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Josh Duhamel Bares All

In honor of the wedding that will take place this weekend between Josh Duhamel and that girl that likes to spell in every one of her goddamn songs – good ol’ what’s her name with the previous crack issues – we’re posting pictures of what that lucky bitch has to look forward to the rest of her life. Yeah, right.
We’re going to assume that before he was an actor in huge hits like Transformers, and umm… well, it was a big movie, this 36 year-old yummy stud was a professional model. That or some very rich older patron (we’re picturing a man) kept his ass as he tried to make it in the rough world of acting, and took compromising pictures to remember him by.
Lucky for us, collects these hidden gems like some people collect black market artifacts. We have to admit that Josh has a pretty nice ass for a straight guy. Isn’t that always the way? The guys who intend for nothing to happen in and around that area are as smooth as butter while those of us who get off on having our asses played with have to get a weed wacker just so the guy can find it.
We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this full frontal pic on the site. And no it hasn’t been photoshopped. That my friends is what Fugalicious will get to enjoy for the rest of her life. Yay her! Yeah, we’re bitter.

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