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Hung and Horny


Drawing from their large stable of horny studs, Eurocreme has assembled their biggest collection of big cocks to date. You will find an unprecedented array of the stiffest, thickest cocks you’ve ever seen. With huge stars such as Matt Hughes (with his 11-inch fuck wand) and the very popular and versatile Mason Wyler heating up the screen, you know you’ll be in good hands as you sit back and enjoy this choice piece of over-sized meat. Hughes is known for wielding his nearly foot-long cock in front of open mouths and Mason is known for taking on a gang of top fuckers in the past. Although they don’t appear together in this video, you’ll find that they each put on a great show in their respective scenes.

Besides the plentiful shots of these handsome dicks plowing through some willing, tight asses, Huge and Horny also features plenty of facial cum shots to end the scenes. Steven Prior and Rich Hunter start off the video with a delicious oral/anal combo that leaves Hunter covered in goo. But the biggest draws are the two separate three-way scenes featuring Hughes and Wyler. The title of this video is dead-on in describing the hot action you’ll find on screen. Huge cocks definitely make these boys horny.

Tommy D Dicks A Very Dirty Mason Wyler





Mason Wyler is popular because he’s got the looks of your average boy next door, but his biggest fans know that he loves to be treated like a dirty slut and usually you can find him doing just that on his site. This time, though, he’s on his way to meet up with Tommy D.  Tommy loves to fuck and Mason’s mouth has been watering for Tommy’s cock since he missed his flight weeks ago. Now that they are finally together, they are ready to unleash all that sexual energy on each other because you can tell that they want to fuck.  Those tighty whities Mason is wearng will be gone soon, anyway.  They only get in the way of Tommy’s raging hard cock in his ass.

Immediately, Mason goes down on Tommy’s rod and starts to ram it down his throat. Tommy, then, reciprocates the favor by swallowing Mason’s dripping wet cock and then flipping him over on his back and shoving his cock deep inside Mason’s ass. Before too long, Tommy D is ready to shoot his massive load – and he does: all over Mason’s rippling abs. This is one hot reunion between two sexy studs that we’re glad we were able to watch!

[flv: 480 368]

Mason Wyler and Justin Ryder Flip Flop





Mason Wyler has to be one of the horniest sluts on the planet. His mouth has never met a dick he couldn’t swallow hole – ditto for his ass. Going to his site to watch the latest updates is akin to going to a summer blockbuster movie. You know there’s going to be lots of explosions, sweating, swearing, and at the end of it someone always gets screwed.

Mason’s latest notch on his very full bedpost (seriously, it looks like wicker) is Justin Ryder. Justin is a boy with hairy ass legs and a nice long cock, which Mason quickly gobbles down. Usually when guys deep throat they have to take it a little slower, but Mason’s gag reflexes went away a long time ago. The two flip-flop swap until they finally figure out that they can get into the 69 and enjoy it at the same time.

The most shocking part of the video is when Justin climbs on top of Mason and slides his ass on top of Mason’s uncut dick. To see a greasy, open for business, slutty, power-bottom like Mason top is rather arousing. Don’t worry he’s still as voracious a bottom as ever and ends up accidentally backing up onto Justin’s cock. Yeah, right, accident.

[flv: 480 368]

Jizz Addicted Twinks




Conner and Ryan are two horny young twinks who don’t mind swallowing a little cum when the moment arises. Ryan goes down on Conner’s knob and really takes his time enjoying the hard dick in his mouth. The boy definitely knows how to work his mouth for ultimate effect! Later, the two swap places, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say how surprised we were when we saw how big Ryan’s dick actually got. You’d never guess such a skinny twink would have such an Olympic sized cock. Conner ends up dropping a delicious load right on Ryan’s tongue. After the twink has swallowed a little of it, he gets up and kisses Conner making sure that the stud gets a taste of his own jizz. Ah, just another day at Jizz Addiction! Check out Mason Wyler taking Mike Roberts’ load down below, and then head on over to the site to see hundreds of guys guzzling down spermy loads. You won’t be disappointed!

[flv: 480 368]

Mason Wyler Fucks Philippe Delvaux


Mason is a self-admitted sex addict who just can’t get enough dick in his life. We’re also surprised to see him topping a lot more since we’ve considered him to be a big ol’ greasy bottom, but we’re glad that he’s getting his top on.

For his latest post, Mason invited Philippe Delvaux to join in on the fun. Mason wasted no time making out with Philippe before it was on to other more pressing things. The two exchanged blowjobs and even got a little bit of 69’ing action, but Philippe’s ass was throbbing with the need to be filled.

Mason has a good sized dick, and was so fucking horny he was ready to pound some ass. He was concerned for Philippe who at 19 years of age hasn’t had that much dick up in him, so Mason decided to stretch him out just a little with a nice dildo. Mason does eventually get to impale Philippe who seems to be having the time of his life.

Seasons Malibu