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Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Jackson Gets Fucked For the First Time at Corbin Fisher!

Super sexy Jackson was an instant hit when he debuted on Corbin Fisher this year. With his sexy stubble and laid-back masculinity, Jackson was impossible for fans to resist. In this clip, Jackson bottoms for the very first time – with beautiful blond Kent serving as his guide and top. As the scene starts, Jackson and Kent kiss while Kent rubs Jackson’s crotch through his jeans. After some mutual cock sucking, Kent rims Jackson’s furry ass and then explores it with a couple fingers before finally easing his hard cock into Jackson’s virgin hole. This is Jackson’s first time, but he’s definitely not shy. “How does that virgin ass feel?” he asks Kent, which clearly eggs him on. Kent pounds even harder, and soon Jackson’s legs are in the air as he takes every last inch of Kent’s dick. Both guys moan as they fuck and they get so in sync with each other that they end up cumming at the same time. As Jackson’s cock spews multiple streams of jizz onto his abs, Kent explodes inside Jackson’s tight, virgin ass. Then the cameras continue filming as they clean up and chat about Jackson’s first bottoming experience. If we’re lucky, it won’t be his last!

Glen Fucks Kenny at Corbin Fisher

Glen Fucks Kenny at Corbin Fisher

Glen Fucks Kenny at Corbin Fisher

Glen Fucks Kenny at Corbin Fisher

Glen Fucks Kenny at Corbin Fisher

There’s something special about the boys at Corbin Fisher. There are a lot of sites that feature straight guys experimenting, but Corbin Fisher has always managed to find amazing young hunks. This recent update features sexy young jocks Glen and Kenny. Both guys are physically active, but Glen has never been into organized team sports. As this scene begins, Kenny is mentoring Glen as they toss a ball around. They have such a great connection that Kenny then decides to tutor Glen in some additional topics – such as sucking cock and fucking! After some kissing and nipple play, Kenny sucks Glen’s dick. It feels so good that Glen decides to try sucking Kenny’d cock, and then he fucks Kenny doggy-style before they both blow their loads!

Richard & Cayden @ Randy Blue





Richard Pierce and Cayden Ross are a couple of horny muscle jocks who crave hot sex and cum. In this clip from Randy Blue, we see them go at it with such fervent energy that it makes for great gay porn! It’s animalistic sex at its best. They start out clothed, but in seconds, they’re stripped down and they’re swallowing one another’s cocks. After a quick blowjob, Cayden flips Richard over so he can get at his tight sphincter. He digs his tongue deep in that ass making Richard moan with pleasure. Seeing these hot muscle studs with their bodies wrapped around each other is pure, horny perfection.

With the oral action behind them, they plunge forward with some very hot anal sex. Richard is ready to be penetrated, so Cayden takes his thick, meaty cock and slams it deep into Richard’s hole. Richard begs and begs for the thrusting to continue and Cayden is more than happy to oblige. Tattooed muscles ripple with the undulating action taking place. Finally, Cayden rides him hard and deep and then just before he empties his balls, he pulls his cock out and showers Richard with loads and loads of hot, creamy jizz!

[flv: 455 345]

Country Boy Caleb Takes A Dip





These country folk sure don’t have any manners when it comes down to fancy things in town. Caleb Black is a simple country boy and he’s more used to swimming down at the local swimming hole in his hometown than in a regular swimming pool. As he lounges outdoors, the crystal clear water calls for him to jump in, which he does in full hillbilly style – buck naked. He has probably forgotten that town people don’t usually do that, but he doesn’t know any better. The cool water caressing his skin gets his cock stirring and in a flash, he’s stroking his meat.

I’m sure they do things differently where he comes from – but the handling of his stiff country pole is the same across city limits. Even if someone catches him in the act of dirty monkey-spanking, his only saving grace from getting in trouble is the fact that Caleb is a real looker. Instead of turning him in, they’d want to join in on the action. With his country boy charms, a big cock head, smooth balls, and his untamed bush, it’s hard not to stop and stare. Who can blame such a cute boy? He doesn’t know any better.

[flv: 480 368]

Corbin Fisher’s Elijah & Caleb






Fans of shaggy-haired hot guys are going to love Caleb and Elijah. These two straight dudes recently met over at Corbin Fisher, and socialized – and by socialized we mean fucked.

Although Caleb is straight he has admitted that he enjoys the feeling of getting fucked. Don’t think that it’s easy for him though because he’s got an incredibly tight hole. Yeah, we know, lucky Elijah. The two start things off with some really hot kissing. Although you might think they look alike they are totally not related. It’s just that their hair is so similar when wet that they look like they could be brothers. After some oral, Elijah preps Caleb’s hole with his tongue. The thing to note is that Caleb’s been on vacation for quite a long time and hasn’t had any contact with guys, so you know that shit is super tight.

The two end up working up quite a sweat, which means they have to hit the showers together. Check out the steamy action below!

[flv: 480 368]

Boys and Their Toys (Dildos, That Is)





Someone once said that dildos are forever, or is that diamonds? We can never remember. Speaking of dildos the popular sex toys made a recent appearance over at Corbin Fisher’s site. Jeff and Dawson were the lucky participants to be on the receiving end of Mr. Pinky and Mr. Blue’s constant hardness.

Jeff, who has a virgin hole after all the time he has spent doing videos for the site, and Dawson go back and forth with some witty banter before the two finally decide what will end up where. Of course, they both use them in the end. Jeff even admits that all the vibration is actually feeling quite good. Could it be that this blond stud might be having a change of heart? We think so. It always starts the same. First there’s a little action around the hole, next a tongue accidentally slips inside, and finally someone just asks to stick the tip of the head inside. After that it’s greasy bottoms up, buying Cosco quantities of lube, and an insatiable appetite to be filled that only gets subdued after you have to go to the emergency room for getting a furry little creature stuck up there… Or so we’ve, umm, heard.

Ryan Kwanten Gets Naked on True Blood


Ryan Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood, and if you haven’t seen him in action you are totally missing out! This hottie originally hails from Sydney, Australia where he sharpened his acting skills before he moved out to Los Angeles and joined the big boys.

What’s great about Ryan’s character in the show is that he plays an oversexed Southern boy, which means that many of his scenes require him to be naked and fucking a girl. He’s been on top, the bottom, choking girls and in every other compromising position you can imagine. He’s also worn a mask and danced around in his underwear in the show and from what we can tell acting isn’t his only huge talent. We imagine that he’s uncut like his fellow countryman Hugh Jackman. Both guys appear in various states of undress over at Male Celebrities, which is the only place to go if you need to see some celebrity dick, a sex tape, or anything else that your heart desires!

Corbin Fisher’s Tanner Cums Clean




Tanner’s a young lad of 21 who is very confident with his looks and his body, which is why he was so eager to show it off over at Corbin Fisher. Corbin has actually confided that it took a while to schedule Tanner for a shoot because he had been busy with other things. From the sounds of his interview that other thing is probably hooking up with girls. Like most dudes his age, this 5’8” stud has sex on the brain 24/7.

What we like about Tanner is that he isn’t afraid to point out all the things that make him such a hottie. “People tell me I have defined legs,” he points out while he’s stark naked. Had he not mentioned this we might have never taken our eyes off of his low hanging balls – he does have good legs, btw.

Sometimes dudes with low hangers for some reason seem to have smaller cocks, but Tanner’s 7.5” cut beauty doesn’t need any help in the size department. This dude sports a hard on in no time flat, and shoots a formidable load all over a Corbin Fisher towel. Does anyone know if Corbin sells those towels after they’ve been soiled? Because we sure would like to get our hands on it.

[flv:×360.flv 480 368]

Christian Bale Gets Naked



Christian Bale is a pretty decent actor with a killer bod who could really do more naked roles. C’mon, WTF? What’s with all the covering up lately? We haven’t seen his ass or cock in a while now, and we’re starting to go through withdrawals.

We’re hoping that Christian will shed his clothes in some sort of artsy-fartsy film that gets shown nowhere but ends up winning every award. Getting naked would be exactly the type of street cred he needs after his last two Batman films and his upcoming Terminator Salvation. No offense, we love these films, but if you do too many you lose your artistic integrity. Lord knows why, but as long as Bale strips we’re all for it!

We were also hoping his wife would release pictures of him with morning wood. That would be pretty hot too, and we wouldn’t have to sit through a boring movie! A girl can dream can’t she? Oh well, until then there’s always Male Celebrities.

Marcus Mojo Fucks A.J. Irons






A.J. Irons is the newest member at Next Door Buddies and this muscular hottie does not disappoint. Although he might look fresh out of high school this 28 year old stud is all man. He’s got the type of body that looks as if it has been sculpted out of marble, which is good since Marcus Mojo has also bulked up as well making these two muscular beefcakes equally matched.

A.J. wakes up with a raging hard-on that doesn’t go unnoticed by Mojo who shoves his hand down his shorts and pulls out his own growing member. The two finally decide to do something about their morning wood and quickly begin to suck one another, but it just isn’t enough so they slip into the 69 position.

After some serious sucking, Marcus slips on a condom and gets ready to pound A.J.’s ass. Not only does he pound A.J. but he looks hot doing it. The two are a writhing swirl of muscles that releases and contracts as they fuck never ceasing until the two have blown their loads all over one another.

[flv: 480 368]

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