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English Lads Fuck





Jason Connor and Ryan Williams make quite the pair indeed. These mates look like they just went on a series of dates and are having a shag for the first time. They sincerely look like they can’t wait to have each other undressed. At one point the two are feeling each other up through their jeans, but not being content with just feeling it through the pants Ryan reaches his hand into Jason’s pants and cops a good feel.

These boys might be on the twinkier side of the spectrum, but boy are they hung. We couldn’t believe our eyes when their trouser snakes came popping out. Ryan immediately got to work on Jason’s uncut dick, and from the look on his face he was obviously surprised that it was still growing.

There’s only one place for a big cock like Jason’s, and that place is deep inside a nice, tight ass. Ryan really has to practice his breathing as Jason slips in his schlong inside and begins to pump away, but by the end he’s riding that shit like there’s no tomorrow. We just love a story with a happy ending!

Seasons Malibu