in the bathroom and never end up making it to the bed. Justin is a voracious bottom that can probably take the biggest dick you could throw at him with the greatest of ease. As Christian slips inside of him, we can’t help but notice that he arches his ass slightly. We think he knows the exact position to be in when it comes to getting fucked.

These two definitely make beautiful music together, but just because it’s Justin’s first time doesn’t mean that Christian is going to hold back. If anything, the top really pounds him hard showing him what it’s like to get fucked by a true stud on camera. Somehow we have a feeling that Justin just can’t wait to get asked back.

[flv: 480 368]

Marcus Mojo Fucks A.J. Irons






A.J. Irons is the newest member at Next Door Buddies and this muscular hottie does not disappoint. Although he might look fresh out of high school this 28 year old stud is all man. He’s got the type of body that looks as if it has been sculpted out of marble, which is good since Marcus Mojo has also bulked up as well making these two muscular beefcakes equally matched.

A.J. wakes up with a raging hard-on that doesn’t go unnoticed by Mojo who shoves his hand down his shorts and pulls out his own growing member. The two finally decide to do something about their morning wood and quickly begin to suck one another, but it just isn’t enough so they slip into the 69 position.

After some serious sucking, Marcus slips on a condom and gets ready to pound A.J.’s ass. Not only does he pound A.J. but he looks hot doing it. The two are a writhing swirl of muscles that releases and contracts as they fuck never ceasing until the two have blown their loads all over one another.

[flv: 480 368]

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