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Eddie and Malachi





Randy Blue has ulterior motives. When they decided to install a gym at the studio, it was merely a way to keep the boys entertained between shoots. They figured they could use the gym to work out and keep fit. Being that these boys love to keep fit with a good cock in hand, or in mouth, or in ass, the crew knew exactly what they were doing. Eddie and Malachi are the first lucky studs that get to “try out” the gym. Watch them go wild on the equipment and on each other when their exhibitionist streaks prompt them to do what they’d love to do in a real gym but probably wouldn’t be allowed.

Randy Blue regular Malachi Marx had no trouble getting right down to business. He always looks hot – especially when his muscles flex and bulge as he works out on the equipment. Eddie Renzo’s body is just as tasty with a treasure trail that leads to a big dick and hot tattoos that give him a masculine look. When they start working on each other, licking cock, ass and face, the temperature skyrockets out of control. From the looks of things, their equipment is working just fine.

[flv: 480 368]

Jake and Rusty





Jake has an itch that needs to be scratched and nothing will take his mind away from it until he’s satisfied that itch. During their workout, Jake notices that Rusty, his workout partner, has a noticeable boner tenting out of his spandex shorts. That protruding piece of man-cock is exactly the right instrument to scratch the itch that’s making Jake’s ass twitch. Watching Jake’s ripped, muscular body flex and bulge gets his testosterone jumping for some action. By now, Jake has a mind to change his workout routine from cranking iron to pumping a big, stiff rod into his horny hole.

Little does Jake know that Rusty has been eyeing Jake’s tight hole all along, and Rusty likes nothing better than a post-workout fuck to cool him down. Jake wants to make sure Rusty’s dick is as throbbing as the rest of his body, so he goes down on his knees and sucks him off before getting that stiff cock stuffed into his ass on the workout bench. If there’s one thing tight bros do, it’s work out together. From the looks of the sex going on in this backyard gym, Jake and Rusty are getting some pumping action going to build up those muscles!

[flv: 480 368]

Hot Boy Phenix Fucks Tyler





Working out your body gets a new meaning when these two delicious boys start to work each other during their gym session.  All the fitness equipment and training tools are soon forgotten when these two get worked up watching each other work their trim fit bodies.  Tyler can’t help rubbing his crotch as he watches Phenix lift those legs.  Phenix starts getting hard too, and the focus shifts from toning to tonguing when Tyler drops to his knees and gives Phenix a wet hot blowjob.  That pierced tool slides in and out of Tyler’s mouth before they do a switcheroo and this time Phenix works on Tyler’s massive tool.

Tyler then pumps that big dick as Phenix devours that delicious taut ass – an ass that clearly likes to get put to good use, because Tyler is all too willing to let Phenix pump the hell out of that ass.  The temperature rises to sauna levels at the gym as these two fuck each other silly–if only going to the gym was this much fun..  But not to worry, these boys aren’t neglecting their bodies.  Don’t they say that kissing burns calories?  Well, these studs are more than kissing–they’re giving each other the work out of their lives!

[flv: 480 368]

Seasons Malibu