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Johan’s Journal Part 2: Eye Candy






Johan’s Journal Part 2: Eye Candy has a running time of just over two hours and twenty minutes! Seriously, we watched it from top to bottom (teehee), and were barely able to make it past the first scene featuring blond, dreamy Luke Hamill, and his hot boytoy Justin Boyd. Luke fucks the blond twink hard and furious and drops his load all over Justin’s ass while the hot bottom straddles him.

The next scene is probably one of our favorites in terms of sex dares. A bunch of the boys are in Spain on business and take a sightseeing tour on a double-decker bus. The bus is filled with tourists but that doesn’t stop Johan from daring the boys to jack-off. Surprisingly, two of them actually whip out their cocks while the others watch on. The guys go into peels of laughter when the first guy actually shoots his load all over the back of a seat. Some of the guys are in shock at what has transpired, but they’re assured that it’s just another day in the life of a Bel Ami model.

Another hot scene involves Davy Paxton and Leon Boisen. The two really get into sucking each other’s cocks so much so that Sebastian Bonnet (who is operating one of the cameras) starts sucking on Davy’s huge uncut pole. Davy ends up topping Leon’s tight hole until he has to pull out, rip off the condom and drop a load all over Leon’s stomach.

[flv: 480 368]

Bel Ami’s Johan Paulik Directs!


Johan’s Journal Part 1: Sun Kissed has the famous Bel Ami model shooting the action from behind the lens. Johan knows exactly what the audience wants to see and gets tremendous close-ups of the boys’ holes and dicks – so close, in fact, that you feel like you could reach out and touch them. The movie features some of the hottest Bel Ami guys including Sebastian Bonnet, Danny Saradon, Ben Keaton, and Ethan Clarke to name a few.


In one scene Justin Boyd is busy doing a photo-shoot when Johan decides to start a little trouble. He walks up to Elias Kudrow and asks if he would like to do anyone. Elias responds that he wouldn’t be opposed to having a little fun with Justin and Johan proceeds to make it happen. The two guys have beautiful big dicks, and can barely keep their hands off each other. Elias’ mouth feels so good that Justin ends up coming right at the get go. Elias isn’t ready to finish and slides his cock inside Justin and plows him pretty hard before he has to pull out and rip the condom off just in time to shower his own abs with stream of jizz.


That’s just some of the few scenes that you’ll enjoy in this flick, but one of our favorites is when five of the Bel Ami guys are lounging around trying to figure out how to guess a guy’s cock size. They finally whip their cocks out and have a competition to see who can cum the fastest. Hint: The winners picture appears on this blog post.


Incidentally, Lukas Ridgeston is one of the guys working the camera and gets so horny during a scene between Chris Casablanca and Sebastian Bonnet his erect dick pops out of his boxers  – it’s as nice as ever!


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