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Hung and Horny


Drawing from their large stable of horny studs, Eurocreme has assembled their biggest collection of big cocks to date. You will find an unprecedented array of the stiffest, thickest cocks you’ve ever seen. With huge stars such as Matt Hughes (with his 11-inch fuck wand) and the very popular and versatile Mason Wyler heating up the screen, you know you’ll be in good hands as you sit back and enjoy this choice piece of over-sized meat. Hughes is known for wielding his nearly foot-long cock in front of open mouths and Mason is known for taking on a gang of top fuckers in the past. Although they don’t appear together in this video, you’ll find that they each put on a great show in their respective scenes.

Besides the plentiful shots of these handsome dicks plowing through some willing, tight asses, Huge and Horny also features plenty of facial cum shots to end the scenes. Steven Prior and Rich Hunter start off the video with a delicious oral/anal combo that leaves Hunter covered in goo. But the biggest draws are the two separate three-way scenes featuring Hughes and Wyler. The title of this video is dead-on in describing the hot action you’ll find on screen. Huge cocks definitely make these boys horny.

Matt Hughes Stars in 11 Inch Fuck Stud






Matt Hughes undoubtedly has one of the biggest dicks in porn. How big is it? His dick is so big he’ll never need crutches when he gets older. He can just pop out that bad boy and use it for support. How big is it? He’s been known to pass out when he gets a raging hard-on. How big is it? He’s so big he has to claim it as a carry on when he gets on a plane.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit goofy, but it’s only because he’s so hung that it boggles the mind that a dick can grow to be that big. Matt’s dick is the real deal. At 11 uncut inches of solid meat, there are probably very few guys who can really take it the way he likes to give it. Fortunately for him, there is no shortage of guys who are ready and willing to try and put their asses to the test.

11 Inch Fuck Stud gathers 5 of his most explosive scenes. From 2008 in one convenient DVD for you size queens that can’t get enough of a good thing. Forget water boarding, next time we want to torture someone we should send Matt to give him a little dick to ass heart-to-heart. We’re sure any guy would be singing in no time!

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