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Hugh Jackman Bares All


We hadn’t really realized it before now, but Hugh Jackman loves to be naked. Whether he’s stripped down to his just his adamantium as Wolverine, or gaying it up on stage (he loves his song and dance numbers), Hugh isn’t afraid to put himself out there… really out there. In his new movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine Mr. Jackman strips down to his birthday suit and even shows his ass off to the camera, but the mother jewels are nowhere to be seen. Seeing that we were left with a bad case of blue balls we went digging. We knew Male Celebrities would have a picture or two of him naked, but we didn’t know that you would be able to catch what he’s got hidden down under. They truly do feature the hottest uncut (hint, hint) pictures of all our favorite celebs.

Hugh Jackman Caught on Camera Naked!

There’s a lot of great actors that come from Down Under, but no male actor is as hot as Hugh Jackman. Recently voted by People Magazine as the hottest bloke in all the land, Hugh is the perfect combination of chiseled good looks, masculinity, and gorgeous body. Seriously, what’s not to love about the boy from Oz?


It’s not surprising with all of the work he’s done in films that he has appeared naked in at least one of them. A lot of actors who aren’t modest will do nude work either to get their name out in public, or to break out of a certain type. Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe anyone?


It’s not surprising that most of these actors end up on, but what we didn’t expect is to see a little homoerotic action between Hugh Jackman and a mystery man wearing nothing but a pair of tighty whities.


Insiders tell us that Mrs. Jackman has a conniption fit every time someone suggests her husband might be gay. We suggest that instead of throwing a fit she keeps a more watchful eye on her hot, uncut husband. After all, taking your shorts off while swimming in the ocean with a male friend – no matter how innocent – is a little bit gay. To see more of Jackman’s junk and hundreds of other celebrities check out Male Celebrities.

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