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Johan’s Journal Part 2: Eye Candy






Johan’s Journal Part 2: Eye Candy has a running time of just over two hours and twenty minutes! Seriously, we watched it from top to bottom (teehee), and were barely able to make it past the first scene featuring blond, dreamy Luke Hamill, and his hot boytoy Justin Boyd. Luke fucks the blond twink hard and furious and drops his load all over Justin’s ass while the hot bottom straddles him.

The next scene is probably one of our favorites in terms of sex dares. A bunch of the boys are in Spain on business and take a sightseeing tour on a double-decker bus. The bus is filled with tourists but that doesn’t stop Johan from daring the boys to jack-off. Surprisingly, two of them actually whip out their cocks while the others watch on. The guys go into peels of laughter when the first guy actually shoots his load all over the back of a seat. Some of the guys are in shock at what has transpired, but they’re assured that it’s just another day in the life of a Bel Ami model.

Another hot scene involves Davy Paxton and Leon Boisen. The two really get into sucking each other’s cocks so much so that Sebastian Bonnet (who is operating one of the cameras) starts sucking on Davy’s huge uncut pole. Davy ends up topping Leon’s tight hole until he has to pull out, rip off the condom and drop a load all over Leon’s stomach.

[flv: 480 368]

Bel Ami’s Love Affairs




Former Bel Ami pin-up boy and all-around dreamy, gorgeous stud Lukas Ridgeston directed this steamy movie that follows the passions of some of the most beautiful men on the planet. No porn stars can play being in love quite like the Bel Ami boys, I mean, c’mon… Wouldn’t you fall in love too if you had to do a scene with the likes of Josh Elliot, Luke Hamill, Sascha Chaykin, or Alex Orioli?

Love Affairs consists of six scenes in which these boys suck, fuck, and – yes – look absolutely in love. Hopeless romantics will love the scene between Sascha Chaykin and Alex Orioli. After Alex nuts in Sascha’s mouth he becomes his bottom boy and Sascha plows his ass every which way until he finally cums all over Alex’s chest.

We also see a team-up between Jacques Briere and Josh Elliot. Those who are familiar with Josh know that this pretty boy is always horny. Another beautiful boy who appears in the film is Luke Hamill who has a scene with Kurt Diesel. Luke is one of Bel Ami’s hottest models and seeing his mischievous grin is always a boner-inducing treat. Rediscover your own love affair with the most gorgeous men in porn and get ready to fall in love all over again.

Bel Ami’s A+2

If you haven’t seen the Personal Trainer series from Bel Ami, you are truly missing out. The idea behind the series is that they take a Bel Ami model in training and pair him up with one of the studio’s seasoned veterans. Think of it as an apprentice/master relationship. In A+2, veterans like Sebastian Bonnet and Josh Elliot join Luke Hamill (he just graduated from trainee to trainer) and put the boys through their final paces before finally giving them a grade.
In the first scene, Yann Tiersen and Josh Elliot swap blowjobs while Luke Hamill tops Yann Tiersen. Josh and Luke really try to teach Yann what they have learned through their own experiences on film by showing him how it’s done. He might be their young Padawan learner, but it’s clear that this isn’t Yann’s first time at the rodeo.
Later, the ever goofy and extremely sexy Sebastian Bonnet tops newcomer Sean Berrett. In many ways Sebastian’s the new face of Bel Ami. In the past, Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston were the faces of the studio, and conveyed a sense of perfection and unattainability that made the studio what it has become today. Sebastian is the 21st version of the Bel Ami model. He’s still gorgeous and well packaged, but he’s a bit more relaxed and down-to-earth.
In the last scene, Alex Orioli & Luke Hamill join forces to top Eric Bouna. The lucky bottom ends up getting a feel for both of these studs that’ll have you booking a flight to the Czech Republic.

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