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Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

If you haven’t seen this hot recent update at Bel Ami Online featuring Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios, be sure to click through and check it out. Roger Lambert is one of the hottest models that Bel Ami has on its hands right now, so they have been carefully taking their time to introduce him. Fans, however, are already clamoring for more. And once you get a glimpse of his sexy body, face, hair, and dick, you’ll understand why. In this clip, Roger is partnered up with bad boy Manuel Rios, and the passion between the two of them is pretty incredible. Watch as they marvel at each other’s huge dicks and then suck cock until Manuel fucks Roger. This one is incredible from start to finish.

Roger Lambert and Manuel Rios at Bel Ami Online

Football Jocks Cain and Austin Fuck at Corbin Fisher

Football Jocks Cain and Austin Fuck at Corbin Fisher

Football Jocks Cain and Austin Fuck at Corbin Fisher

Football Jocks Cain and Austin Fuck at Corbin Fisher

Football Jocks Cain and Austin Fuck at Corbin Fisher

In this fuck-tastic new clip from Corbin Fisher, Cain and Austin put the “touch” in touch football! As the video begins, Cain and Austin are playing football and shooting the breeze until Cain suddenly heads for the house. Inside, the director heats things up by telling Cain to fuck the daylights out of Austin. After some passionate kissing and aggressive cocksucking, the fucking begins. Austin clearly enjoys submitting to Cain and Austin’s moans of pleasure just egg him on. At one point Cain tells Austin, “You’re my little bitch.” When they switch to doggy style fucking, Austin shoots his load uncontrollably. He tells Cain to keep fucking him, which quickly causes Cain to spurt his own hot load all over Austin’s perfect ass cheeks. Score!

Randy Blue Delivers Hot Cock With Alex and Brandon


Alex Eden fans have probably been wondering where the Randy Blue stud has been. Well, he took a little break and now he’s back. Fans are sure to embrace his return with a one two tug, but they’ll also be excited that he’s toned down his bodybuilder’s bulk without getting rid of the muscle. On top of everything else his new buzz cut and facial scruff has Randy Blue viewers wetting their panties over the sexy stud.


We can’t forget Brandon who has been paired up with him and believe us when we tell you that this duo is smoking hot! Brandon and Alex really got into passionately making out before Alex finally dropped to his knees, pulled on the Ginch Gonch underwear band and whipped out the stone rock hard on. Brandon threw his head back in ecstasy as Alex opened his mouth and sucked long and hard on his ramrod.


After a while Brandon is more than happy to return the favor and gets down on his knees to suck on Alex’s long pole. One thing that has definitely not changed is Alex’s mojo, in fact, we think he looks hornier and harder than ever. Just look at the way his cock sticks straight up. Now that’s something we could all suck on for a while.

Fratpad — Where All Straight Dudes Go To Relax

What happens when someone throws a bunch of straight guys together under one roof? The answers might surprise you! The guys over at Fratpad are young goofballs that spend most of their time shirtless and aren’t afraid to get a little experimental with each other.


What makes this site so hot is that these guys are clearly straight and have very obvious limits with how far they will go with each other. But even their boundaries don’t keep them from wanting to know about their fellow roommates. You can bet when they are naked together they’re sneaking peeks at each other’s junk.


Like most guys — whether they be gay or straight — these dudes love to jack off to some good porn, and they end up in many group circle jerks because of it. It might be a little fishy for one guy to be in the room watching the other dudes jerk their meat, but it’s really quite common at Fratpad. The dude watching will even jump in and grab another guy’s nipples just to fuck with him.


One thing we noticed about all the guys is how incredibly ripped they all are. They have a gym in the house, and drink protein shakes, but it’s still pretty impressive.


It’s seems like one of the ways that they cut down on expenses is by doing group activities together which includes bath time. If I had roommates that looked like these dudes do I would be hitting the shower at least five times a day!


Who ordered the Beefcake, with a side of hot webcam?

So there’s this guy I’ve had my eye on for a while now. His name is Kyle, and I’ve seen him around campus a lot lately, and most recently he just transfered into my European History 101 class. But ever since then, I haven’t learned a lick about anything, from King Henry, to Napoleon. This guy’s got me hypnotized  the second he enters the room, and it’s all because he’s one of the best built, most muscular guys ever to walk the halls of my University.

andy muscle cam hot muscular stud

He reminds me a lot of Andy, from, a guy I’ve also had my eye on for a couple days now. There’s just something about a sweet guy with a bodybuilder body that makes me want to get on my knees and let the worshipping begin.

andy muscle cam hot muscular stud

This frisky little French beefcake (of German Decent) is the dictionary definition of amateur porn. With a webcam he’s set up himself in his bedroom, you can really tell Andy loves to flex and put on shows for anyone who wants to watch. He does everything – from fun with his fleshjack, to showing off his smooth, tan stomach, the guy does everything. It might not beat going to class, but who says I can’t have both, right?

andy muscle cam hot muscular stud

Lucas Bangs Brady Hard and Fast at

Ah, the great outdoors. Birds chirping, the sun shinning – and two well-built studs giving each other sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. Okay, so it’s not your typical outdoor adventure, but in the land of, it’s all too common.

Corbin Fisher Lucas Bangs Brady hot gay models

 Here, you can’t move an inch without knocking into a straight-from-the-gym hunk with a cute face and a sexy set of bangs (I know, it’s strange, but there’s something about the boys on this site and bangs. They fucking love them! Perhaps it’s a Midwest thing, since most of the bros are corn-fed country guys?)

Lucas fucks Brady hard and fast at

Of course, hair isn’t the only thing banging with their latest duo of newbie Brady and fan-favorite Lucas. According to Corbin, Brady was curious as to what it’s be like to have a hard, fast fuck with one of the site’s most popular models (and someone Brady had had a crush on for a long time now), and Lucas was more than happy to oblige. lucas brady hardcore gay sex free porn preview

 You can totally tell in just a few preview shots we have here that Lucas is going to be in total control of this sexy session, the way he holds Brady in place with his thick, musclar arms and his intense gaze.  Brady, consider your wish Lucas’s every command!

Lucky’s all smiles as he gets rocked and rolled at

Isn’t Lucky’s smile absolutely infectious? No, not the kind of I was sort of drunk and slept with a homeless guy and now I have a staph infection that I just can’t shake infectious way. No,  this one is more like the infectious that’s so good you don’t want it to go away type of way. The stay-around-as-long-as-you-like infectious way that we positively adore.

randy blue gay porn branden lucky

Just take a look at the latest preview clip from and you’ll know just what we mean. First of all, the sex scene looks way spicy. You’ve got your typical beefy slice of perfection with Braden, but then you throw Lucky into the mix and things start looking absolutely amazing. smile gay porn free preview

Not only does he voraciously gulp down Braden’s stiff dick, but he’s all smiles as he’s rocked and roll in every different position with Braden tearing apart his ass by the armful. Keep smilin’ Lucky – We know we’ll be as we’re watching this on loop all weekend long!

Randy Blue hot gay porn models Lucky and Braden

Opposites attract at when tan flesh meets soft supple ass

You couldn’t find a duo more oddly paired than Taz and Tristan; On one hand you have Tristan – a hot and hairy guy with a natural tan and an appetite for sex that is, well, insatiable. Yeah, this guy’s an absolute monster in the bedroom, and let’s just say this kid is not apologizing for it.

Blake Mason gay porn Tristan Taz

 Then on the other hand, you’ve got Taz – small, skinny, and soft to the touch, you couldn’t find a more gentle, demure, and affectionate guy than him. Be careful with this sensitive stud – he’s a sucker for hugs and kisses, and loves to be held for long periods of time. Aw Taz. Come to Daddy!

blake mason gay porn blowjob Taz Tristan

Of course, the good blokes of know that if there’s one hard and fast rule in porn, it’s that nothing can get as sexually steamy as when two opposites attract. And just like that old Paula Abdul song, when Taz and Tristan get together, it just all works out. Only here the thing getting worked out the most is Taz’s creamy white ass cheeks. Watch as Tristan aggressively spreads ‘em, as he plunges his finger deep inside, much to Taz’s pleasure. It’s the kind of action that could have you singing from the top of your lungs – and maybe even bustin’ out a few old school Paula moves, if you dare.

Tristan fucks Taz in his white ass on blake mason

Hairy Texan Gage Wilson from Randy Blue

Gage Wilson is a sexy guy from Texas that you are going to love. From the moment you first lay eyes on him you’ll think he’s nice looking. He has these great puppy dog eyes and a pleasant smile. But he’s a tricky one. Very unassuming, you’ll never guess what he’s got hiding under those clothes. Once Gage strips down and lets you see his amazing body you’ll be sucked in and know you’re in for the ride of your life. Gage is no stranger to the porn world and you may have seen him on another site, but he pulled out all the stops for his first Randy Blue appearance. Gage has a gorgeous pelt of thick man fur that runs all over his rock hard pecs, six-pack abs, delicious cock and balls, and all around his gorgeous hole and down his muscular arms and legs.

hairy texan cowboy cock

And as if having a beautiful worked-out body wasn’t enough, this guy knows how to put on a show. He doesn’t just jack off, he exudes sex and passion from every ounce of his being. This is one you may need to watch more than once because he’s so damn hot you may not make it to the cum shot your first time around. His voice is like music with his passionate moans rising in pitch and intensity as he gets closer and closer to climax. And if you can somehow keep yourself from shooting your load until after this hottie cums, the look on his face as he’s coming down from his sexual high will be enough to cause your dick to explode.

To see Gage’s video, click here.

Outdoor Public Sex from Football Buddies

It seemed like a normal day when Xander Scott and Brent Diggs went outside for a game of touch football. Just a couple of friends throwing around some ball with no shirts on. It was warm when they started and all the running around got them very sweaty. Then something happened. The musty scent from their dripping bodies started to overtake them. The game of “touch” football got more touchy as they both began looking for a chance to grab each other more than the football. One good tackle and it was all over… well, the game anyway. Xander tackled Brent, decided he won the game and decided to claim his prize, right then and there. Suddenly, the wind picked up and Xander planted a big one on Brent’s full lips. Something must have been in the wind that day because after getting a good look at his hot ass, Xander surprised everyone by going down on Brent’s thick throbbing cock.

randy blue

He’s never gone down on another guy before but the chemistry between them was so strong that Xander later said he couldn’t help himself. And of course, Brent was hardly going to say no. Then things got really hot with Xander being a little more aggressive than you’re used to seeing him. He decided he wanted Brent and he was going to have him. Watching these two kiss is so hot you almost don’t need anything else, but they’d never leave you hanging like that. They go from mutual jackoff to a 69 that’s sure to get your rocks off. And after Brent shoots his load all over Xander’s chest, Xander shoots and shoots and shoots. Sweaty, sticky and spent, the two of them hop in the pool to cool themselves off. They’ve been hanging around a lot since we shot this video and I think they’re become great buddies.

To see their video, click here.

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