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JuicyGoo's GooGabber Gay Porn Blog’s Peco and His Big Fat Dick’s latest feature model is Peco. He is 18 years old from Argentina with a huge fat cock. This bisexual latin dude says that he is shy but when you see him during this shoot, you’ll have a hard time believing that. Peco also loves to have a hard cocks sliding in and out of his hairy asshole. As Peco begins taking off his clothes, you’ll be impressed with slender built body, which you would expect most 18 year old men to have. His dick looks normal, until he starts rubbing on it to make it hard. Peco’s hard on happens quickly, a true joy of being so young, and it gets fatter and fatter with every stoke of his hand. By the time Peco ‘s dick is full force it is the size of a soda can.

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Peco also says that he loves to top older guys and with that thick cock I am sure that he has left quite a few guys with a smile on their face and a load of his cum in their ass! Peco’s hand barely wraps around the enormous piece of meat, but has learned a few tricks using both hands to masturbate to his fullest potential. Peco’s hands get pushed apart as he plays with his fat, uncut cock. It becomes ominous, like something out of a horror movie, getting larger and larger. His balls bounce up and down as he tugs on his thick shaft. Hot cum shoots into the air landing on his hairy stomach. He lets go of his cock and it slams onto his cum covered belly, splashing boy sperm everywhere.

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