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Next Door Buddies Fuck

We love to see young guys fucking, especially when they are as cute as Shane Erickson and Philippe Delvaux. At 6’4” Shane towers over Philippe who clocks in at a mere 5’10”. What we love about the tall 23 year old is just how much he enjoys fucking guys younger guys like Philippe who is in the last of his teen years.
The two young guys are all about experimentation and get into some erotic fruit play that Philippe spreads all over Shane’s toned body. We guess the sight of a fruit smeared Shane was just too much for the very turned on Philippe because he immediately decides to shoves Shane’s dick down his mouth. By the look on Shane’s face, we’re betting that the 19 year old knows what he’s doing.

As a thank you for all the hot mouth-on-dick action, Shane bends Philippe over and teases the soon-to-be bottom by running his unprotected cock over Philippe’s aching hole. Shane rolls on a condom and slides himself deep inside of Philippe who couldn’t be happier. The young bottom gets a good pounding in multiple position before neither of them can take it anymore and have to nut!

Joshua’s got pert, perky nipples – and loves having them played with.

We’ve been hearing from a lot of our buddies lately that there isn’t enough talk out there about gay guys and nipple play – and I have to agree. A good nipple tweakin’ can be way hot, and to overlook such a hot act is just plain criminal.

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play

If there’s one guy who should be locked up for having such dangerously amazing nips, it’s Joshua from – and who better than Jeremy himself to give those perky pecs the attention they deserve? He starts off with a little gentle licking, lapping his wet tongue over each pointy nipple, until he’s eventually sucking with full force. All that suction only serves to get Joshua even more turned on, and it isn’t long before he’s grabbing Jeremy by the neck and shoving his mouth over his cock.

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play

 That doesn’t stop Jeremy from maintaining a firm grip on his nipples as he dives face first into Joshua’s smooth, great tasting cock. The best part is that all that tugging and yanking barely seems to faze Joshua. Hmmm, something tells me he’s done this before!

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play and blowjob

19 year old Marcus Mojo –

Everything about Marcus Mojo is piercing. The nineteen-year-old Next Door Male stud is straight, but don’t worry he’s very anxious to break into the porn industry any way he can. At 6’1” tall, the blonde haired nutritionist and personal trainer loves admits he really enjoys pleasing his partners.

Next Door Male Marcus Mojo 19 y.o. young gay

An avid skateboarder, and model on the side, he told us in an interview he resembles the Energizer Bunny in bed cause he just keeps going, and going, and going — of course, he’d have to with a last name like Mojo. Marcus even admitted in a recent interview with Cybersocket that his cock is cut, but wishes it wasn’t stating, “It would be easier to masturbate with the extra skin!” Cut or uncut, this blonde haired twink has no problems when it comes to performing; he even seems to have a bit of an exhibitionist side to him.

19 year old Marcus Mojo -

 On a trip to Hawaii he enthusiastically recalled fucking a girl in a hot tub while six people watched. We’ll tell you a secret; the best way to get his dick rock hard is to play with his nipples. Although we’re betting at his age anything will get blood pumping to that beautiful piece of meat between his legs.

fucking a girl in a hot tub while six people watched

Straight Twink Boy Jerks Uncut Cock, Busts a Nut on

Amateur British men in action, over on have been featuring models since 2005 who are always hot-to-the-touch. These are truly fresh faced blokes — most of ’em are white (as in, tan free) — so if you’re into that milky white skin look,‘s the site for you! With lots of couple action,’s serving up skinny boyz with big uncut cocks fucking other skinny boys plus the good, solo stuff that let’s you step into the picture and imagine yourself working out your nut with a cutie. And check this out: you’re not just busting a nut, you’re feeding an orphan! donates 5% to charity.

First up on the home page, there’s Bradley (a blond cutie you’d see out at a club). He totally caught my eye. But then I zeroed in on David. He’s the boy in’s newest solo feature. One look at the foreskin hanging over David’s cock and I popped a boner. I’m posting some pics from the video but you should really get online and check out David’s video: it’s nineteen minutes long and worth every solo jerking second.

straight twink uncut cock

Right off, I can totally tell David’s a straight dood: he stands there the way straight guys do. Totally confidant, he stands there with a “What the fuck are you looking at?” face, holding his uncut weiner. Don’tcha love how those lines cut down from his waist into his groin? You can just tell he enjoys a good wank (English for jerking off).

straight twink jerks off uncut cock

Woof! For me, there’s nothing — I mean nothing — like foreskin. I mean, I should move to Mexico or anywhere the boys still got their hoods. David’s really casual how he slides the foreskin up over his boy cock, so high you can only see the head peeking out (and his piss slit!) England, ahoy!

David bust nut shoots jizz

‘Kay, I’m in math class and I shouldn’t be looking at porn (anyway!) but this other dood’s looking at me weird so I reached down into my pants and adjusted my cock. Dang! David shoots his wad and … fuck me, if I don’t bust a nut, too. How am I gonna get from my desk to the bathroom without anyone knowing? I bet they can smell my cum scent. HELP!!!!!

Teen Surf Slut Bares Hot Ass!

If you like Aussie twinks and athletes, has been packing their site with them since 1999. You’ll find over 300 original models, 90,000 original images, 1000 video clips and new models, 24/7. “Free” can be good but it’s like they say: you get what you pay for. What I like about is all the original content you won’t find anywhere else. From rodeos in the outback, to the beaches, to sporting venues, you’re bound to find the right cock for you.

I hit up for some new pics & they sent me their surf stud. You can see from his near naked tan body and board shorts, he’s the “Real Thing”.

naked surf stud nipple ring

Check out his nipple ring. I bet this surf stud would be into some stud on stud action.

surf stud gets naked

Then the sexy surf stud reaches down and opens his board shorts…

slut surf stud bares ass crack

Sexy surfer stud stands up, teasing you with his white butt and a little bit of his ass crack.

Cool Cock on


hey hey hey, all ya Doods & Doodettes, i’m up here in this tacky hotel room — bored and alone (some of y’all might remember i was maybe gonna havetah leaVe home — well last night i did, picked up my shit n booked) — got online & checked out

cameraboy candyman gets collared

cameraboy angel shadow goodboy gone bad

whaz coo bout is how it show U 2 can b a model. i been thinkin bout camwhorin’ since last nIght when i left home. gotta pay the rent, right? i think i got a good chance. my 4 faves: brandon (1A1 blue eyed cutie), candyman & angel shadow (candy likes his collar … & angel’s 1 a those goodboz gone bad) & bluelagoon (sweeeet!!!! i bet these two r so in luv!!!!! )

cameraboys bluelagoon boyz r so in luv!

hang! sides a whole buncha lovely tranny ladies (flowers on titties are big right now, as really bright colored panties on well waxed pussies) there’s a ton of big dicked studs, frat boys, hot latin cock, and horny twink types. they got something for everyone, for reals. But whazz 2coo is thos studs — or boyz or chicks wit dicks, whatever ur into — u don’t just havetah to look at ’em and go, “i wonder what their dick looks like hard? how do they stroke it?” (& my question, what the fucks under that ski cap?) wonder no more! he (or she) alls urs: free live gay video chat (gays, trannys), couples, muscle heads, twinks, sex video on demand., it’s kinda like a video game: pick your idea of hot chick / stud / twink, deposit the ducats, sign on, & they’re all urs! my fav features is how they list everything up top .. good cuz i’m kinda new to this (yeah, rigggghttt) — no, really, i am! im just looking cause i might have to start cam whoring, er, i mean, “performing” myself. gots to pay that hotel bill. anyway, ill worry ’bout tha shit tomorrow. Some a the kinky kids i like, u might want to check out: brandon (blue eyed cutie), candyman (spikey collar!) angel shadow (nice package) & bluelagoon (sweet ‘n spicey)

Next Door College Boy Clark Kent gets sucked!

Did you know that Clark Kent loves getting his cock sucked? Well, he does! The other day he was in the shower, stroking himself a bit, when Samuel walked into the bathroom to see if his friend was ready to go. When Samuel pulled back the shower curtains, he saw the stud with his dick in his hand, leaned up against the back wall with his eyes closed, slowly tugging on his cock. Samuel loves a hot body and cock, so he helped himself into the shower, leaned over and took his friend’s cock into his mouth. As the water splashed against the back of his head, Samuel took in all the meaty goodness that Clark was offering.

next door boys

Samuel felt like he was swallowing more water than cock, so the two grab towels and headed out to the living room, where they continue their fun. Samuel gets behind Clark and worships his beefy legs. He kisses and rubs them, before going back around the Clark’s front and taking his cock into his mouth again. He grabs Clark by the balls and starts to chow down on his rigid dick, he can fell the cock head rubbing up against the back of his throat. Samuel sucks his friend until Clark can’t take it any more and proceeds to fiercely beat his cock until it explodes all over Samuel, throwing his jism in every direction. As Samuel feels the hot salty droplets of Clark’s ball juice bomb his body, his own nuts start to erupt spewing his creamy semen into the air and landing on his stomach. Samuel rubs the newly fallen sperm all over, combining both his and Clark’s as one gooey mess across his body.

To see this super man getting more action click here.

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