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A Taste of Blue – Happy Halloween!

It was a dark and horny Halloween night. Cody and Blake are looking for some trouble to get into. It seems that trouble finds them, but it’s the kind of trouble that any hot young guy would want to get into. Setting out to attend a Halloween costume party, they approach a spooky old house. Who’s home is this? Where did that invitation come from? They have no idea, but a party’s a party. And what of this house? What if they’ve gone to the wrong house? Dark forces are at work, drawing them closer to a dark and sexy stranger who might steal their souls… among other things. A Taste of Blue is an adventurous new project by the gang at Randy Blue. Cody Fallon and Blake Riley play the spunky young hunks who stumble upon a mysterious old house on Halloween night. Chris Rockway is the vampire who sucks a lot more than blood. Derrek Diamond and Brent Diggs drop by in a special cameo appearance.

randy blue

They wanted to do something special for their members on Halloween and thought it would be fun to let the guys exercise their acting skills in this sexy comedic movie. But don’t think for a moment that with all the fun they were having that they skimped on the sex. They saved Cody’s first on-screen fucking for this project. And bottoming for Chris Rockway, something he had been looking forward to for a long time, made for one of the hottest sex scenes they’ve done. The sexual heat of this video is only matched by the humor and fun of watching them do their version of those wonderful late night b-grade horror flicks. Hopefully, you will have a frightfully good time.

randy blue

To see a preview of this spooky video, click here.

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