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Bel Ami’s Some Like It Big





If you’re a size queen (fess up, we know you’re out there), you should really check out Bel Ami’s Some Like It Big. From top to bottom (hehe) this movie is a tour de force of some of the biggest dicks in twink porn. But what’s even better is that there is no obnoxious long dialogue just pure sex.

The first scene stars Andre Pagnol and Ralph Woods attempting to munch on each other’s humongous cocks – they don’t call it a job for nothing you know! One thing that we love is that Bel Ami has been having two cumshots per scene, and these two definitely deliver. Andre gets quite the blowjob from Ralph until he can’t hold it anymore and has to relieve himself. Ralph – who has been pulling his pud all along – ends up releasing his own gusher. For their encore, the duo engage in a flip-flop fuck that leaves both of them quite dry and satisfied.

Another hot team-up occurs between Paul Valery and Colin Reeves. Paul looks a bit like James Franco, and you won’t believe your eyes when this doe-eyed beauty drops trou and unleashes his trouser monster. As Colin gives Paul a hot blowjob, Paul asks if he would mind terribly if he came in his mouth. Not wanting to turn him down, Colin concedes but gets rewarded by Paul who returns the favor. Paul who has always been a fun bottom bends Colin over and proceeds to give him the type of fucking that he’ll remember on long lonely nights.

With the likes of Andre Pagnol, Colin Reeves, Keith Johansson, Kurt Diesel, Manuel Rios, Mark Zebro, Paul Valery, Ralph Woods, Steve Jennings, and Trevor Yates this flick shouldn’t be missed.

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