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Jason Ridge, Ridgeline Films and Howard Stern

Is Howard Stern starting to fancy the gays? It is a rare occasion when shock jock Howard opens his discussions to gay topics. There have been only a few selected super gay stars lucky enough to frolic amongst his listeners. Jason Ridge has rapidly ascended to this status when he appeared on the show to discuss to start of his new production company Ridgeline Films. This is a scarce achievement in the porn world, much less the gay porn world. Lately I have been hearing of more and more porn actors wanting to take control of their careers and be more involved in producing quality adult entertainment. This neo-pornographic trend was started some years ago and was glamorized by straight porn star vixen, Jenna Jameson when she started her own company Club Jenna.

jason ridge

In addition to promoting the launch of his new company, Jason Ridge heated things up with Stern regular Joey Boots. Boots recently came out on the show and “proved” his homosexuality with the consensual molestation of Jason. What a man will do to share himself with the public. Jason’s blog has all of the in-depth answers that all of his fans are looking for. It is very open, honest and quite candid with not only his professional porn star life but his personal one as well.

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