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Bel Ami Welcomes Julien Hussey





Julien Hussey is so fucking gorgeous that we’re thinking about relocating to the Czech Republic. Julien totally looks like the type of guy we would have crushed on in school. He’s got a masculine face, twink body, and fat uncut cock between his legs. He also happens to have low-hanging balls – in case you’re wondering his right nut sack hangs lower than his left.

Although Julien has not appeared in any movies yet, the studio promises that we’ll be seeing a lot of this hottie in the upcoming months. We’re trying to picture what it is Julien likes to do in bed. We bet he loves to get rimmed. Can’t you see him with his legs thrown over his head, his eyes squinting in ecstasy as he licks his lips? He probably also loves to get pounded nice and hard. Whew!

Below is a behind-the-scenes clip from the movie Night Out. Julien isn’t in it, but we thought you’d enjoy it anyway. We have to go to the bathroom and take care of something that came up.

[flv: 480 368]

Corbin Fisher’s Tanner Cums Clean




Tanner’s a young lad of 21 who is very confident with his looks and his body, which is why he was so eager to show it off over at Corbin Fisher. Corbin has actually confided that it took a while to schedule Tanner for a shoot because he had been busy with other things. From the sounds of his interview that other thing is probably hooking up with girls. Like most dudes his age, this 5’8” stud has sex on the brain 24/7.

What we like about Tanner is that he isn’t afraid to point out all the things that make him such a hottie. “People tell me I have defined legs,” he points out while he’s stark naked. Had he not mentioned this we might have never taken our eyes off of his low hanging balls – he does have good legs, btw.

Sometimes dudes with low hangers for some reason seem to have smaller cocks, but Tanner’s 7.5” cut beauty doesn’t need any help in the size department. This dude sports a hard on in no time flat, and shoots a formidable load all over a Corbin Fisher towel. Does anyone know if Corbin sells those towels after they’ve been soiled? Because we sure would like to get our hands on it.

[flv:×360.flv 480 368]

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